Korean And Filipino Artists Bring A Burst Of Color To KCC With “Beautiful Journey In The World” Exhibit

“Art has some something like a spirit, just like how everyone has a soul in them. So when it comes to art, you don’t need any words for people to understand it. Art simply unites people from different cultures through its spirit touching their souls.”

Such is the belief of Korean artist Carla Kim, who is now based in the Philippines. And that spirit proved itself well and alive as the Korean Cultural Center (KCC) unveiled its latest art exhibition “Beautiful Journey In The World” last Thursday, 3 March.


A rather intimate affair that turned the KCC’s hall into a bustling gallery of sorts, the exhibit launch celebrated the works of 19 Korean artists, who wish to tell their respective personal stories of living abroad all the while mirroring the rich Korean culture as well as their heritage through every stroke of their paintbrush.

Joining the roster of Korean artists were Filipino artists Connie Quirino, former apprentice of National Artist Federico Aguilar Alcuaz; Yueh Faye Lai, who mastered the delicate art of Chinese brush work; and Jacqueline Lhuillier Hess, who is constantly exploring different art styles to broaden her repertoire.SONY DSC

The event was warmed up with a quick chat with artists Seung Joo Kang, Connie Quirino, and Carla Kim, who helped plan and organize the exhibit.

Ms. Kim spoke fondly about how the Philippine environment influenced her more recent paintings, while Ms. Kang talked about her personal relationship with her paintings’ subjects, which are often inspired by sculptures. Ms. Quirino then took the opportunity to spill a lesser-known fact about her grandfather, the late President Elpidio Quirino, to whom she proudly attributes her artistic abilities: “My grandfather was also an artist. He painted on sayas (traditiDSC_0082onal Filipino clothing for women) to support his education,” she noted.

The talk was followed by an opening ceremony graced by the Ambassador of Korea to the Philippines Kim Jae Shin, Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the Philippines Jaroslav Olša, Jr., and the Director of the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines Oh Chung Sook. Gayageum and Pansori performers capped off the program with a short musical showcase.

If you wish to learn more about the art of Korea without having to shell out some cash for a trip to the Land of the Morning Calm, feel free to drop by the Korean Cultural Center and check out the “Beautiful Journey In The World” exhibit, which will run until the 27th of May.

(The Beautiful Journey in the World art exhibit ribbon cutting ceremony. From left, Czech Ambassador Jaroslav Olša, Jr., Carla Kim, Korean Ambassador KIM Jae Shin, Cory Quirino, Connie Quirino, KANG Seung Joo and KCC Director OH Choong Suk)


Written by Krew Member: Andressa Nina


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