For the love of KPOP: One love: A K-Pop Tribute Dance Festival at SM Megamall

Long lines were evident in the cinema four of SM Megamall as attendees wait for the opening of the ticket booth. Like a typical Kfest event, fans wait with big smiles as they come in groups waiting for the event to start. The twist is – this event seemed to be a pre-event party for the B2ST concert in Manila for the tickets and the promotional poster in the area are B2ST inspired. Tickets for the concert were also raffled for the attendees.

Music videos of K-Pop groups welcomed the attendees upon entering the cinema. The event formally started with the rap battle. Contestants ruled the stage as they showcased their guts and swag by rapping in Korean language. This segment is a great proof of Filipino’s love for Korean culture as they embraced a new form of language and develop new talent. When you close your eyes and try to listen on the contestants, you’ll surely think they are actually Koreans who do the rapping, catching the crowd’s attention and leaving the whole cinema speechless.

As cover groups grace the stage, the crowd got wilder. The fans, with their high spirits on, sing along with their favorite Kpop songs! Fan chants and banners are evident in the audience as their favorite cover groups perform. This tribute fest is surely a good way to welcome new talents including young members of the Kpop community. Kpop is surely a big influence that binds fans together. Three best performers were announced: BTS cover groups’ Red Intense, Red Squad and the crowd favorite Chaos who covers Kpop group VIXX.

1st runner up

Next in line is Akihiro Blanco who stole lots of fangirl’s heart as they literally fell of the stage just to take things during the ‘Bring me’ game. A lucky fan ended her love month with a star date, as she was given flowers and a heart melting hug from our Akihiro that made all the female fans envious.

The next rising star; Lim Ji-seok captures Filipino fans’ heart

After the meet and greet with Akihiro Blanco, Korean actor Lim Jiseok introduced himself in front of everyone. During the Q & A portion, Lim Jiseok was surprised that Tagaytay has a cold climate. Also, like other foreign artists who visit the Philippines, he started to love Halo halo a lot.

His charming ’boy next door’ look and cute English accent is one of the first few things that you’ll notice about him.  He will surely capture your attention, the same way he grabbed the hearts of the fans. As you get to know him more, you’ll appreciate his love for acting and his passion in improving his craft with international film collaborations including shoots in the Philippines. Lim JiSeok, our rookie on the block is starting to pave his way in the global scene. He can still be new in the film industry, but he already won international awards – including his latest one in the Philippines.


Before the day of the event, JiSeok has gone to different places all over the Philippines and said that he enjoyed the hospitality of Filipinos and tasted lots of great dishes in the metro. He’s thankful that he met lots of nice people in the country who made him try lots of food including Sinigang, Bulalo and Halo-halo.

It’s obvious that he find one of our questions awkward because he suddenly shifted to his shy side after we asked what his ideal type is. It was his first time receiving that question.

Our short encounter with JiSeok ended with him giving a message for our KCC supporters and to the Philippine fans. His team plans to have lots of collaboration on film making with Filipino actors and that sure is a new horizon for both Philippine and Korean talents! Also, they will soon be promoting their new film entitled ‘No man is an island’ so you guys should watch out for that. It was filmed in the Philippines!


(Lim Ji-seok’s message to KCC supporters and fans! ^^)

As Hallyu influences a lot of fans, neighboring countries, like the Philippines would surely welcome more Korean musicians, artists and actors in the future. With that, events like One Love would surely open opportunities for Korean actors like JiSeok to establish his name in the international scene. Opportunities doesn’t just end there, aside from the enjoyment the audience gets, this opens new horizons for Filipino talents who are engaged to Kpop. It’s a cultural exchange, isn’t it?


Story and photos by KREW MEMBERS: Mari Mikhaela Javier and Marianne Regine Monsanto


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