8 Things You Should Bring to a KPOP Concert

As the Best of Best in the Philippines concert date draws near, I am getting more nervous.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t know how to travel lite. I don’t like forgetting to bring things that would make the moment more memorable.

So, let me share with you a list of what to bring to a Kpop concert!

1. Ticket

Our tickets! :P
Our tickets! 😛

This is your key to the venue. Without this, you cannot enter the venue and the faces or hear the songs you waited long enough to see and hear. Always check details on how to avail this A.S.A.P.. Ikaw din. 😉

2. Lightstick

Google Photo
Google Photo

What is a Kpop Concert without a lightstick? The first time I saw a Kpop concert (through a DVD copy OTL), I realized how beautiful it is to have something you wave while your boyfriend/girlfriend (ehem) is performing on stage. So! Never ever forget to bring a lightstick with you. I guarantee you, it will feel good, knowing that you’re part of that blue, pink or rainbow ocean. Tip: You may choose to avail the official merchandise (shirt, fan, lightsticks – everything OFFICIAL) on the venue and concert day. If it’s not included in the budget, an ordinary lightstick or glow in the dark, with the same color as your fandom, can suffice.


3. Placards

Because they truly notice it.

Photo from Ningin
Photo from Ningin

I remember one of the members tweeted the photo on the right. Ho ho ho. Nope, I’m not in the pic. 😛

Photo: credit as tagged

4. Binoculars

Because you didn’t know you’re gonna watch the concert or the tickets went sold out just when you are the next one to buy. I don’t know. But you somehow purchased a ticket that’s just too far from the stage. This. Is. A. Necessity.

Photo is from HTC, and nope,he’s not from Super Junior or BTOB. He’s someone from B.A.P. :P
Photo is from HTC, and nope,he’s not from Super Junior or BTOB. He’s someone from Infinite! 😛

5. Phone

It can be used in a lot of ways. Communicate with your concert buddies, tweet your pseudo boyfie who’s about to perform onstage, capture some of the best memories of the night to share on IG.

You see, phones nowadays are a part of daily human life. Although sometimes, it is also one of the most ‘walain’ or easiest to lose gadget in a concert.


6. Hi-End Digital Camera

Capture those abs, baby!

Photo from mingchest on Twitter

Seize the moment. Take pictures. Tip: Just like in the above photo, put a name on top of your camera so that your bias will know you are taking a picture of him/her.

 7. (Lotsa) Memory Card

memcardYou would need a lot! Mostly, to save pics and videos, sometimes to record the live audio – and maybe do a live album of your bias.

8. Powerbank

Google photo
Google photo

You were about to get a selfie from your bias and poof! Your phone/camera’s power just went down to Z-E-R-O. Masakit. Always bring at least a 2000mAH powerbank to prevent this from happening. Tip: Buy only from the LEGIT stores. It can not only harm your device, but also you.*burn*

There you have it. My 8 piece Kpop concert essentials. I would suggest that you avoid bringing extra large bags because most of the venues here in Manila don’t allow large bags inside the venue. A medium sized bag won’t hurt.

Got more things that you bring along when attending a KPop concert? Share it with us!


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