SUM CAFÉ- we’re living in SM Town


Define the promise land to a SM Town fan, they’ll probably say the SUM Café. Located at SMTOWN @COEXATRIUM, 159 Samseong 1(il)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, this place is your milk and honey, sugar on top and overall dreamland when you drop by COEX.

To go here: Take the green line going to Samsung, and Exit 6.

With its modern architecture and literally “shining” silver building, your jaws would definitely be dropping in awe.


At the entrance, EXO will welcome you. I wish. Well, the EXO paper dolls would! These SM TOYS, as they call it, are each displayed inside a glass with the names of the members written at the bottom. So, even though D.O.’s hair was a bit like Chen’s, you’ll know who’s who.


Upon entering, you’ll see the colorful lights, cute SM bear hanging by an air balloon, and their classy color combination of silver and black for their interior design.


The second floor contains the SUM, celebrity shop. Here you’ll see the SM Albums, SM TOYS and even the brands endorsed by SM Artists, like HatsOn and PLAYNOMORE. You can also purchase their official fan goods like posters, stickers and the like.


The third floor is what they call the SMTOWN Studio. Here you can view their music videos, photo, hair & make-up exhibits and the like.  Displayed around its walls are black and white photos of the SM artists, majority of the pictures I’ve never seen before. There was even a collage of their candid shots that was displayed near the elevator. You can also see some of their music awards like that of Mnet’s MAMA.


The fourth floor is my favorite floor. It’s the SUM CAFÉ! Where else in the world would you see “Super Junior” potato chips, “Girl’s Generation” popcorns and even each SM Group’s own chocolate flavor? They even have their own candies with the cute SM Bear at the front!


Not only that but, you could actually chill inside their café. They offer small bites like popsicles, macaroons and mini cakes! This is also the floor where you could get your tax refund.


The last floor that I went to was the fifth floor, the SM TOWN Theatre. They actually have a sixth floor called the SM TOWN Space for auditions, events and the like but, for some reason I didn’t go up there- because I didn’t see where I could. What a waste but, I “moved” on.


The fifth floor has a huge “photo-album-type” glass, clay figurines and wallpaper photos of the artists. Here you can also take a virtual photo with your favorite SM artist! You can print it but, most of the visitors would just take a picture of their picture. I took one with Amber from f(x).

IMG_1184 (1)

Overall, do drop by SM Town @COEXAtrium, it’s like a museum filled with hopes and dreams. It’s a place you won’t regret visiting even when you don’t buy anything-things there are a bit pricy. Admission is free and you can even take hundreds of pictures!

I’ll be waiting for your stories and together, we’re living in the SM TOWN.

Written by Krew Member Max Chua


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