[VISIT KOREA] Myeongdong: Shopping in the Heart of City

In the [VISIT KOREA] series of blog entries, The Krew members will take you with them on their journey in Korea! We hope you also get inspired by these posts and take your time to visit these places when you visit Korea.
Sung Chang Yeop takes us on a visual tour of the busy streets of Myeongdong, Seoul’s shopping district.

I recently visited this place called Myeongdong located in Seoul. Myeong-dong is a shopping district with numerous shops selling a variety of things from luxury items to inexpensive goods. There are also malls, restaurants, and theaters where shoppers can rest and eat during their journey.

It is located in the middle of Seoul and is accessible by subway at Myeongdong station on the Seoul Subway Line 4. The place is so crowded and huge that it took me hours to completely scan the place. 20150427_143527 20150427_143509 There are straight line of shops in every streets and corners selling cosmetics, accessories, and clothes. There are mixture of cosmetics chains and clothes, from expensive accessories to inexpensive ones. I found so many global brands and Korean brands and some famous brands are also here.20150427_131000 The wide streets are all connected to many narrow streets with tasty snacks and street foods in between the shops. 20150427_130531 While walking the streets, what I heard mostly from shopkeepers and people were foreign languages. I was also surprised to see more foreign languages written in explanation of some products than Korean language. 20150427_131551 My hunger brought me into this sushi buffet in the 4th floor of SPAO building. 2015-04-27-13-42-30_photo 2015-04-27-13-25-21_photo

Then I went to Sulbing and I was able to try this Injeolmi bBngsu, a mixture of rice cakes, bean flour and grinded frozen milk. You can also try it with condensed milk when it tastes too plain for you. You must try this dessert! (NOTE: There’s a newly-opened Korean dessert cafe in BGC that serves bingsu!!^^)

2015-05-08-13-03-28_deco 2015-05-08-13-06-11_deco

I was overwhelmed by the increase in number of people compared to in the afternoon and at 10 o’ clock in the evening. I could barely walk without being touched.




At late night, it was a different picture from in the afternoon – mostly bars filled up the streets!

It was such a busy and lively place full of shops, cafes, and restaurants. It is a business district as well. There are also Shinsegae and Lotte department stores for luxury brands. So, if you love shopping and eating, Myeong-dong is a must visit place for you!


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