A Day of Cultural Immersion at UP International Fair

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The struggle to be globally competitive is visible in today’s generation. Different international learning opportunities become more open and widely available here in the Philippines. To address it, various cultural and scholastic partners of University of the Philippines (UP) teamed up for the UP International Fair last April 25.

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Hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students were introduced to various international learning opportunities through study abroad programs. These programs are provided by UP’s invited organizations and institutions who are with the same goal of promoting cultural exchange among Asian, European and American students.

It was a great way for the international and UP-based student organizations to introduce their programs and activities. Small to large scale scholarships including monthly scholastic exchange programs, language classes, full scholarship for selected courses and other cultural classes were made known to the students.photo 3

The booth opening is followed by a symposium on international engagement that includes different topics for attendees. In the last part of the event, programs coming from international institutions were introduced. Here, KCC Director, Mr. OH Choong Suk, gave a quick rundown of the KCC’s programs, classes and events.  He also invited the students to experience Korean culture through KCC’s programs and events.

photo 4

Simultaneously, international and UP-based organizations set-up booths for guests and students who wish to inquire about the programs that they are offering. Booths stands available were UP Diliman Office of International linkages, International center, Embassy of France, Fullbright, Japan International Cooperative Agency, Keio University, British Council, Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, German Academic Exchange Service, UP Tomo-Kai, Le club Francaise, UP Arirang and also Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines.

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As enthusiasts check on the booths, they gain a new bits and pieces of different cultures. Lots of freebies from different institutions were distributed. On the other hand, the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey showed the colorful side of their culture through handing out colorful Turkish delicacies for visitors to try. The demand for Korean and Japanese content is also extremely visible as a lot of interested students visit the booths of these two countries.

photo 7

Also, the UP Korean students welcomed everyone with their hanboks (Korean traditional clothes) on. They also provided a hanbok wearing experience. Meanwhile, KCC booth provided brochures about library and class information and held a raffle activity for those who visited the booth!

photo 8

Through these kinds of activities, Filipinos get a new perception on the cultural side of learning and this is also a good way for institutions to encourage more people to appreciate and delve into a different kind of experience, looping everybody into a higher level of experience.



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