Infinite Effect in Manila Recap

(Warning: the following gifs will make you believe in forever.. infinite = forever!!!)

The most synchronized K-pop group Infinite is back in Manila for the third time. First being the Dream K-pop Fantasy Concert, second being the OGS Manila Concert and now, the Infinite Effect Manila which was held last November 7 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.

Inspirits’ excitement were heightened and loud screams filled the arena as the lights went off and the stage lights dimmed promptly showing 7 silhouettes, which are soon revealed as the members, Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, L and Sungjong.

The fans are in awe to witness live the Infnite’s trademark scorpion dance from their 2011 song “Before the Dawn” followed by the group energetic performances of “Paradise” and “Be Mine”.

Unfortunately, Hoya, dubbed as the group’s best dancer is still recovering from an injury and remained seated on a stool. However, he still sang and gave his best to deliver his parts, though it is evident that he badly wants to join the group’s during their powerful dance performances.

The crowd went wild as the members introduced themselves in Filipino.
“Ako ang iyong boyfriend.” Said L, the group’s visual which made every fan weak at the knees.
“Mabuhay ako ang inyong anghel, Sungjong” said Sungjong in his angelic voice
“Boom Panes.. Boom Boom Panes Panes..” said Hoya, which drew louder screams from the crowd

They filled the stage with love as they sang “Love Letter” while throwing paper planes to the crowd.

Main vocalist Woohyun hypes up fans with his single “Everyday” and left his fans teary-eyed with his outstanding powerful voice.

Sub-unit Infinite H composed of Dongwoo and Hoya, heats up the stage with their songs “Sorry, I’m Busy” and “Pretty”. Giving an impeccable performance despite Hoya’s condition, it is obvious how bad he wants to have a good time with everyone. Dongwoo, as usual, never fail to turn the house upside down with his overflowing energy.

The group’s leader Sunggyu also did a solo performance where he sang his single “Kontrol” from his album 27. (Notice how passionate Sunggyu looks while he’s lost in his little world, singing his heart out.. *melts*)

Sungyeol, Sungjong and L of sub-unit Infinite F serenades fans with “Heartbeat” and “My Girl” while throwing stuffed toys to the crowd. With the trio’s charms and lovable appeal, fans can’t help but blush and swoon over them.

Infinite also performed “Julia” which surprises fans since it’s not on the original concert’s set list. Hearing the song live is like a walk down the memory lane which made the fans feel nostalgic and hyped up at the same time * 2011 Infinite memories flashback*

Being everyone’s boyfriend, L made sure to deliver the best fan service that he can until he saw us. That moment when Myungsoo noticed you.. those dimples, those eyes, this perfect creature looking at you.. *”kilig” to the highest level* “And in that moment I swear we were infinite..” lol

The group also gave a spine-chilling performance of their newest hit song “Bad”.

Lights in the arena went out again then the fans chanted “Dashi Dorawa, Dashi Dorawa!” (다시 돌아와 / Come Back Again) until the stage lit up again and Infinite performed their second to the last song “Come Back Again”
Since it’s time for Dongwoo’s birthday, the fans raised their green hearts cutouts to show their support which brought Dongwoo to tears.

Again, Infinite expressed their gratitude towards Filipino Inspirits, emotionally and teary eyed. You can feel their love for their fans and how passionate they are with what they do. With them speaking in Filipino, this made an even greater connection with the crowd and brought the members and Filipino Inspirits closer.

“Magkita tayo sa susunod.”, said Sunggyu.

“Hindi ako uuwi ngayon.. Mahal ko kayo” said Sungyeol which made the fans scream

“We will always sing a song for you. I love all Filipino Inspirit. We will never break apart. Mahal ko kayo!” said Dongwoo

“Nag enjoy ba kayo? Salamat sa inyong pagbigay ng energy. Hindi ko makakalimutan ang magandang araw na ito. Mahal ko kayo! Merong forever!” said Woohyun

“I’m here because of you. Thank you for loving me and inspiring me all the time. Ikaw ay akin!” Sungjong proclaimed, (I second the motion!)

“Kahit dalawang taon na ang lumipas di kayo nagbago ..Talaga? Talaga? Na-touchie ako sa suporta nyo. Maraming Inspirits ang umiiyak pag lumalabas kami.. ‘Wag kayong umiyak. Babalik kami. Promise! Parati kayong masaya at malusog.” Hoya said in endearment

“Thank you for tonight. Till we see again. Wag mong kalimutan ako ang iyong boyfriend!” L reminds fans.

The Infinite then ended their 2 hour concert performance with the song “Together”.

With their heart-melting fan service, amazing live vocals and explosive dance performances, Infinite proved that they’re one of the best K-pop group there is. Indeed, their effect is infinite.

Infinite Effect Live in Manila is brought to you by Woollim Entertainment, S.M. Culture and Contents, Dream Maker Entertainment, and PULP Live World with official residence at Diamond Hotel.


Just in case you missed L’s post-concert instagram post..

Salamat sa inyong pinas. Babalik kami dto.labyu meron poreber!

A photo posted by @kim_msl on Nov 7, 2015 at 9:13am PST


gifs made by Denice Magbanua
from videos taken by Paola Ebora


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