What’s in store at #FRIYAYSatKCC

Missing your favorite group or artist’s concert? Or just wishing to spazz with your friends? Well, no worries because Korean Cultural Center got them both for you with its #FRIYAYSatKCC!

#FRIYAYSatKCC is the popular screening on demand of KCC which started to cater fan gatherings in support of the Hallyu wave. In no time, corroborations coming from different fan clubs resulted to greater audiences and support from enthusiasts. Now, KCC dedicated itself to make Friday afternoons and nights a cool week end to look forward to  by hosting free screenings of notable movies and concerts of various entertainers.

Programs for every screening also vary depending on the host fan club’s program. Several screening offers exciting activities for the attendees including games and celebration of artists’ birthdays, special milestone or anniversaries.


The Love Rain Screening and Jang Geun Suk Fan Meeting Event| 2.19.2016

photo 1

Aside from the melo-dramatic feel conveyed by the lantern set-up at KCC’s wave hall, “Eels” (Jang Geun Suk’s fandom name) enjoyed a romantic throwback on ‘Love Rain.’ Fans had a roller coaster feeling over the characters and their struggles for love.

photo 2

Of course, I myself got a chance to spazz over my favorite couple! Well, I am a YoonSuk (Im Yoona and Jang Geun Suk) Shipper and I can’t help not to explode with feels! I did spazz while watching but that’s in front of the computer because I’m on the tech booth during the screening. Haha! I have watched this drama for many times already but who wouldn’t fall for this guy over and over?

After the screening, everyone enjoyed meals brought by Jang Geun Suk Philippines. The fun doesn’t just end there for the event is seriously a blast. Yes, it’s a post-valentine occasion so expect sweet and cheesy activities prepared by the fan base. Also, the gathering is loaded with freebies, games and raffles up for the attendees! It really is a win situation for all the eels! Here are a few of the photo booths and games we enjoyed:

The Yellow Umbrella Photobooth

If you have watched the drama love rain, the real deal started with the three second-rule. That’s how fast love could begin and yes, it all happened under the yellow umbrella. As a tribute to that romantic scene, a photo booth raining with hearts was made to reminisce that favorite moment!

photo 4

The Insta-Geun Suk Photobooth

Oops! The Instagram photo booth with Geun Suk is overloaded with fangirls! Eels! How does it feel like sharing a heart sign with your ‘valentine date?’ Oh, and please don’t forget to share your photos through #FRIYAYSatKCC and #KoreanCulturePH.

photo 5

The Marriage Photobooth

Who among you fan girls wouldn’t want to marry your bias? Well, this is the perfect place for you! Wear your wedding gowns and get your bouquets ready because Geun Suk is waiting for you! The marriage booth also offers marriage certificates for the newlyweds! Geun Suk instantly got married with lots of fan girls on that day!

photo 6

For the games, there are different types of carnival activities and players need to do different task to earn coupons. Prizes can be claimed as early as you earned enough coupons for the items you want. Games include mini-basketball, plinko, throwing games and a Korean game.

photo 7

photo 8

This event is no joke! The fan base prepared Daebak prizes for the games and raffle! Items include, mouse pads, accessories, Geun Suk and Team H’s official merchandise, caps, albums and a whole lot more! I myself took home an album! Thank you so much JKS Philippines!

Of course, the best way to end the event is to have the photo session with all the attendees. The wave hall is seriously jam-packed with eels! Everyone did their poses and gave their winning smiles!



The iKON Debut Concert Screening | 2.26.2016

photo 10

Expecting a huge crowd after the screening tickets got sold out in just a few hours, iKONics doomed KCC’s wave hall as they cheer and spazz over their favorite iKON members for its recent screening on iKON Showtime Concert. The last Friday of February still seemed to be a celebration for a post-valentine event after fans attended the screening, wearing their red iKON shirts and their swaging HipHop outfits.

Performances followed right after the screening ended. All eyes are glued on the cover groups as they charmed the audience with their powerful raps and dance! Meanwhile, the audience gave their loud fan chants to support the dancers and fill up the wave hall with much energy while tuning up the Rhythm Ta.’ It was followed by a short celebration for Jinhwan and Yunhyeong.

photo 11

Afterwards, iKONics’ knowledge about their bias got tested as they have a great time answering trivia questions about iKON. It was a head to head collision between the fans because they need to raise their hands really fast to be able to get a chance to answer.

Winners for the games and raffle brought home official iKON merchandises! iKON Philippines, in return were able to cater the crowd as they prepared photocards and pins making all attendees happy as they went home after getting such freebies! As how events typically end, photo sessions with the cover group and their co-iKONics took place!

PS: Forgive me for the photos, the venue is quite crowded so I can’t really roam around to take photos. Thank you for coming to KCC!


With the growing population of Korean drama and KPOP enthusiasts in the country, there’s always a reason to meet new spazz buddies and it’s best to do it over a free show. Who knows? They could be your next concert buddies when your favorite artists visit the Philippines.

For now, all you need to do is secure a ticket through online booking and bring a copy of your free ticket on the event day! Make sure to be quick because online booking close really fast. Rest assured that KCC and its partner organization will provide you all the fun that you wish for. Think of how exciting it could be?  How about spending your next #FriYAYatKCC?

Oh, and if you wish for your favorite artists’ events or concerts to be featured in the next KCC’s series of FriYAYs. Make sure to check out the following guidelines and available schedule at KCC’s website http://phil.korean-culture.org/en/welcome

We will be glad to cater your fan girl and fan boy needs through an unremarkable screening and fan gathering!


Fan clubs of Korean actors, actresses, and Kpop groups must submit a request letter addressed to KCC’s Director OH Choong Suk with the following information:

 Name of organization/fanclub:

  1. Website / Facebook Page:
  2. Name of artist whose work you want to be screened (Director, Actor/Actress,  Kpop Group/Singer):
  3. Name of film/concert you want to screen:
  4. Preferred screening schedule:
  5. Program flow:
  6. Representative’s Name:
  7. Representative’s Contact No.:

 E-mail to kccphevents@gmail.com with the subject: “[2016 SCREENING ON DEMAND] Name of fanclub : Name of artist” (eg. [2016 SCREENING ON DEMAND] CASSPH : TVXQ)


  1. Only KOREAN films/concerts/material can be screened at KCC. The film/concert/material to be screened must be in original DVD format. If DVD is unavailable at the KCC Library, the organization/fanclub must be able to secure a copy of the material by their own means.
  2. Once the screening is approved, the organization/fanclub must make their own poster/promotional material together with a promotional blurb. KCC will be in charge of making the initial announcement through the KCC webpage and Facebook. The organization/fanclub will be provided with the official links for promotion.
  3. The organization/fanclub must guarantee an attendance of at least 50 pax for the group screening.

 For further inquiries, email kccphevents@gmail.com with the subject “ Screening on Demand: Inquiry”.

To inquire about the DVDs in the KCC library, you may check our website or contact us via email (library@koreanculture.ph) or call (02) 555-1711 local 107.


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