Lotte World : Amazing World of Adventure

Although it was just my second time to visit this grand large indoor theme park, Lotte World, I was able to enjoy almost everything it was offering. Lotte World, specifically Lotte World Adventure is an indoor theme park located in Seoul City and is near Jamsil Station. It is directly accessible to Jamsil Station for the theme park is connected to the underground station of Jamsil.

As I got of the station, claimed my ticket and went up the escalator, it was a huge dome-like structure where the middle of the ceiling is covered with glass (which I believe that the purpose is to brighten the amusement park and the skating rink) and around were different rides from small ones to really big ones. I could see the underground part of the amusement park and the fine skating rink.



The most usual viking ride that can be seen in almost every amusement park except that it’s inside!


The amusement park also has a monorail and other roller-coasters that goes around the park. There were a lot of tangling rails all around the building.


This is what can be seen in the stage! I believe most of the programs are for kids but it still brightens up the amusement park with dancing and loud music!


When I was in the second floor, a burst of sound came from the ground floor. The ladies were playing drums and trumpets! It was loud enough to hear from anywhere inside the building.


I was able to go outside of the building and feel the sunlight and everything else that’s not inside. It was directly connected to the second floor of the indoor park. This portion of Lotte World is called Magic Island (which I believe is because of the lake surrounding the park). The rail up along the road is for the monorail and I was very excited to look around.


This outdoor park was surrounded by Seokchon lake and near it was a park called Songpa Naru Park.

2015-05-28-12-04-29_deco 2015-05-28-12-04-49_deco

 The first thing that caught my attention as I was approaching the Magic Island was Lotte World Tower, which is a 123-floor complex building beside right beside Lotte World. Although it was still under construction, I could taste a grandeur of this gigantic building. There are malls, aquarium and theater inside the building.


Perhaps the scariest ride in Lotte World – Gyro drop. I got scared by just looking at this giant structure and people fall in seconds. You don’t even have the time to scream! But I loved the view when I was on the top – a second before it drops down. 2015-05-28-12-07-42_deco

This ride is called Atlantis which in my definition is a combination of Flume ride and a roller coaster. I had a long wait before I took this ride because the line was really long but it was still worth the wait.

2015-05-28-12-08-08_decoI was able to view the river and it was beautiful.

2015-05-28-12-08-35_deco 2015-05-28-12-09-01_deco

If you want to view the scenery of the amusement park, I recommend riding Gyro Swing. It swings left and right and the circular portion separately rotates so as to make you view more than what you can see from staying in a constant motion. I also loved the view especially when the ride was falling, I was positioned to see the lake underneath and wanted to embrace it when I was falling.


So many wonderful adventures and excitements can be found in Lotte World! They not only have the rides but also the theaters and museums such as a Korean Folk Museum and a Trick Art Museum! It is also such a good experience of going to an amusement park that is both indoor and outdoor! It really fits your taste – when it’s hot or cold outside and you are afraid of getting sunburns or whatever, you can stay inside and you can still go out if you don’t like the air-conditioner or you want to feel the fresh air.


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