[HOW-TO GUIDE] Korean Visa Application for Filipinos

Whether you have been riding the tide of the Hallyu Wave (Oppa Gangnam Style anyone?) or just want to visit the beautiful country of Korea, as a Filipino citizen, you will need a visa to be able to explore the country.

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But does the thought of applying for a Korean Tourist Visa leave you feeling helpless and anxious? Don’t know how to do it? Scared?helpFear not! Don’t let those feelings let your plan of visiting the fun and colorful country of Korea go to waste. Here’s our “How To Guide” to help make your Korean Tourist Visa Application process be as easy (and fun) as a trip to the cake store.


First, let’s talk about THE REQUIREMENTS. These are the documents you need to have with you when you go to the Korean Embassy to apply for a Tourist Visa. (NOTE: These are the basic requirements for those who are employed. For more specific classifications such as students, businessmen, etc., please visit this link.)

  1. Visa Application Form filled and signed: Good thing about this is that you can go to the official Korean Embassy website and download it there! Download it and then print using A4 size paper. You can also get a copy of the Visa Application Form from the Korean Embassy which is located at 122 Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Town Center, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City  Answer all the questions on the form, do not leave any blank and do not forget to sign it.
  2. One (1) Passport sized colored picture: Make sure you look fresh and bright in your photo. It would also be best to have your passport photo taken at a really good photography shop. No one wants a mug-shot-looking passport photo, right?
  3. Original Philippine passport and copy of first page: Your Philippine passport should not be less than 6 months valid, okay!
  4. Photocopy of original and previous Visas from OECD member countries you have visited in the past 5 years (if applicable): The OECD member countries include U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand. For the full list of OECD member countries, please visit this link. 
  5. Certificate of Employment: You can easily get this from your company’s HR officer! Make sure your certificate of employment uses your company’s official letterhead for this, though. This should include your position, the date you were hired, compensation given, your complete office address, HR land line telephone number (cellphone number is not allowed), and HR e-mail address.
  6. Bank Certificate: This should be your own personal bank account. It must include the account type, current balance, account opening date and six months average balance or ADB. Don’t worry, this is very easy to acquire. Just visit your bank and request it. By the way, you will have to pay a service fee for this request.
  7. Bank Statement: You should get an original or certified true copy of bank statements or passbook for the last 3 months.
  8. Income Tax Return copy or Form 2316:  This should have your personal TIN number and your birthday should also be indicated on the form.

So, these are the requirements you need to be able to apply for a Korean Visa.  Easy peasy right? Gather those up and we’re off to the next step!

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Now that you have gathered all your requirements, it’s time to head over to the Korean Embassy! (Don’t forget to bring a Valid ID as the guards in the Korean Embassy will ask for it.) Please gif

You must take note of the following details:

  • Visa Application Time: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, Monday ~ Friday
  • Releasing Time: 2:00 PM to  4:00 PM, Monday ~ Friday

Tourist Visa Fees for Philippine Passport holders:

  • 59 days or less stay in Korea: Gratis or Free
  • 60 to 90 days stay in Korea: Php 1, 350.00

APPLICATION PROCESS You may now file your application at the Consular Office from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, Monday to Friday. Setting an appointment is NOT needed as they do it on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis. When you arrive at the Visa Application area the receptionist will ask if you have any Visa to any of the OECD member countries. This question is asked so she knows which Window you should go to and apply.

  • For first time travelers with no valid Visa to OECD member countries (including U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand. Full list of OECD countries here.) you will apply and present your documents to either WIndow 1 or WIndow 2.
  • For frequent travelers who have visited in the past 5 years and has a valid Visa to OECD countries you will apply and present your documents to Window 3.
  • Those who have an UNUSED tourist Visas from OECD countries will have to apply and present their documents to Window 1 or Window 2 as they will be processed like first time travelers.

The receptionist will give you a stub with a number, just wait for your number to be called and then proceed to the window you were assigned to then give your documents to the Consul. The Consul might ask you a few questions, just answer them truthfully and do not be scared or nervous. If he asks about your trip tell him truthfully what you plan on doing, like if you are a die hard fan of Korean dramas then tell the Consul you plan on visiting the shooting sites of those dramas. drama gif Tip: While waiting for your number make sure your documents and requirements are arranged to the order indicated in the Korean Embassy website. Make sure your requirements are presentable and neat. Don’t be anxious, smile and relax! After submitting your requirements to the Consul, he or she will hand you a paper which will indicate when you can pick up your Passport. Make sure you keep that paper in a safe place.

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DO NOT lose it as it is a requirement to get your Passport. 

PICKING UP YOUR PASSPORT Hwaiting gif Only the Consul knows if your application for a Tourist Visa was granted or denied, so passing the requirements does not mean that you are automatically granted a Tourist Visa. You may pick up your Passport on the date indicated on the piece of paper that the Consul gave you. Be sure to follow the Releasing Time 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, Monday to Friday when picking up your Passport. Again, don’t forget to bring a Valid ID when going to the Korean Embassy as the guards will ask for it. You will be given a stub again with a number on it. Wait for your number to be called and then go to the Consul,  he or she will hand to you your Passport. Before leaving the Korean Embassy do not forget to check your passport if you have been granted a Tourist Visa.


It is not that hard right? Applying for a Visa might seem scary at first but don’t let that stop you! We hope this How To Guide helps you in your Korean Tourist Visa application! Now, you can move on to planning your trip! hi gif

“See you in Korea!”

Embassy of the Republic of Korea in The Philippines

  • Address : 122 Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Town Center, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig city 1634, Philippines
  • Tel : (63-2) 856-9210
  • Fax : (63-2) 856-9008
  • E-mail : ph04@mofa.go.kr (Consular section)
  • Web: Link

16 thoughts on “[HOW-TO GUIDE] Korean Visa Application for Filipinos

  1. Hi! 🙂 I just graduated this month so I no longer belong to the STUDENT category. 😦 I plan to visit Korea this year, and my parents will pay for my trip. How do I say that? I mean, what should I do with the requirements? Should I use my parents’ bank certificate? P.S. I don’t have my bank account. If I ask my parents to make me an account and transfer some money to it JUST FOR THE SAKE OF MY APPLICATION, will the consul be suspicious or something? Thank you!!! 😀


    1. You can present your parents’ papers and declare yourself as dependent on them. There’s a part in the application form where you have to declare who will pay for your trip, so you have to mention that your parents will be the ones supporting you~! Make sure to attach your birth certificate too as proof that you are related.

      NOTE: This is based on my previous experience, having traveled as a student and unemployed graduate a few times. However, please be advised that the ultimate decision will still be on the Consul who will approve your application.


  2. v

    hello! hope you can make one for those who are still students 🙂 also, I have a US visa but last used it 7 years ago. which window should I go to? thanks!


  3. Hi!

    What if I’m not employed? Meaning, I have my own business and would want to go to Korea for tour only. What would be the requirements? Thank you for posting this info. This is very helpful.


  4. Do you experience to apply personally for tourist visa at K-Embassy??
    미안 for the following comments: INTRODUCTION – seems not too attractive.. 미안… you starts at “whether”.. why?? For me does not jive to your topic and pics attach too many…. and does not jive also sa topic.. you are talking about visa requirements but your pics are all kpop artist. hows the requirements are you talking about are looks like??? after getting passport during releasing day.. we have granted visa, denied and last is follow up requirements.. the follow up requirements: these are the additional requirements needed to submit to embassy like tor.. after you submit the additional requirements that they asking, you need to wait again for additional 5 working days to see the result if it is approve or not… Fear not? Fear not! Fear not…. fear not??!!! Or fear not. Again 미안…
    The last part of the article, I love it.. See you in korea with gdragon pic..hihihi

    Any comment from my comment are welcome..

    For all my nonsense comment… again 미안… ^___^


    1. I personally think this post is very helpful. By the way did you use google translate? Perhaps, the reason why your visa was denied was because of your bad English ( not to mention your nasty personality).Stop saying 미안 ( sorry in eng) It didnt make you look smart though. 한국말공부하지말고 영어 더 열심히 공부해( Don’t study Korean instead learn English harder).
      Anyway, I would like to commend you for claiming that your comments were non sense. Good Job 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. imelda v zotomayor

    I’m already 65 retired Ofw and I want to go to Korea as a reward for myself do i still need the certificate of employment


    1. Hey Reiko, hmm we really can’t say how much is required or needed but when I asked around for advice they said that you just have to prove that you have the ability to sustain your travel to Korea, and that you have something here in the Philippines to go back to. 🙂


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