15 Fun Facts About VIXX

Are you ready to see VIXX? Get ready as Hongbin, Hyuk, Ravi, Leo, N and Ken set the stage on fire as they perform live here in Manila on May 2, at SM MOA Arena.

Joanna of Team Seouldiers is excited to see VIXX tomorrow! Here, she counts 15 interesting facts that you might want to know about the group!

I recall watching them perform on one of the music shows in Korea during their debut stage way back in 2012. They were really good dancers with good quality of voice. I too, can’t wait to see them again and for the first time in a concert. Whoopee~^^

So while prepping up and to calm our fan selves down, here’s 15 fun facts about VIXX that you might want to know about:


1. VIXX fan club name is called “Starlight”. Ken said that “VIXX is an existence that without our fanclub ‘Starlights’ is like stars that cannot shine”

2. When there is no schedule or VIXX is not promoting, Ravi almost always sleeping in his studio.

3. All VIXX members are the youngest or “막내” ( maknae) in the family, except from Ravi who has a younger sister.

4. Leo used to be a trainee at Woolim before entering Jellyfish entertainment.

5. N was scouted by not just 1 but 3 major companies which is SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment, after winning in a modern dance competition.

6. Ken was always the last one who memorizes dance parts when they were still trainees.

7. Hongbin has lived with his Grandmother when he was younger and is very close to her.

8. Hyuk was once enrolled in the dance company where BigBang’s Seungri learned dancing too.

9. VIXX mascot “ROVIX” which named by Ravi came from two words: “Robot” and “VIXX”.

10. N’s dream is to become a DJ and it is now coming true because he will be a DJ of his own radio show called “VIXX N K-pop”

11. Ken has won multiple awards for song-writing

12. Two days before shooting ‘On and On’ MV, Hongbin suffered from both exhaustion and acute indigestion but despite his illness, he was not only able to learn the choreography but he also managed to shoot the MV.

13. Leo was once a youth national player for soccer in middle school (2004-2007).

14. HyuHyuk once danced to “Super Hero” while he was sleeping.

15. Ravi has two tattoos: Forever Young and “You Only Live Once”

Let’s all support and cheer for them for their concert tomorrow at SM Mall of Asia. Make sure to drink lots of water, dress comfy, bring your light sticks and prepare out fan girl hearts as we dance along and sing with them tomorrow! Scream your fangirl hearts out! I am so excited to see them! Yikes! I can’t wait to see them perform my favorite song/performance which is “Voodoo Doll”.

How about you? What’s your favorite VIXX song/performance that you are looking forward the most to see tomorrow?


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