We can all agree that Bigbang is definitely KPOP’s top act, but what makes BIGBANG— ‘BIGBANG’?


Thanks to Pulp World Live and Happee Sy, BIGBANG10 MADE Movie had its 1 day screening here in Manila last  September 25. A documentary style film in celebration of the group’s 10th anniversary that shows how it was during the MADE world tour of the phenomenal K-POP top act.


The moment the cinema lights dimmed, the audience started screaming out of excitement. The start of the film was a car chase between BIGBANG and 2 women with guns and all things bad ass. This reminded me a bit of the car chase in Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof. The opening scene definitely set the mood for the audience, with gasps heard at every moment.

The film showed how it was during the group’s 2nd world tour that visited 15 countries around the world. With commentary bits not just of the 5 members but also their managers, choreographer, stylist, make-up artist, hair stylist and all the other people that were involved with Bigbang and their MADE tour. It was really nice to watch and hear the views of the staff who have worked with the members.

It showed us the process of how their 2nd world tour was created and prepared. It gave us a peek on how sensitive and careful the members were even up to the tiniest details because they did not want their fans to see something sloppy. The group was described by the LA Times as an ‘intensive, aesthetically visionary act in its genre’. Fittingly, they made sure their fans experienced something that was as much as possible close to perfect. It is also because they know their fans already waited for so long and that they fought their way just to get a ticket. The film captured the members’ raw emotions. It showed how stressed, frustrated and tired they were at times but they still managed to push through with everything— proving how professional and invested they were in performing.

Through the film, we were once again able to enjoy the funny and crazy antics of each member. Though already in their late 20s, the members were always playful like little boys. Of course there were serious moments, but there were a lot of times wherein they were caught playing around and teasing each other. It’s really amazing to see that the group chemistry of BIGBANG just gets better and better through the years.

The military enlistment issue of the members was also discussed but as always, the members answered it with clarity that they’d like to keep on making music and that the 5 of them will just be there to  keep on doing what they do. The Big Bang in science as we know is the theory of the start of the universe and for the group BIGBANG, everything they do is just the beginning. They’ll keep on doing what they do until the realization they feel that fits them happens.

The film definitely showed us that Bigbang is more than just 5 people. BIGBANG is a family that consists of extremely creative, spirited people and of course, their fans. And that is what makes BIGBANG, ‘BIGBANG’.


With the ever rising popularity of the Hallyu Wave, it is also nice that we can experience watching Korean films such as BIGBANG10: MADE THE MOVIE on the big screen. We are so used to watching Korean films alone on our laptops or tv sets that being able to watch and interact with other fans in the cinema is such a treat. With this, the Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines invites you to the 2016 Korean Film Festival. The next leg of the film festival will be at SM City Cebu, SM City Dasmarinas and SM Megamall. For more details, please visit the KCC Facebook Page.

Written by KREW member, Margi Fajardo


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