Learning a new language, specifically Korean, is difficult- we all know that. But, with proper interest, right mentors and good books- studying a new language is now made easy.

Still hard for you? Well, here are five (5) tips in studying Korean- the fun way.

  1. Watch Korean shows

Regardless if you’re paying attention to what you’re watching or not, listening to Korean shows exposes you to the Korean language. In turn, you get familiarized with their expressions, dialogues and the like-even when you don’t notice it. Not just that but, it actually helps you recall what you studied whether in class or by yourself. Watching Korean TV shows allows you to get the “Korean-vibe” you need.

The shows I find helpful are “Running Man”, “Infinity Challenge” and other reality-variety shows. The name itself explains it- “reality”. We want to hear “raw” dialogues and not just “Saranghae yo” from Korean dramas- although they also help. Whichever you prefer!

  1. Listen and print out song lyrics. 

Literally, I print out song lyrics and find the meaning of each word in the Korean dictionary. Yes, I encircle and highlight and do whatever it takes for me to understand each word in that particular song. I would write the English translation beside the word and then try to translate the whole phrase afterwards. Sometimes, I even write the lyrics to practice my Hangeul writing. (See opening picture)

Why do I do this and not simply type “[Insert title of song] Eng Trans” in Google? It’s because, personally finding the meaning of each Korean word and writing them down on paper, has a great impact in your studies. You get to remember words more when you write them. Than just simply reading the translations that are already given.

  1. Talk to a Korean

I’m sure you might have one, two or more Korean friends at the moment. Talking to them in Korean, is a great way to practice your diction, pronunciation and basically, your overall learning. If your Korean friend did not understand what you said- better switch to language schools. Kidding!

Talking to a Korean friend, not just helps you practice your Korean but, also helps you be comfortable in speaking in Korean. I often talk to my Korean friend, Yeji, in Kor-English and sometimes she’ll laugh if I forget or mix some words but, in turn I learn from her.

When you feel shy with speaking with your Korean friends, always remember that you learned Korean to talk to Koreans- so go ahead and try it out! It’s okay to make mistakes.

  1. Read and watch Pororo

That little cute penguin, Pororo helped me out a lot in my Hangeul reading. I would always go to Pororo’s Youtube channel and read the description box, which is of course in Korean. I would sound like a robot but, it helped me improve.

I’m not saying you should subscribe in Pororo’s Youtube channel but, I’m saying read Korean. Even better when you read Korean out loud- it helps you notice your weaknesses and also improvements in the language. If you feel like you sound like you’re a host from Music Bank, you’re good. Again, laugh at me now.

Start with restaurant menus, as simple as that, then children’s books, news articles and the like. Speaking of books, you can actually borrow here at KCC (Korean Cultural Center). KCC has tones of them!


  1. Accept correction.

Lastly, the best way to study Korean is to accept correction. We are, sadly, not native speakers of Korean so, don’t expect to be good after your first “basic-Korean-language” class. Practice makes perfect. Write in Hangeul, expose yourself in a Korean environment, read Korean texts and talk to a Korean friend. All these will help you in your language learning- and that includes the corrections you might get along the road in learning Korean.

Written by Krew Member: Max Chua


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