A Fulfilling End: KCC 1st Term Graduation 2015

After studying for three months at the Korean Cultural Center, finally the students had their culmination activity last April 25, 2015. It was an amazing experience to see the student’s hobbies develop into something fulfilling and satisfying that they can be truly proud of.

From the registration booth, I observed different age range of students, from teenagers to adults who became part of the event together with their family, relatives, and friends as guest. It was also interesting to know that many Filipinos and some foreigners are fond of learning Korean culture. You can see the enthusiasm and joy from their faces.


The graduation event was divided into two parts: The language class in the morning and the culture class in the afternoon. The language class graduation ceremony highlighted the video presentation per class section of Basic Korean, Elementary 1 and Elementary 2 that showed the outcome of their Hangeul training. It was amusing to see the video presentation they had prepared. Different creativity approaches were unveiled–from imitating their favorite K-pop idol in terms of singing and dancing, situational story using drama, humor, and documentary type. You could see that the students had fun doing the video and they seemed like they had Korean tongues already as they spoke fluently. Daebak!



When the afternoon came, the Korean culture class students shone on stage as they showed off their talents through performing arts. The first group that demonstrated their talent was the traditional dance class that performed with grace, elegance, and beauty that exhibited Korean tradition. The traditional dance class is led by Teacher Jo Jang Eun.

DSC_0333 DSC_0316


Afterwards, the Samulnori class performed following the traditional dance class. They performed using percussion instrument that features vibrant body movements, accent rhythm, strong, and energetic spirit.

DSC_0253 DSC_0274

The K-Singing students took the stage with their angelic vocals like their favorite kpop idols led by teacher Cho Jeong Jin. It was wonderful to see the students’ talent.


DSC_0337DSC_0399 (1)


Teacher Jung Min Ji led the Gayageum class as they performed 14 different songs using gayageum. The melody  exhibited being delicate, soft and subtle that brought soothing calmness to the ears. I cannot imagine myself playing that 12 string instruments like a pro! Definitely those students are gifted and dedicated to learn.

DSC_0481 (1)DSC_0525DSC_0493

The K-pop dance class dominated as they dynamically performed with their awesome moves. Also, the costume added to the total look of the students. The K-pop dance performance was divided into: hip-hop and contemporary. The K-pop girl group made the stage sizzle with their hot and cute moves. Most of the students for the first term were girls but despite that fact, they interpreted K-pop boy group songs. I enjoyed watching them dance wishing it would never end. I hope I can enroll soon for the dance and be versatile like them. I also got to chance to meet teacher Dasuri Choi who is very accommodating.

DSC_0618 DSC_0555



DSC_0648 (1)DSC_0689

The last group that performed was the Taekwondo class led by teacher Lee Chang Woo. There were a lot of Taekwondo students from basic and advanced class that illustrated their skills like a fighter. They showed discipline and flashed their spinning and jumping kicks.

The teachers from both language and culture classes also received certificates for their countless patience, guidance and dedication in to their students.



Best student per class was given recognition as they stood out and gave their best effort. There was also an award given for the best class that exhibited the most creative video for language class. Same thing happened with the culture class where the best class that performed received prizes.



IMG_2688 IMG_2739


IMG_2668IMG_2621 IMG_2592


Also, there was a raffle draw to wrap up the morning and afternoon program. KCC gave away a DVD and a signed CD as a prize.  Lastly, the giving of completion certificate was given to the students and they were able to enjoy the photo booth to capture those memorable moments and smiles with their fellow classmates.

IMG_2762 IMG_2771

Director Oh congratulated the students for job well done. He is likewise grateful to the students for being little ambassadors of Korea and told them keep promoting and supporting KCC.


Doing extra-curricular activity that fits your interest and hobby is exciting. Fulfilling it by means of learning is truly rewarding. So if you want to explore something new or you’re really a fan of Korean culture, the Korean Cultural Center is the place to be. You will not just get knowledge on your hobby but also earn more friends along the way. They offer variety of courses depending on your preferences that you will surely enjoy!

For more information on the classes, please check out this link.  Registration for 2nd term begins on May 15!


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