Beyond (your) Closet


Are you familiar with the “Gae-T” or the dog printed shirts and jacket often worn by K-celebrities? Those cute dog designs with popcorn or 3D glasses? Well, if you are then you probably know, “Beyond Closet”.

Launched by designer Ko Taeyong in 2008, just a year after he graduated from fashion school, this menswear label captured the hearts of many fashion enthusiasts upon debuting in the Seoul Fashion Week (SFW) in the same year. Ko was even recognized as the youngest designer ever to make a debut in SFW being only at his late twenties.

In 2009, the drama “Boys over Flowers” gave Ko more recognition because he himself designed the uniforms and clothes of the leading casts. “Beyond Closet” has also conquered New York Fashion Weeks’s runway, back in the year 2013.

As mentioned above, this clothing brand was introduced as a “menswear” label but, after knowing that sixty percent (60%) of their customers were females, it changed itself to a “unisex” brand.

A number of their collections include: “Nomantic”, a limited edition label; “Beyond Closet X Spongebob”; the ever popular “I Love Pet”-in which they are widely known for and their “Beyond Closet: Collection Line”.

Ever since knowing about “Beyond Closet”, I promised myself that if I would go to Korea, I would not leave Seoul without buying an “I Love Pet” jacket. This brand can be found in some ALAND stores- including that in Myeong-dong- go to the men’s section, and some malls like DOOTA in Dongdaemun. But, if you want to go to their shop directly, here’s how I got there.


It’s located at Garusu-gil, Sinsa-dong, a place famous for young local designers in Korea. I used Station Line 3 (Orange line) to go to this store and went off at Sinsa (337) station, Exit 8. Just walk straight and when you see “Artbox”, enter that street. Walk at the left side of the road so that you can easily see the sign, “Gangnam- daero 156-gil”. I walked at the wrong one so, I got lost. Enter 156 gil, turn left at the intersection and you’ll see “Beyond Closet” (at your left). So basically, it’s all “left” coming from Sinsa station! If you feel my instructions are confusing, I suggest you download Google Maps and the Seoul-Subway application.


“Beyond Closet” is a small shop, a size enough to showcase their collections, and you’ll see the “Gae-T”s right away. I was so excited to buy my jacket but then I forgot it was already late-May, nearing summer in Korea, and they don’t sell these warmers in spring season. So shameful but, now you know. All I could say to the salesman was, “What? Why?” and he just laughed and said sorry. In turn, I bought the “I Love Pet” sweatshirts and “Nomantic” backpack instead.

Fun fact about BC is that their sizes only range from small to medium. No worries though, they’re big.

With their commercial line, sweatshirts cost at around 58,000W and shirts range from 38,000W – 45,000W. Jacket prices start at 73,000W- 83,000W each, depending if it’s a limited edition. They also recently introduced vests at 47,000W each. “Beyond Closet: Collection Line” prices start at 100,000W – to about 800,000W.


On the other hand accessories start at 42,000W for BC caps; 26,000W-28,000W for iPhone cases and 55,000W for BC tote bags.

Indeed, this brand is Beyond (our ordinary) Closet in terms of uniqueness and style. With designer Ko Tae Yong’s preppy looking outfits, you’re sure to catch the attention of many when you wear his collection.



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