The Korean way of Valentine’s Celebration

Troubled with the upcoming Valentines? This year, let’s celebrate this special event as the Koreans do! The most popular day for couples worldwide is Feb 14 wherein men usually shower their women with flowers and sweets. Also, during this period, restaurants, parks and malls are coated with red heart cut-outs and valentine decorations. In contrary, Koreans celebrate this day the other way around. Traditionally, only women gift their men sweets and flowers for they have another day to do the conventional gift giving.

For Korean couples and residents of Korea, love is a year round celebration and they allot a day each month to cherish their relationship with different themes. And yes, it falls on the 14th day of every month. Through time, Koreans turn these celebrations to a higher level. Currently, these romantically themed days aren’t purely just for ‘hubby and wifey’ relationship anymore. It’s now open for the entire family as well. Some also celebrate these days with friends and workmates. Take a glimpse of the monthly themes they’ve got:


♦ January 14 – Diary Day

Since January is the beginning of New Year worldwide, couples and friends are encouraged to exchange blank diaries to write on their experiences for the whole year. In Korea, it is not just a practice for couples but for circle of friends and workmates. Practically speaking, it’s a good practice. For in the future; you could track and reminisce the best moments with your love ones. Nowadays, they enjoy diaries with foreign design and ‘Konglish’ writings.


♦ Feb 14 – Valentine’s Day

Females out there, have you confessed your feelings for your love ones? As a twist to the sweetest month of the year, Female Koreans show their affection for their men on this day. Days before this festive day, long lines start to pop up in sweets and flower shops. So girls, this day is a great excuse to confess your feelings.


♦ March 14 – White Day

After receiving cute stuffs and sweet chocolates, White day is the perfect time for men to reciprocate the gifts he received last month. Traditionally, it’s the time for men to accept their women’s love and further pursue their relationship. They give their women expensive or sweet present which are often white.

♦ April – Black Day

The popular ‘Black day’ is specifically themed for singles to mourn on their love status. This is the time of the year when single men and women either gather on a restaurant or eat alone. A Jjajangmyeon or black noodle (noodles with black bean sauce) is famously associated with this day due to its color and that it’s widely consumed by singles during this day.

♦ May 14 – Yellow Day/ Rose Day

Yellow day is rooted in the idea of spicing up your relationship. For those who still do not find a partner, they commonly eat noodles with the yellow curry flavor. On the other hand, for couples, men traditionally give their women yellow gifts or roses.


♦ June 14 – Kiss Day

As the theme of the day itself, kiss day is about exchange of kisses for couples; a theme that’s probably one of the sweetest for the whole year.

♦ July 14 – Silver Day

Can you hear the wedding bells? Well, this is the month wherein couples do exchange rings and do some talk for future preparations including wedding. It’s good to have a quality time with your partner and talk about how you’ll spend the rest of your lives together.


♦ August 14 – Green Day

Green day isn’t about wearing green. It’s about taking in rice wine named soju. And soju comes in green bottles. The romantic side comes after the drinking sessions. Often, korean dramas showcase such drinking scenarios wherein men walk their women home after a long day they had.


 ♦ September 14 – Photo Day

The sweetest moments would always be picture perfect. No wonder why Koreans and people all over the globe enjoy taking photos and selfies. And of course, photos are best shared with the people you love.

 ♦ October 14 – Wine Day

A romantic dinner over a candle light and a glass or a bottle of wine, isn’t that picturesque? Well, this day is for that to happen. On the other hand, singles also take this day to drink away their sadness for not having partners.


♦ November 14 – Movie Day

This day is distinguishably a jam-packed day for cinemas since movie-goers are often couples and families. Sometimes, to avoid crowded place, couples enjoy hanging out on a rented DVD room. This rented room can hold a few people as well. (good for friends to movie marathon.)


 ♦ December 14 – Hug Day

 The theme of the day itself best explains how to do it. Giving your love ones a hug actually makes them feel more loved than saying hundreds of ‘I love you.’ Also, this is a romantic theme to end your year together and appreciating your partner for being with you all this time. Why not hug your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend and tell them that they did well the whole year?


Or how about giving your son or sibling some hug for this day? Love isn’t just shared for partners, right?

In Korea, love is in the air year round and it’s reflected in their thematic celebrations for lovers. As years pass by, this tradition isn’t widely practiced by many for practical reasons. But it’s good to try celebrating such days to zest the relationships with our loved ones including our family, friends and partners. We still have many months left this year, why not make every 14th of the month memorable with the people you cherish?

Written by The Krew Member, Mikhaela Javier


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