PH Carats Relive the Best of SEVENTEEN’s “Ode To You” Manila Tour

“I think after debuting, Manila is a place where we constantly come and every time we’re here, we’re always touched by you guys. I think tonight was the biggest touching moment of all.”

This was how Seungkwan described their fourth show in the Philippines, and probably their most FEARless concert (see what I did there?), as they spent an incredible night with Filipino fans during the Manila leg of their “Ode To You” tour.

Despite the virus scare and the sudden downpour on the concert day, the boys did not let the fun be dampened as they delivered hit performances for the love of their Filipino Carats – the group’s official name for their fans. The concert pushed through despite the absence of leader S.Coups who is currently on hiatus due to health reasons. This did not bother the fans and still supported him with loud cheers each time he appeared on VTRs played in the between sets.

Filipino Carats went wild as SEVENTEEN kicked off the three-hour concert with a powerful performance of “Getting Closer,” followed by “Rock” and “Clap.” The crowd waved their light sticks to the beat of the songs and loudly chanted along the names of the members as if they were running out of breath.

In the opening ment, they introduced themselves one by one and gladly expressed how they missed their fans in the Philippines. DK said he felt nostalgic as it was also raining when they last came to Manila and thanked the fans for braving the bad weather to be with them on that night.

The boys then showcased their alluring charm and impressive synchronization as they performed “Thanks” and “Don’t Wanna Cry.”

Each of Seventeen’s three sub-units also got the chance to show off their talents. The hip-hop unit turned up the intensity with “Trauma” and “Chili,” while the performance unit made fans gush over with “Lilili Yabbay” and “Shhh.” With their angelic voices, the vocal unit then serenaded the crowd with “Hug” and “Don’t Listen in Secret.”

The hip-hop unit returned onstage with vocalist DK for “Space” before the rest of the boys joined them to perform “Smile Flower,” to which fans sang along with. It became a very sentimental moment when S.Coups’ recording for his part of the ballad song was played.

The group then broke the emotional atmosphere as they went on with their funky hits “Adore U,” “Pretty U,” “Oh My!” and “Just Do It.” The crazy and playful vibe continued as they sang “Good to Me” and “Happy Ending” followed by their latest single, “Fear.”

After a soul-stirring ment, SEVENTEEN kept the fire burning with their rocking “9-Teen” and “Hit” stages. For the encore, DK, Seungkwan, and Woozi effortlessly belted out their ad-libs while The8, Hoshi, and Dino flaunted their sharp moves and swag in a dance off during their seeming endless performance of “Very Nice.”

In some ways, SEVENTEEN proved that they have come a long way since their youthful debut days and have become one of the strongest K-pop acts today, giving more reasons for Filipino Carats to fall deeper in love with them.

As a frequent concert goer myself, I could totally approve that the “Ode To You” Manila leg has set the bar on another level. The creative stage designs, the undying energy of the members, their oozing charisma (and cuteness), and the resounding passion of the crowd made the show more like of a festival. – @juneolivar on Twitter

Krew member Hannah said getting held in security check and enduring sore feet from wearing platform boots was all worth it after watching SEVENTEEN’s sound check. “They sang three songs, “Clap,” “Oh My!” and “Hit.” The whole 15 minutes was an intimate experience! You can never go wrong with SVT’s energy on stage.” – @hannavry on Instagram

It was also a different experience for Kaye as she went to the concert with his husband whom she influenced to love SEVENTEEN as much as she does. “I (also) came to know three girls who happened to be 10 years young (even more!) than me. Every time I hear them chant and sing and shout their hearts out, I get chills!” – @ajuma_s on Twitter


Krew member Andressa, who attended “Ode To You” in Seoul last year, says Filipino Carats gave SEVENTEEN a different concert experience. “The energy and the passion of the Filipino audience are just expressed differently. In Seoul, I couldn’t let loose and go crazy – gotta behave and (attempt to) follow the fan chants, which is probably the highlight of audience participation there, besides the fan projects. But in Manila, we could sing along, hold a mini dance party, and just scream at the top of our lungs. I may be biased saying this, but Manila K-Pop concerts just put you on a different kind of high.”- @andybidibidis_ on Twitter

The night was indeed an unforgettable beautiful memory for Filipino Carats! Hoshi promised that they will come back with more stellar performances and reminded their Filipino fans, “Even if we’re far from each other, our hearts are still together.”

How about you? Share your favorite part of the concert in the comments section below!

Written by Krew Junelyn Olivar

WINNER brings ‘SOLID’ performance in Cross Tour Concert in Manila

Four dashing members of Winner undeniably captured hearts and successfully created unforgettable moments with PH Inner Circles during their Cross Tour Concert in Manila last January 25 at SM Mall of Asia Arena.

Initially announced by Pulp Live World, the official event promoter, a Fan sign activity with WINNER is set to happen a day before the concert. It was Friday night, January 24, both local and international fans who won the raffle finally had the chance to meet Winner ahead of the concert proper.

Photo courtesy of @yukibebe222
Photo courtesy of @yukibebe222

An inner circle attending the fan sign on a wheelchair received an ultimate fan service when all the members stood up and individually signed her album. It was a very touching moment for the group as well as to those present in the fan activity.

Photos courtesy of @simplyme_diane

It was the 2nd time of Winner performing solo on Philippine stage on the night of Chinese New Year.

Opening the much-awaited concert with their hit song “Everyday”, WINNER definitely proved that you’d want to hear them every single day.

They performed Love Me, Love Me, Island, Really Really and greeted fans with their signature line, “Guess Who’s Back, Gu-yo, WINNER Imnida.” [Guess Who’s Back, we’re Winner]

Concert setlist consists of old and the new with the songs perfectly accompanied by live band performance. Some of the tracks that they performed were from Debut S/S Album up to the latest album, Cross showcasing WINNER’s astounding group stages as well as impressive individuality in solo performances.

Remarkable Group Performances

Photos courtesy of KCC and (LR) @ownedbyMAINO

Astonishing Solo Stages

Photos courtesy of KCC, (LL) @inseocolette (UR) @ownedbyMAINO

Halfway through the concert, the expressed their perspective in creating music through a VTR that played in the huge LED screens. Yoon confessed that he actually prefers singing than listening to music. For him, music is like healing–one that brings him stability and peace of mind. He says he will continue to sing for Inner Circles. Hoon, meanwhile, wanted to come back and get good results for the sake of the fans. Jinu, who’s not good in comforting people, sings to console them with his angelic voice. Lastly, Mino works hard not to lose the passion, interest and curiosity in making new music. They significantly value their loyal fans who always support and wait for another masterpiece.

Meanwhile, during Ment, Yoon proudly mentioned Sandara Park as their special concert attendee. It is known that Dara and Winner, who are under the same agency, have a close relationship and that Dara regularly attends Winner concerts. Alongside the former 2NE1 member, are Bigbang TOP’s older sister Choi Hyeyoun and nephew, Yeonjun.

Photo courtesy of (L) Sandara Park in IG, (UR) Twitter: @haesoo0902, (UL) KCC

This was also the time Yoon expressed his frustration on not meeting PH ICs last year for the Rainbows in Asia Festival as the event was suddenly canceled. However, he also took the chance to thank all the Filipino fans who were present in the fan sign event the other day and delightedly teased everyone that Hoon has prepared something special for PH ICs. It was the performance everyone has talked about; Hoon’s very own version of PH Dance Craze, Tala. The crowd went wild upon seeing him dance and the night got more ecstatic when all the members flawlessly danced along to the song. 

Hoon Photo Courtesy of @ahjummanila (Twitter) and group photo by KCC

Moving forward, as the concert day fell on Lunar New Year or better known as Seollal [설날] in Korean, WINNER graced the stage wearing hanbok (한복 or the Korean traditional costume) to celebrate the New Year. They sang Luxury while holding machine guns blowing with quirky face designed money.

Photo Courtesy of (UL) KCC, (UR) WINNERCITY in IG, (LL) @songminosgirl, (LM) @secretgarden2BW, (LR) @laaaynicorn

On the second part of MENT, the members greeted everyone a Happy New Year and Hoon especially spoke in Filipino language, “Maligayang Bagong Taon.”  PH ICs, on the other hand, replied and raised their banners as part of a fan project and then greeted Yoon belated Happy Birthday. Yoon even jokingly said, “It’s 25th! It’s not my birthday!” as his birthday was last Jan. 21.

As the concert is coming to an end, Mino, Jinu, Hoon and Yoon bid their last message to PH Inner Circles.

Mino thanked the fans for coming, wished everyone to take care of themselves and said, “Mahal ko Kayo Inner Circle at Happy 2020. Mahal ko kayo Manila.”

Next was Jinu who expressed his excitement for the concert, hoped everyone to stay safe and told fans, “I will miss this noise. I will come back. Saranghae [Mahal] kita,” which made the night more sentimental as his enlistment is fast approaching.

Hoon, on the other hand, proudly spoke in Filipino language. He bubbly told PH ICs that they enjoyed the concert, they longed to come to Manila and that they are saddened by the abrupt cancellation of the previous event. They will come back and stated, “Huwag niyo kaming kalimutan. Promise.”

Hoon’s final message was suddenly turned into a song. Mino added a rap from “Huwag Kalimutan”

MINO’s message in his rap as translated by Krew Staff means:

“Hello Manila Manila.
My favorite ice cream is vanilla
and I like you Manila
I will come back across the oceans.”

As the night was about to end an encore played on and everyone enjoyed the remaining moments of the event.

Here are some solo pictures and touching moments during the concert.

Photo Courtesy of (Jinu) @neomumolla, (Hoon) @solosaiii__ (Yoon) @ygfamtrash (Mino) @hwanaejima
Photo Courtesy of (L) @kkang_00 (R) @AM1NOACID

Ending the show, Yoon sincerely thanked the dancers, band members and everyone for coming to the concert. It was indeed an extraordinary experience for PH Inner Circles as they have met their most loved and most respected Korean boy group, WINNER. 

Photo Courtesy of (L) @maetatttop (R) KCC (Banner Message) Winner as Four, please cross the oceans and come to ICs again. We will always wait for you.


The Year in Retrospect: Here’s How 2019 Solidified Philippines-Korea Friendship

This year saw the grandest events and news that proved how ‘solid’ the relationship between the Philippines and Republic of Korea has become for the past seven decades.

Another year, another barrage of surprises for Filipinos and Koreans. With the goal to promote people-to-people exchange between the Philippines and the Republic of Korea, the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines (KCC) bannered bigger festivities that encapsulate the distinct aspects and diverse cultural heritage of both nations.

This year has also been very special and meaningful as it marked the 70th anniversary of bilateral relations between the two countries. The events served not only as venues for colorful celebrations, but also pushed the relationship between Korea and the Philippines to a new level.

Here’s a rundown of how 2019 solidified the Philippines and Korea’s true and lasting friendship:

Korean Acts and Filipino Talents Pour In

What a great way to jumpstart a year-long celebration was to showcase the best talents of Korea and the Philippines. Drawing in thousands of fans, the 2019 K-Pop Friendship Concert in Manila last March 7 featured Silent Sanctuary, one of the Philippines’ most popular bands, as well as K-pop groups NOIR, April, and NCT Dream.

Following the successful kickoff was the two-day K-Street Festival which was held May 31 and June 1 at C1 Park, Bonifacio High Street in Taguig. The record-high 33° Celsius afternoon heat did not stop the attendees to try authentic foods, shop skincare products, learn from workshops, and enjoy the special performances prepared during those days.

With the Hallyu, also known as Korean pop culture, still making waves as a global phenomenon, Filipino performers show off that they can also heat up the stage with their brimming talents. This year, 20 contenders battled it out in the vocal and performance categories for the prestigious Pinoy K-Pop Star crown and had the chance to represent the Philippines to Changwon K-Pop World Festival 2019.

To highlight the true meaning of cultural exchange, the United Korean Community Association (UKCA), together with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and KCC, hosted the 28th Philippines-Korea Cultural Exchange Festival with the theme “70 Years and Beyond” last September 28. Aside from the annual talent competition where Filipino and Korean finalists performed in Korean and Filipino respectively, the event also invited Taegeuk, the Korean traditional percussion ensemble, and the Philippine Madrigal Singers who showcased their traditional musical performances.

Capping off this momentous year, KCC brought back the Korean Culture Day, popularly known as “Guerilla K-Night,” this time bigger and brighter. This one-night-only cultural exchange activity last December 7 at the Shangri-La Mall treated the crowd to lots of surprises such as fun booths, raffle prizes, giveaways and electrifying performances from local artists including K-pop Cover Dance Festival winner TEENAGE, fast-rising Pinoy pop boy group SB19, as well as Filipino indie bands Kremesoda and Any Name’s Okay. The Korean independent synth-pop band We Are The Night visited the Philippines for the first time and showcased a different aspect of Korean culture.

Conquering the Big Screen

Though many Pinoys are getting drowned in all the ‘feels’ of tear-jerking and heart-tickling K-dramas, films from the Land of the Morning Calm are just as good. This has been also a year for film buffs out there who love exposing themselves to different genres as much as watching movies without spending anything for a screening!

Still part of the anniversary celebration, seven documentary films were featured during the DMZ Docs Korean Film Festival last May 14 and 15 at the UPFI Film Center – Cine Adarna in University of the Philippines Diliman. The event is aimed at providing opportunities to Korean and Asian documentary filmmakers and giving a field where cineastes and audience celebrated peace, reconciliation, and coexistence through films together.

Seven is the lucky number as KCC opened this year’s Korean Film Festival in seven cities in the Philippines. The event unreeled seven Korean critically-acclaimed films including the award-winning “Parasite” and “Miss Granny” in Manila, Davao, Cebu, Iloilo, Cavite, Olongapo, and Pampanga. No less than Jeon Go-woon, director of the festival’s opening film “Microhabitat,” graced the opening night with a Special Director’s Talk last  November 6 at the Samsung Hall in SM Aura Premier. With the theme “Sailing Beyond Together,” Filipino audiences experienced the masterful storytelling, acting, and technological advancement in Korea’s thriving film industry.

A Palate-Pleasing Party

This year’s Global Taste of Korea (GTOK) is made better with its theme: Fusion. Ten home cooks and aspiring chefs heated up the kitchen of the Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) Culinary Institute last June 15, showing off their creativity and ingenuity in marrying authentic Korean flavors with local tastes and gastronomic concepts. Among the dishes presented were kimchi bagoong fried rice, pork ribs kimchi pochero, and crab and shrimp kare-kare in Korean seafood sauce, which fascinated and amazed the judges. In a separate competition, eight individuals took the challenge of putting their own spin to jjigae, a popular spicy Korean stew. The overall winner had the opportunity to compete in the final and international round of GTOK in Korea.

Korea Up Close Through School Tour

Carrying on with its mission, KCC have visited seven public high schools in the National Capital Region and CALABARZON to once again share the wonders of the Korean culture through the Korean Culture Caravan. Students had the lucky chance to learn from KCC Director LEE Jin-Cheol as he shared information and interesting facts about his country’s rich history and traditions. They also got to enjoy elements of Korea through activities like film and documentary screenings, “sagunja” or “mooninhwa” or traditional painting class, K-pop dance class, book exhibit, raffle draws, traditional game booth, “hanbok” wearing experience, as well as performances from the winners of Pinoy K-Pop Star and breakout P-pop group SB19.

Through this fun-filled event, students and teachers are engaged in discovering and understanding the Korean culture while being encouraged to love their own and stay true to their identity as Filipinos.

Good News for Filipino Travelers

For long seven decades, the bond between the two Asian countries has led to so many partnerships – from government-to-government cooperation to vibrant people-to-people exchange. Earlier this year, South Korean Ambassador Han Dong-man announced that they are simplifying the process of visa applications to encourage more Filipinos to visit and even study in South Korea. He brought up this news during the PHIL-KOR 70th Anniversary Diplomatic Relations Friendship Parade last June 2, which delighted every Filipinos hoping to visit the land of K-Pop, K-dramas, and kimchi.

Looking Ahead

At this stage in the deepening relationship between Korea and the Philippines, KCC is ready to bring in colorful and grander festivities for Filipinos and Koreans in the country. A little reminder: Brace yourself for more this 2020!

Written by Krew Junelyn Olivar

ITZY debuts in the Philippine Stage through Premier Showcase

A DIFFERENT KIND OF SHOW. Itzy in their stunning silver outfits after an impactful opening performance.

“It’s our first time here in Manila, and it is so touching to see your big welcome for us. Your cheers were so loud that we had so much fun while performing. Salamat!”

This year is surely the year of JYP Entertainment’s Filipino fans. Just this year alone, many of JYP’s biggest K-pop artists, including Stray Kids, Twice, GOT7, DAY6, and Itzy stormed the country to meet their loving and supportive fans.

Last Sunday, JYP’s newest girl group Itzy met their Filipino Midzy (fanclub name) at their Premiere Showcase Tour ‘ITZY? ITZY!’ in Manila, held at the New Frontier Theatre.

Itzy consists of five members namely Lia, Yeji, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna. They quickly gained global attention with their debut single It’z Different. Their first lead single Dalla Dalla achieved the most-viewed K-pop girl group music video with almost 14 million views in its first 24 hours. It also charted in various music streaming sites inside and outside of South Korea. Last July 29, Itzy came back with an EP titled It’z Icy– allowing them to boost their popularity among the general audience even more.

It was last September 22 when JYP Entertainment announced Itzy’s premiere showcase tour in 11 different cities, including Manila. Itzy officially kicked off their tour last November 2 in Jakarta.

Manila Showcase

Fans of the rookie girl group could not contain their excitement as they kept cheering and chanting even before the show started. After several moments, the lights dimmed out, further energizing the already excited crowd.


Itzy started the show with their recent songs Icy and It’z Summer, and loud cheers from excited fans greeted the members.

After their powerful opening performance, the members introduced themselves with sprinkles of the Filipino language. “Kamusta kayo!” said the members.

Delighted by the crowd’s energy, Chaeryeong said, “It’s our first time here in Manila, and it is so touching to see your big welcome for us. Your cheers were so loud that we had so much fun while performing. Salamat!”

Even Lia could not deny the loud cheers from fans as she said in jest, “It’s like you guys understand Korean, because even if our translator does not translate for us, you guys just react to it.” She also admitted she was supposed to say the crowd was not loud enough, per the script. But to her surprise, the crowd was much louder than everyone expected. Great job, Filipino Midzy!

Aside from performances, Itzy also answered fan questions through the segment Question? Itzy! Afterwards, Itzy showed their competitive, talented, and playful sides through the games 1-second Intro Quiz and All in Us! Roulette.

TRUTH OR TRUTH. Itzy sincerely and honestly responding to questions sent over by fans.

Itzy also showed how versatile of a group they are when they went back to ignite the stage with cover performances. The audience could not take off their smiles during Itzy’s cute rendition of Twice’s TT. In just a matter of a quick transition, Itzy did a complete 180 with their powerful and sharp performance of GOT7’s Hard Carry.

YOUNG AND TALENTED. Itzy members giving their best to show a flawless performance.

After performing their song Cherry from their EP, fans surprised Itzy with a fan-made video– leaving the group touched and in awe. Yuna extended her gratitude saying, “I love you guys, and thank you for this video.”

The fans then started singing a happy birthday song to Yuna, which made the 16-year old idol shed tears. “Actually, we had hi-touch beforehand, and many fans greeted me a happy birthday. I think this is the first time I was greeted so many times,” she added.


Itzy brought the nearly 2-hour show to an end with Want It and their very successful debut lead single, Dalla Dalla. “We will come back soon with better performances,” Yeji bade the fans goodbye.

ITZY Premier Showcase Tour ‘ITZY? ITZY!’ was made possible by Pulp Live World.


Itzy is a 5-member girl group formed by one of the biggest K-pop companies, JYP Entertainment. They entered the K-pop scene in February 12, 2019. In just 10 months, Itzy has been sweeping rookie awards from various award shows such as Asia Artist Awards, Genie Music Awards, Brand of the Year Awards, Soribada Best K-Music Awards, Melon Music Awards, and Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Written by Krew member Carl Vincent Domingo
Photos by Krew members Carl Vincent Domingo and Jessica Uy

KCC Celebrates the End of the Year with Guerilla K-Night 2019

This year continues to be a major period for Hallyu or the South Korean culture pop wave. And with few more days left until we bid goodbye to 2019, the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea joined forces to close it with a bang.

Drawing in a bigger and more excited crowd, KCC brought back “Guerilla K-Night” – a one-night-only cultural exchange activity last December 7 at the Shangri-La Mall. Dubbed as Korean Culture Day, the event also served as a vibrant finale to the yearlong celebration of the 70 years of bilateral relations between Korea and the Philippines.

Director Lee Jincheol opened the fun and music-filled night with a warm welcome, and expressed the organization’s commitment to promote South Korean culture and camaraderie with Filipinos.

KCC Director Lee Jincheol welcomes guests and participants of the Guerilla K-Night 2019.

To hype up the fans at the Grand Atrium, Pinoy K-Pop Star winners Yara and Mix’in showed off their electrifying all-female dance moves. Teenage, the 13-man boy group who represented the Philippinesand won at the 2019 Changwon K-pop Cover Dance Festival, graced the occasion and wowed the crowd with their powerful performance of Seventeen’s “Don’t Wanna Cry” and “Hit.”

Pinoy K-pop Star third place winner YARA

Pinoy K-pop Star grand winner MIX’IN

Philippine’s K-pop Cover Dance Festival winner TEENAGE

The fast-rising, Korean-trained Filipino idol group SB19 then delighted the fans and mall-goers with their exhilarating charm and performance. The homegrown boy band grooved to a medley of Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” and “Bang Bang Bang,” and sang Christmas carol “Sa Paskong Darating,” as well as their hit song “Go Up” which recently placed them sixth on Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart.

Rising Pinoy pop boy group SB19

While Korean pop has grown to become a global phenomenon, indie music artists have also come out to break through the noise and carve out their niche in the local and international music scene. Proving that idea true were Filipino indie bands Kremesoda and Any Name’s Okay who drowned the audience in their emotional and heartfelt singles.

Making the event even more special, KCC invited We Are The Night, Korean independent synth-pop band, to fly in and perform for the first time in the Philippines. The four-man band showcased a different aspect of Korean culture as they performed their best songs titled “I Wonder,” “Tiramisu Cake,” and “Deeper In Love.”

Kremesoda giving off a solid performance.

Vocalist of Any Name’s Okay performing their heartfelt song.

Korean synth-pop band We Are The Night serenading the audience.

All the artists came up for a final “All I Want for Christmas is You” collaboration performance to wish the guests a happy holidays and to wrap up the show.

Apart from the rocking performances, guests were also treated with lots of fun booths, games, prizes, and giveaways.

Dir. Lee Jincheol joining in the fun during the final stage.

Written by Junelyn Olivar

Day6: Gravity Tour in Manila

They have rocked our world once again during their one-night-only, soldout concert in the Philippines!

Day6 defied gravity with their new music and once again proved that they are currently one of the trendiest and most sought after boyband in this era, all thanks to their performances that are ablaze with passion and energy. 

The night is too young as Mydays, Day6’s fans club, went wild after the band set the big dome’s stage on fire with their amazing vocals and electrifying performance last November 23 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Day6’s leader Sungjin, bassist Young K, lead guitarist Jae, keyboardist Wonpil and drummer Dowoon started the concert with a bang as they performed “Best Part” followed by “Sing Me”, “Wish”, “Somehow” and one of their latest hits, “Time of Our Life”. These are some of the songs that Mydays are looking forward to hearing them sing live, and of course, each of the members never failed to exceed the expectations of the audience.

Afterwards, the members gladly expressed how they missed their fans in the Philippines. After the short talk, the group sang ‘I’m Serious.’ It was then followed by the performance of ‘So Cool’ and solo stages to showcase the talent of each member. Dowoon’s performance ruled the stage through his drum solo performance, which was followed by Young K’s bass solo. They continued their set with ‘Out of My Mind’ and ‘Feeling Good’.

To get closer to the fans, they moved to the extended stage and performed their next set starting with “How To Love” followed by Sungjin’s guitar solo, ‘For Me’ and then finishing it with ‘Wanna Go Back’.

Day6 went back to the main stage while letting MyDays sing ‘Wanna Go Back’ acapella and Jae let Dowoon sang a few parts showcasing his deep voice. The cheers of the fans echoed in the dome and you can totally feel goosebumps as you hear them sing live. Showing another side of the band, they also prepared mashups of the songs ‘Like that Sun’ with Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You, ‘Days Gone By’ with Bruno Mars’ ‘Treasure’ and ‘Blood’ together with Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’. Afterwards, it’s Wonpil’s time for a keyboard solo with his self remixed songs. They talked for a while and following their conversations are their emotional performances of “Colors”, “I Need Somebody” and “I Wait”.

Tonight is the night, wherein everyone are having the greatest time that they could possibly have.” Jae emotionally said during his moment. As the group told the fans that it will be the last set of performances for their concert, the fans shouted “No Going Home” simultaneously. The other members were flabbergasted with the enthusiasm of the fans, and said they were thankful and sincerely appreciate Filipino MyDays.

Then they performed their latest title track ‘Sweet Chaos’, followed by a rocking performance of ‘Headache’, Jae’s guitar solo, ‘Warning’ and they ended the night with one of their famous songs ‘Shoot Me’.

Giving the fans a time to breathe after all the moment of excitement, a fun reality video titled ‘Day6’s Fatal Gravity’ was shown. A concept wherein they will be connected with the ‘String of Gravity’, and they must be together, no matter what. After waiting, they went back on stage with their all-white outfits and in no time performed ‘Cover’, ‘You Were Beautiful’ and together with MyDays sang ‘Congratulations’.

After the superb performances, the most heartwarming moment happened. MyDays surprised Day6 with a fan project –‘When You Love Someone’ music video. Day6 were surprised and speechless, they thought it was crazy awesome and kept on telling that “We are each other’s beautiful reason’.

Each member took time to talk to MyDays about how they feel, they were really thankful and touched by their effort. Jae actually got emotional during his speech, while his co-members teased him and chanted ‘More Cry’ with MyDays. It was indeed an emotional and fun night for both the fans and the band. A beautiful memory that’s gonna last long. After that touching moment, they posed for a group photo with the fans.  And immediately partied it up with their “Dance Dance” performance and followed with their last song for the night “Freely”.

The concert concluded with Day6’s thank you and final bow with Young K shouting ‘You guys are the reason why we never give up, we never give up’. They gave one final bow, concluding a very wonderful and phenomenal night.







2019 Korean Film Festival


It’s the much-awaited time of the year once again where Korean culture fans, especially the film enthusiasts were gathered to celebrate the opening of the annual Korean Film Festival. The said event was held last November 06, 2019 at the Samsung Hall of SM Aura. The theme of this year’s film festival is “Sailing Beyond and Together” which perfectly mirrors the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations and mutual exchanges between the Philippines and Korea.

In this year’s commemoration of the strong bond that was built between the said countries over the years, this event was made even bigger and better with the 7 Korean films that was shown simultaneously in 7 different cities from November 7-8, 2019. The cities include Manila, Davao, Cebu, Iloilo, Cavite, Olongapo, and Pampanga. This was made possible with the cooperation and collaboration of the different organizations namely Korean Cultural Center, Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange, Korean Embassy, Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), and SM Cinema.

DSC_0235Ms. Maeng Sujin

         All the showcased films were carefully selected by the programmer, Ms. Maeng Sujin, with the aim of exhibiting the rich culture of Korea through film. According to her, she wanted to show that Korean films are not only limited to genres such as family and comedy, but they are actually rich in presenting the challenges that are present in modern Korean society. Throughout the different films in the film festival, one can witness the several issues faced by the younger and older generation, as well as the various solutions to each of those conflicts. 

The opening night of the Korean Film Festival kicked off with a red carpet ceremony which was attended by various local and international personalities like, Sam Oh, who served as the host for the event, Cha Seung-Jae known for producing the film “Christmas in August”, and Director Jeon Go-woon, whose film was featured in the event’s opening night. 

IMG_3372Sam Oh

 DSC_0209-1Director Jeon Go-Woon

Before the opening film started, the crowd was serenaded by Venisse Siy, the Grand Champion of Pinoy K-pop Star in the vocal category last year. She sang one of the soundtracks from the popular films, Miss Granny. It was then followed by the opening remarks of Director Lee Jincheol and welcome remarks by Minister General Kim Hong Gon. Ms. Liza Dino, chairperson of the Film Development Council of the Philippines also sent a video message, expressing her gratitude for the remarkable support and active interest of Korea in the Filipino film production. 

Venisse Siy

 DSC_0361Minister General Kim Hong Gon

To further pique the interest of the audience, a trailer of the seven films featured in this year’s Korean Film Festival was shown. The seven films are as follows: Microhabitat, House of Hummingbird, The House of Us, Parasite, Little Forest, Miss Granny, and Architecture 101. That night was concluded with the screening of Microhabitat and was followed by a short Question and Answer with the director of the film herself, Director Jeon Go Woon. 

The 2019 Korean Film Festival proved how strong the bond and support of Korea and the Philippines is to one another by providing an avenue for people to learn more about Korean culture. This year’s film festival was a success as people from all walks of life came to enjoy the different films. It was not just an opportunity to enjoy the films with family and friends; it also paved the way for people to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Korea’s culture. 

More photos of the event:


Photos by Krew Members Merx Carassco, Yara de Guzman, and Erika Malimban Salaga

Written by Krew Member Cham Hidalgo