Everland is Korea’s largest theme park-zoo located at Yongin, Gyeonggi-do province. It’s an hour and a half ride from Seoul and it’s one of the places you must visit when you come to Korea.

There are a number of great rides in Everland but, the one ride you can’t miss out is the “T-Express.”

“T-Express”, is the world’s steepest wooden roller coaster, with a drop of seventy-seven (77) degrees. Korea proudly introduced this ride last 2008. “T-Express” runs for three (3) minutes, which according to a source, is the longest roller coaster ride in Asia. It has an altitude of 56 meters (184 ft) and a speed of 104 kph- making it the highest in Asia and the third (3rd) fastest wooden roller coaster in the world, alongside “Colossos” of Germany (1st) and “Wildfire” of Sweden (2nd).

Being the most “wanted” ride in Everland, we waited for two hours before we could ride the “T-Express”. Quick tip, if you decided to try this ride, line up for this first before going to the other rides. The earlier you go, the less people.

While waiting, others were getting nervous and some were backing out- probably because of the screams. Well, I was also getting nervous, but standing for a couple of hours and then backing out was definitely not an option. I “stood” hard for this!

Afterwards, we enter the platform- nine minutes away from the ride! Funny thing, because, again, this is the fastest and steepest ride in Korea, people are asked to do some stretching. It was my first time “warming up” my muscles and joints for a roller coaster ride! (I got 5% of my nervousness from this).

Finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for, we’re about to conquer the “T-Express”. Per seat, only two passengers were allowed. So, my mom sat with my brother and I was left alone.

Seat belts fastened and hearts pounding, the ride starts.

You can hear the rumbling noise going “dug-dug-dug” and your body starts to tilt backwards. At first it will bring you up slowly, and all I could think of that time was that I wanted to back out. My body starts to stiffen and the “physiologist” in me starts to calm my mind out.

Reaching the top, you thought the ride’s going to start the craze but then it suspends you, again. To see the whole Everland, I guess?

Then your start to feel that stomach drop. Scream starts and the speed turns up- the real ride begins.

All I can say was, “OMG!”, my head literally went “everywhere”. I couldn’t let go of the handles and for the whole ride I felt like I was being “thrown away”-literally. I couldn’t think of any other description for this ride but it’s like your “flying” while your face is being “deformed” (sorry for the word choice) – that’s how high the pressure was. The pressure felt like you were in front of hundred electric fans and you can’t turn them off. I couldn’t look around because I couldn’t fight the pressure and because my eyes were often closed by fear.

The ride’s handles were a bit low, so basically it’s like you have no support at all. For the whole ride, the “butterflies in your stomach” will never go away- never. My mom was shouting, “This is only for three minutes”, trying to comfort herself while my brother’s was “Oh my god!” -for the whole time. I don’t think anyone can ride this without screaming their hearts out!

Overall, “T-Express” is definitely one of the must try rides out there. Though it’s a little scary, some cried, you’ll feel accomplished afterwards. Probably you can even conquer your fear of heights in Korea! I’m telling you, your Korea trip wouldn’t be complete without “T-Express”.

Written by Krew Member: Max Chua 


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