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Everyone was charmed by Lee Hi last September 23, 2016 at SM North Sky Dome as she celebrated her 20th (21st in korean age) with her fans. We Filipino fans are lucky enough that she chose to spend her special day with us.

Lee Hi started off the fanmeet by singing “Breathe” which is the single of her latest album “Soeulite”. It was an astonishing moment when she came up onstage in her black and sparkly suit. The crowd just can’t help but sigh while listening to her sweet and angelic voice. She also sang “Up All Night” where she wow-ed the crowd when she did Tablo’s rap part in the song. I myself can help but think of how can she do both? She was just that sweet girl with such an angelic voice then she suddenly rap like she owns it then went back to her sweet girl mode. It was perfect!

Before the interview began with Ms. Dasuri Choi as the host, the fans started to put on their cute little pink hats and started to sing “Happy Birthday” as Lee Hi comes back on the stage. A cute cake and bouquet were also prepared for the birthday girl. During the interview, Lee Hi said that she wants to visit Cebu for a vacation. She said she preferred being called “Attractive” than “Pretty” (but we all know she’s both). She said she will be spending Christmas with her family because she doesn’t have a boyfriend but wishes Santa will grant her one. She said she likes Tteokbokki so much that she wants to cook it for her fans though she shyly admits that she is not good at cooking because she doesn’t have time. She still sees herself singing 10 years from now. And can I just point out that Lee Hi emphasized that she loves socks so much that she always pack socks first above else. Such an interesting choice to be obsessed with!

After a short break, Lee Hi went back onstage and continued singing the medley of songs (“Mama Do”, “Bust Your Windows” and “Mercy”) she performed when she was still a contestant in K-Pop Superstar. Everyone was amazed on how she bravely hit those high notes. Even I can’t help but admire her. Her voice gave me chill down to my spine. She is just one of a kind. She said that she prepared a song that she can only perform in Manila which is “FXXK Wit Us”. Lee Hi hyped the crowd as she also did Dok2’s rap part. Is there anything that Lee Hi can’t do? Please tell me. Then she sang “Hold My Hand” in a very sexy jazzy version while reaching out for our hands and ends the shows with “It’s Over”.

Then the fans screamed for more and shouted “ENCORE! ENCORE!”. Lee Hi came back onstage and performed “Turn It Up”, “I’m Different” and “1,2,3,4”. Everyone got up on their feet and started dancing because who wouldn’t? Encore is always my favorite part. And Lee Hi never disappoints. I enjoyed dancing and singing to my favorite Lee Hi songs.

It was a great experience for me (and sure enough, for her fans as well). Hearing her voice live is just wonderful experience. Hands over heart. I loved her even more after the fanmeet. I can’t wait to see her again soon and hopefully, in a concert.


  1. Breathe
  2. Fool For Love
  3. Up All Night
  4. Special
  5. Rose
  6. Missing U
  7. Mama Do
  8. Bust Your Windows
  9. Mercy
  10. Fxxk With Us
  11. Official
  12. World Tour
  13. My Star
  14. Hold My Hand
  15. It’s Over


  1. Turn It Up
  2. I’m Different
  3. 1,2,3,4

Written by Krew Member Joanna


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