On May 1, 2015, the K-POP group VIXX, (stands for “Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis”) held an Open Press Conference at SM City Fairview. The program started at 3 pm, but hours before the commencement of the event, fans have already gathered and jammed at the venue, patiently waiting for their idols to come up on stage.


To formally begin the program, Kring Elenzano-Kim, the host, prepared some games to liven up the fans who have been waiting for hours. Posters and tickets to VIXX’s concert were given by the organizers to those who have won the games. The crowd went wild after hearing that they’re not just giving one ticket, but two tickets or each person who will win the game. A girl even got a VIP ticket which includes high touch with the members of VIXX. There were quizzes about their idols, guessing games, and dance showdown. Everyone was in high spirits and were really excited to meet their idols.


Meanwhile, three cover groups namely CHAOS, VORTEXX, and EXCELSIS had a dance battle, and whoever wins the battle will be awarded by their idols themselves. During the performances of the cover groups, the fans were on top of their lungs yelling their chants, it was no joke. After the competition, the staff took a short break to prepare for VIXX’s arrival.

DSC_0120 DSC_0171 DSC_0228 DSC_0297

In a moment, ear-busting screams filled the venue as the members of VIXX climbed up the stage. Everyone went crazy, shouting their bias’s names. And all of them lost their minds when the members of the group started introducing themselves in Filipino. It’s ViXX’s first time here in the Philippines, and the people are dying to know  their thoughts about their journey to Manila “Utopia”, so the members sat down to answer some questions at the press conference.

DSC_0442 DSC_0459

The reporters had many questions in their minds and they started it off with, “What is the difference of VIXX from other groups? What defines VIXX?”

The members were pointing at each other, arguing who’s going to answer and eventually, Ravi took the microphone and said, “Vixx has a different concept for every album, we make every performance unique and from start to finish, there is a story that you will probably enjoy.”

They were also asked about what place do they want to visit here in the Philippines. N commented, “Manila Bay, I want to visit Manila Bay, because of the sunset.”

DSC_0459 DSC_0490

Several more questions were asked by the reporters like, “What’s your most memorable experience?” Hyuk replied, “I think the most memorable experience is sharing the stage with our sunbae.”

Another question asked by a reporter was, “What can we expect from the concert?” The guys were smiling and playfully said, “It’s a secret.” The reporter followed it up with, “What can we expect from your next album?” N laughed and said, “Again, it’s a secret!” and everyone laughed.

After the Q&A, VIXX awarded EXCELSIS for winning the Dance Competition. The guys exchanged greetings, shook hands and took pictures. They wrapped the Press Conference up by saying their final message to their fans.



“We’re really happy to be here. Thank you very much for your warm greeting and support. We’re going to have our concert tomorrow. Please, watch it. We’re going to give everything. We really love you guys. Thank you very much.”

VIXX will perform their first concert in Manila later today, May 2, at the Mall of Asia Arena. See you there!

Photos by: George Mañozo Jr. of Team CCC


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