OFFROAD Press Conference in Manila

The members of OFFROAD, composed of Daewon, Kino, Habin, Rio, and Harang, are excited to start their journey in the Philippines!


Here are the things we learned and can look forward to from OFFROAD as they kick-start their promotions:

Leader Daewon says the group and their company, ShowBT, prepared a lot for their activities here. It was unexpected when they were told that they would be promoting in the Philippines but the boys are excited to be in the country, nonetheless.


Fans of OFFROAD definitely have something to look forward to as the boys said that their aim is to really form a special relationship with their fans. They’d like to be able to freely talk to their fans during their fanmeet. You can expect it to be fun and very intimate. So to the fans, please cheer on this group because they also mentioned that their number one inspiration to perform on stage is their fans! The boys are motivated to perform better when the crowd has good energy. All nervousness is washed away when they come face to face with their supportive fans.

In an exclusive interview, the members of OFFROAD shared that they’d like to call their fans ‘Smile’. Aside from it being their favorite English word, it makes sense that they would name the people make them happy their Smiles.


OFFROAD has also done their research on the country! When asked if they’d like to collaborate with any local artists, since they will be staying here for a month, vocalist Rio sang a verse, in tagalog, from James Reid’s song. Harang also said they’ve heard a lot about the Philippines from their idol group seniors, and would like to go to the beaches of Boracay and try Balut.

You can expect new music from the boys soon because they have written a lot of songs, together and individually, that they are all excited to release it to their fans and public.

Look forward to the charisma of leader Daewon, cool rapping of Kino, ace dancing of Habin, sweet voice of main vocal Rio, and charms of the group’s visual Harang.

Their first fanmeeting will be held on October 14, 2016 5PM at the Korean Cultural Center’s Wave Hall.

Written by Krew Member Victoria Puyat

Photos from Regine Mosanto


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