Because of Baek Ji Young: Why She is the Queen of Feels

Sometimes, it’s not the storyline, but it’s the OST that will push the emotional side of you. I believe that happened to me a few dramas ago. I wasn’t really interested in Hyun Bin or Ha Ji Won, but there’s this song that got me going. It was Baek Ji Young’s ‘That Woman’.

And that woman, who sang that song, was here in the Philippines for a one night concert.

Baek Ji Young, the Queen of Korean ballads, took Newport Performing Arts Theater at the Resorts World Manila to a new level. My team mate, JP, and I were very fortunate to meet her at Resorts World Manila last April 14 and 15 for Baek Z Young Close Up 2015 concert.


She was there, dazzling in simple clothes with not much make-up on her face. I was really touched by her simplicity. She seemed like an angel who came down from heaven. (n_n)Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-4

We got the chance to know her more. We were given the opportunity to ask her questions. As a fan, I couldn’t help but actually ask about her song, That Woman,  which has become one of the most loved OST’s in the Philippines. She didn’t disappoint me with a response that let me know more about her song.

She was overwhelmed with what I said and replied (non-verbatim),

That Woman was supposedly my comeback song. But when I knew about Ha Ji-won’s character in Secret Garden, I felt that the song fits in. So, I discussed it with the director of the drama.”

Baek Ji Young was also asked about her video dancing to Red Velvet’s Ice Cream Cake.

She said (non-verbatim), “I found it amusing and really cute, but the girls (Red Velvet) are cuter.”

Once again, I found amazement in her humor and humility. She is even rooting for the rising stars. In another question, she even said that she sees these girl groups as inspiration to do more and not as competitors.

The press conference ended with an invitation to her concert and photo opportunity for everyone at the venue.

Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-1

Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-2Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-3


It’s D-DAY! I can’t believe it really is the day I’m going to see Baek Ji Young performing live! I’ve been playing her songs in my iPod for like weeks after I learned about her concert. God knows how much I am excited, he even put me in a test – bad case of heavy traffic, but that’s another story. I arrived at the venue minutes before the show starts. T-H-A-N-K G-O-D.

I wasn’t informed of the program. I was shocked, and proud at the same time, to see Voice of the Philippines S1 winner, Mitoy, owning the stage. He was followed by I’m That Woman: Baek Z Young Singing Contest winner, Hadiya Ladip, who performed her own rendition of “Because of You”. Koreans loved these front acts. One even asked me who they are because they are really good.

A little more tears later, a familiar melody started to play. Well, hello there, Baek Ji Young! She started the show with ‘That Woman’.

(click on the pics for larger view)

 Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-26Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-23 Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-22Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-9Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-8Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-10Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-37Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-27 Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-28Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-31

 Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-24Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-11

 Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-29Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-30

She sang a total of 15 songs and most of them are from OSTs. As JP said, it’s like watching many different dramas in one night. From period to modern dramas.

She also sang her hits, ‘I Won’t Love Again,’ ‘Bad Girl’ and ‘My Ear Candy,’ in which she had her manager sing and dance with her (instead of 2PM’s Taecyeon who features in the track).

(click on the pics for larger view)

Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-5Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-6

Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-25Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-13

Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-14Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-12  Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-19Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-18Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-15

“I didn’t have much money to bring along idols in my concert. So I asked my manager to dance with me. ㅋㅋㅋ” – Baek Ji Young

Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-16

Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-17Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-20

For someone who made her debut in the ’90s, I can say that Baek Ji Young continues to grow in her career. She doesn’t need to compete with the idols because she has her own market and she knows it very well.

I wished the concert didn’t end there. I wanted more of Baek Ji Young. There was not a moment that I was disappointed with her. But all I have now is to wait again for her to come back to the Philippines.. or should I pack my bags now and go to Korea? Well, that can wait.

Baek Z Young Close Up 2015-7

Baek Z Young Close Up Tour 2015 in Manila is brought to you by Resorts World Manila, BANGS by Tony and Jackey, Philippine Airlines, RAKSO Travel Agency, KCC, Ceragen, and MYX. It is supported by the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines.

Words by Emyfer Mae of The Krew Manila (Team Seouldiers) Photos by JP Salvador of The Krew Manila (Team Seouldiers)


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