[TASTE KOREA] Silkworm Larva or “Beon De Gi”

In the [TASTE KOREA] series of blog entries, The Krew members will be introducing various Korean food. We hope you get inspired to try these food that are unique to Korea!

For the third entry, Oh Hyun Sang of Team CCC will introduce another unique Korean food–the silkworm larva or “Beon De Gi”!


The Beon De Gi is one of the leading street foods in Korea. You can’t talk about the Korean street foods unless you tried it. As you can observe from the picture herein, it is the part of the silkworm with the silk part already removed. Even though it looks gross and terrible, its smell and taste will surely satisfy your appetite.


Once you purchase it through the owner of the store, she or he will put a scoop of Beon De Gi into a paper cup with toothpick so that you can eat one by one. Beon De Gi’s slightly salty smell will slowly approach you and stimulate your saliva. As soon as you put one into your mouth and chew it, it will be popped and the flavored meat broth will be spread inside your mouth.

That’s why it is also well-known as the one of the best dishes to go along with Soju.

Furthermore, Beon De Gi is also famous to be a nutritious food. Not only does it contain substantial amount of nutrition for child’s development, but it  also provides rich lecithin which is the necessary element for brain development.


Compared to the Hong-Eo, Beon De Gi is affordable and easy to find everywhere for foreigners. It’s taste isn’t as bad as you can imagine because of how it looks. In fact, I cooked Beon De Gi soup for my Filipino friends before and until now they ask me to bring it to school. So why don’t you try it when you get the chance?


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