Seventeen Shines in Manila


Months even before Seventeen’s Shining Diamonds 2016 fan meeting in Manila, I’ve already been hearing about them. I see updates about them all over Facebook and Twitter because they have so many fans. I remember becoming curious about them at one point and tried watching their MVs and listening to their songs. A lot of friends were also recommending them and raving about how talented they are but I always jokingly tell them, “They’re just too many in one group. I’m too old to be a fan of a 13-member boy group. Too much for me.”

Then their two-day fan meeting in Manila was announced. And my kpop fangirl friends went crazy! I wasn’t planning on going, however a few days before the fan meeting, I was given the chance to cover the event for Day 1 and I took the opportunity.

It was C-R-A-Z-Y! Seventeen started the night with flawless dance performances and lovely greetings for their Filipino fans. Day 1 was packed and the screams were so loud. I had to take the organizer’s advice when I picked up my media pass to wear earphones. I guess one thing that never fails to amaze me each time is how warm and ecstatic Filipino fans welcome kpop artists. It was endless screaming from start to end. Fan chants were so loud and fans were unitedly singing and dancing along, especially during “Adore U” and “Mansae.” Part of me wished I was a full-blown Carat, too, so I can sing and chant with them.

Carats got to know Seventeen more with the Q&A portion which turned out to be a fan service segment as well. The members of Seventeen gamely danced to girl group songs, did aegyo, and made the fans scream with OTP moments. I like how Seventeen tried so hard to interact with their fans and listen to the audience requests.

The charades game they played where words would be flashed onscreen and one member had to act out that what it was while the rest tried to guess the word was really fun. I found myself laughing along with the fans and enjoying it. Little by little, I was starting to remember the names of the members and recognizing their faces one by one.

It was almost time for the fan meeting to end and Seventeen finished off with performances of “Pretty U,” “Pop Song,” etc. and I realized that they do have that quality in them to be called hot rookies. Their songs which they compose themselves are really catchy. Add to that the vocals and dance performances which truly stand out because of the unique choreography and arrangement. I was told they also do the choreography themselves and it makes me admire the hard work put into each song by all the members. They truly deserve the popularity they are experiencing now.

However, the highlight of the night for me was at the encore stage when PH Carats threw paper airplanes towards the stage as a fan project for Seventeen. The members reactions were priceless. It was a mixture of happiness and surprise. I was so touched myself. It made me realize that fan projects were really just more than what they are, but they were messages of love from the hearts of fans towards their favorite idols. I’m definitely sure Seventeen will be back to Manila again in the years to come.


At the end of the fan meeting, I finally learned all of their names. 😉

Written by Krew Member Lei Reyes


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