BEAST and B2UTY reunited as KPOP idol group returns to Manila

The boys of BEAST are back for their first ever fan meeting in Manila!

Fans of the Korean pop idol group swarmed at the Araneta Coliseum last Saturday for a night of fun with the members after a long time of not being able to go back since their initial visit last 2010. You could just imagine how long fans have waited for this day to see 윤두준, 장현승, 용준형, 양요섭, 이기광, and 손동운!

Although member 현승 was unfortunately unable to be present at the event, the boys still made sure to keep their fans happy and hyped up the arena with the song Good Luck as their opening act. Followed by the EDM title track YeY from their latest eighth mini-album, seeing the crowd cheer and sing along was enough proof the group was still undeniably well-received despite their long absence. When asked what took them so long, main vocalist 양요섭 explained, “Truthfully, because of tight schedules we weren’t able to go back sooner but I am very grateful for the fans who came to see us tonight.”


As a 뷰티 myself, I made sure not to miss this long-awaited event! Seeing their vibrant choreography and hearing their vocals live was definitely an exciting moment to remember. Lucky fans were picked to get up close and play games with the members. Since most of BEAST members love playing soccer, they also showed their athletic skills when they had to kick a mini soccer ball to hit a board filled with prizes for their fans!

In return, fans also surprised member 이기광 with an early birthday cake. “Even though it is still more than a week away, this is very special to me because you were the first ones to greet me. Even if I want to, I probably can’t finish this cake alone so I’ll enjoy it with the members,” the member said jokingly.


BEAST performed some of their dance tracks including I Think I Love You, 12:30, Beautiful Night, and Gotta Go to Work. As the group is also well-known for their ballad tracks, they made sure to let their Philippine fans hear their acoustic rendition of Midnight, On Rainy Days, Sweet Room, and a personal favorite, How To Love. The group performed 11 songs in total although it seemed such a short time and without realizing it, it was already time to say goodbye!


Rapper-composer 용준형 promised to see the fans again soon not through a fan meeting but a concert.

BEAST’s leader 윤두준 thanked the fans for such warm welcome and later posted on SNS to again express how grateful he is for the continuous support. “It’s been a long time since we came back to the Philippines! Looking at the placards saying that seeing us was a dream come true kind of tugged at my heart. Thank you so much, Philippines. Thank you and let’s meet again.”

Yes, we definitely look forward to seeing them again and hope they’ll come back here soon with their new music!

BEAST’s first fan meeting in Manila was presented by Cube Entertainment, Butterfly, and All Access Productions.


Written by Krew member Chelsea Laong.

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