Cookin’ NANTA Gives off Good Vibes!

Cookin’ NANTA, one of the longest-running theatre shows in Seoul, recently dropped by Manila for performances at The Theatre at Solaire!

Cookin Nanta

Dubbed as “one of the best shows you’ll ever see” during its world tour, NANTA is the story of 3 chefs—the Head Chef, the Sexy Guy, and the Hot Sauce—who were given an almost-impossible task by the Manager: to prepare various dishes for a wedding ceremony in only an hour! To add to the ruckus, the Manager brings his newbie Nephew along to “help” in the kitchen.

What sets NANTA (“to strike relentlessly”) apart from other theater shows is its largely nonverbal delivery of the entire spectacle. Instead of dialogue, pots and pans, water drums, and cooking and cleaning tools take centerstage as the cast used them to create powerful samulnori (traditional Korean percussion music) beats in an innovative, Western-style performance. One can only be amazed of how the performers move completely in sync with the sounds that they made, and how much discipline was involved in the process of delivering an almost two-hour show with that rigor, energy, and accuracy.

To add to the delight of the theatergoers, NANTA is also filled with comedy, breath-taking stunts, and audience involvement and interaction. Making the Manila leg extra special is the casts’ integration of a few Tagalog words in the show, like the Head Chef shouting “Alis!” to a member of the audience in jest. Even the Manager and his Nephew caught the pabebe fever with its signature wave!

On top of the entertainment, NANTA also allows a glimpse of Korean culture. Aspects like seniority and respect, devotion to food, religious practices, and family relations are central to the show’s theme, making it an authentic Korean and Asian product.

Cookin’ NANTA is a recommended watch for everyone interested in knowing more about Korea and its people, whether you are just beginning to appreciate Korean culture or have been invested in it for a longer time. Its stellar reviews from around the world guarantee that you will leave the theater with a huge smile on your face, because indeed, cookin’ gives off good vibes!


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