The Real Deal About KCC Classes

The Korean Cultural Center (KCC) offers various classes for those who are interested in learning Korean language and culture such as traditional dances, musical instruments, Korean cuisine, and of course, dance classes for all you K-pop fans.

As KCC is getting bolder in its goal to spread Korean awareness and appreciation and with its growing number of students, two more courses (Intensive and Business Korean) were added to the Basic and Elementary Korean to complete the language classes.

Romel of Team Jjangnim was able to take a few classes in KCC. Curious about how the classes are in KCC? Then read on.

My language class experience 🙂
The Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines offers different levels of language classes from Basic, Elementary 1 & 2, Intermediate, Intensive and Business Classes.

I, myself enrolled for Elementary 1 class. It was a fun learning experience to be with your classmates who also love Korean drama, K-pop, and Korean culture.

Romel Language Class

My Korean teacher was very friendly and was eager to teach us the Korean language. I can still remember how when my teacher asked something and I was not sure how to answer it, I always answered it by “Hwaiting” ㅋㅋ ~ The best thing about it is that they use a friendly, light, and fun teaching methods in order for the students to understand.

(Apart from learning elementary-level Korean,) I made a lot of friends that I still hang out with until now.

Romel Language Class

My Korean Culture Experience ^_^
Aside from language classes, KCC also offers Korean culture classes such as Samulnori (Traditional Percussion), Taekwondo, Traditional Dance, Gayageum (Zither-String Instrument), and I know you will love to hear it that KCC also has a K-pop dance class with Dasuri Choi as the dance instructor. KCC also has K-pop Singing and Korean Cooking (Hansik) classes.

KCC Culture Class

KCC Cooking, Food

Because of my enthusiasm in Korean culture, I enrolled in the Samulnori (Drums) and Gayageum (String) classes.

Romel Samulnori, Gayageum

Samulnori Class
If you love drums or you want to try playing a new instrument, then you should try KCC’s Samulnori class. In this class, you can play four instruments like kwaenggari, janggu, jing and buk. These four instruments represent nature and it’s exciting to play these instruments as they produce different vibes of sound. I really enjoyed attending this class and jamming with other students. Though the class is only once a week (bitin, haha :P) I recommend this class for its exciting, fun, and relaxing form of music 🙂

Romel Samulnori

Romel Samulnori

By the way I’m also a member of the KCC Samulnori Team. Please do like our page to see more of what we are doing! :p

Gayageum Class
I also enrolled in the Gayageum class which is a zither-like instrument. It was a challenge for me since I already forgot how to read notes and I haven’t played the guitar for a long time :/ The funny thing was I put a mark (note) on every string so I can easily follow my music sheets. :)))))

Romel Gayageum

Romel Gayageum 2

K-pop Class (Yehey, it’s K-pop Time!)
Yes, KCC does have a K-pop Dance Class with Teacher Dasuri. =)))

Romel K-pop Class 2

I guess I don’t need to tell how fun it is, coz you know it’s really fun xDDD ~


Romel K-pop Class 3

Romel K-pop Class 4

Romel K-pop Class 5

Kimchi points go to those who can guess what song we’re dancing to in this picture! *awooooo*

Romel Dance Class

And if you tried all of it, you can also enroll in their Traditional Dance Class, K-pop Singing, and Cooking Class. Who knows, your mom or your family members might enroll too ㅋㅋㅋ

Also at the end of the term, both language and culture class students will have their chance of having a class presentation along with other students! xD

Romel Dance

If you’re interested to take classes at KCC, don’t hesitate to inquire at the Center by calling (02) 555-1711 or e-mailing

Here’s the schedule for this year:

KCC Classes Schedule 2015

For more information about the classes, you may visit this link. Hope you’ll have as much fun as I do in KCC!


10 thoughts on “The Real Deal About KCC Classes

  1. kheycee

    Annyeong haseyo! I hope you guys can expand as well to other places. I really wanted to learn Korean but Taguig is simply inacessible for me. ㅋㅋㅋ. Hope to read more from your blog! Hwaiting KCC!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. was always trying to enroll on Language classes but no success yet… ang bilis mapuno yung slots.
    Dahil jan… will try Hansik and maybe Samulnori hehe… mahirap ba sya? Lyre lang ang na-experience kong musical instrument before 🙂
    Also interested sa Kpop, kaso feeling ko im already “old” for this class… 30ish…
    Thanks for the post, i got an idea on what classes to take aside from language.


  3. Anna Co

    Hi I just want to know
    when is the schedule for 2nd semester enrollement for language class? Thanks. How can I be updated about this?


  4. queenstar

    I really wanted to enrol in any subjects…but the appearance for payments was always on weekdays is it real or it could be on weekends too? Hope I could enrol too


  5. Keezzia Ivelle

    Hi! Can you tell me what’s the difference between basic Korean and the elementary 1? I’m planning to enroll but I’m thinking if I should go straight to the elementary 1 course. Please reply thanks 🙂


  6. chriztine

    hi, ask ko lang po kung yung course fee is for the whole term na po ba ? at kung ilang session po para sa kpop dance pag nag enroll ?


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