Things that Made “Best of Best K-Pop Concert” One of the Best Concerts We Went To

Last April 12, four K-pop groups – Red Velvet, BTOB, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior – went to the Philippine Arena (Bulacan, Philippines) to be part of the lineup of the first ever ‘Best of Best in the Philippines’ concert. JP Salvador (Team Seouldiers) and Kimmy Raotraot (Team Bear) from The Krew Manila witnessed some of the best things (aside from the normal concert experience) that happened during the concert day!


A Cheap Shuttle Fee for All Ticketholders The organizers never left the fans. They made an arrangement with several transportation companies to bring fans to Philippine Arena from several pick-up points in Metro Manila. Imagine, for only Php 50.00, you’ll get to and from the Philippine Arena! The organizers really value us, their customers. 🙂 K-pop Summer Solstice: Extended Pre-Event It is my first time to attend a legit concert where there is a pre-event. Link Up Productions brought their successful K-pop Summer Solstice event from San Juan Gymnasium to the grounds of Philippine Arena. Concert goers who watched and attended the pre-event witnessed cosplays, covers and performances from different KPop fans from the metro! (Click here to view our previous blog post about K-pop Summer Solstice) Elfs Danced to Super Junior D&E’s ‘촉이 와’ I really loved the energy of the Elfs when the song ‘촉이 와’ played outside. Everyone gathered in front and danced to the song! I really hope that Super Junior saw their Filipino fans doing this. It was truly heartwarming. ❤   37   30 Fanserviiiiiiiiiiiice! A concert will not be complete without the fanservice that the artists give to their fans. Aside from the typical returning flying kisses to fans and from waving to fans, the groups have also done several fanservice. Red Velvet, the babies, showed their best fanservice – aegyo – which I guess is not hard for them because they really are cuties (but at the same time beautiful!!). While Girls’ Generation may have done a few fanservice during their concert but they made their fans go wild when two of the girls, Sooyoung and Hyoyeon, danced a part of their comeback song, ‘Catch Me If You Can.’ BTOB’s Sungjae showed the Melodies his graceful body by doing lots of hips movement and body waves. Super Junior greeted their fans “ma ma ma ma ma ma mabuhaaaaay~” while harmonizing. The group had a mini dance showcase where each member took a turn showing their b-boy skills to the crowd and followed by a mouth-to-mouth CPR (I don’t know if their lips really touched but I’m sure fans would’ve gone wilder if they did!!) from Heechul when Kangin lied on the floor.   Of course, the best part of the concert is the PERFORMANCES from the groups! RV_1

Joy and Irene during Happiness

Red Velvet The group opened the concert stage with their hit single ‘Ice Cream Cake’ followed by ‘Something Kinda Crazy’ and ‘Candy’ from their first mini-album that has two versions – Ice Cream Cake version and Automatic version. They ended their set with their debut song, ‘Happiness’. Something interesting and unique about this concert was that it was Red Velvet’s first concert here in the Philippines. Another special moment was when Yeri performed ‘Happiness’ together with the old members. Hands down, my favorite moment of the concert was when they performed ‘Happiness.’ It was flawless, they sounded spot on and everyone sang along. It was perfect! “It’s our first time here in the Philippines, thank you so much! Wow! You guys are great!” – Wendy BTOB BTOB The group opened their set with ‘Thriller’ followed by ‘Lips’, ‘2nd Confession’ , ’사랑밖에 난 몰라’, ‘Winter’s Tale’, ‘뛰뛰 빵빵 (Beep Beep)’ and they ended their set with ‘WOW’. We were so amazed how powerful and energetic these namjas are! (They are literally Born To Beat, I swear). What gives BTOB the energy to perform their set with six songs with barely minutes of break with the same vital finesse intact is simply a mystery to us.   SNSD Girls’ Generation Crowd went crazy to extremely wild when Asia’s No. 1 group, Girl’s Generation came out! The girls opened their #throwback stage with ‘Mr. Taxi’, followed by an ultimate #throwback song, ‘Genie’ Other songs ‘Hoot’, ‘Gee’, ‘Kissing You’, and ‘Complete’ followed. They ended their set with ‘Mr. Mr.’. Their set was so amazing, every single second was so worth it.   SJ Super Junior The group opened their stage with ‘Shirt’ followed by ‘This is Love’, ‘Evanesce’, a solo perfor- mance of ‘At Gwanghwamun’ by Kyuhyun, a duo performance of ‘Oppa, Oppa’ from D&E and ‘Mr. Simple’. The group ended their set with ‘Mamacita’, their recent hit song. Even though Su- per Junior have been making music since 2005, they haven’t seemed to day an age.

Kyuhyun performing ‘At Gwanghwamun’

Each performance was exciting and mesmerizing, showing once again that Super Junior is a group that have trained and practiced such incredible performances for years. We’re glad that we have finally gotten to see just how they perfect and master their very craft of sonic ability. After the first song, filled with pure energy, they played ‘This is love’. The smooth transition between the songs made sure the energy in the crowd kept flowing. END There was not a single moment in the entire concert in which we were bored or tired. Everyone went home with smiles in their faces. Despite different fandoms & different artists in one roof all are united to bring passionate love for K-pop Music. It’s touching how different fandoms support each other despite of distinction of biases. This concert is really one of the ‘Best of the Best in the Philippines’. Congratulations to its organizers and we’re hoping for you to bring more artists in the future! *winks* Those are just some of the best things that happened last April 12 at the Philippine Arena that made the concert one of the best! If you guys have something ‘best’ and ‘awesome’ to share, feel free to comment here and share it to your fellow K-pop fans and Korean culture advocates! 🙂 Here’s some of our fancams! Check them out!

By: JP Salvador & Kimmy Raotraot || Photos & Vids by: Kimmy Raotraot


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