KOREAN CULTURAL FESTIVAL 2016: K-Ribbon Selection Exhibit Promotion Performance

Extending the Korea week festivity is the upcoming “K-Ribbon Selection Exhibit” on November 2 to 8 at the Shangri-La Mall Grand Atrium!


Are you all excited to see what`s more into Korean culture? But before that happens, a glimpse of the most awaited event occurred last October 16 at Shangri-La Mall East Atrium during the 2016 Korean Cultural Festival Promotion Performance.

As part of the promotion campaign for the upcoming event, there were special performances from Jung Min Ji, who played the Korean traditional instrument gayageum, the Serotonin Performing Arts Company, who played the Korean Traditional Instrument Nanta and Kpop Group OFFROAD.

The K-Ribbon Selection Exhibit is the Korean government`s recognition of excellent cultural products that convey the cultural value of Korea. Represented by its unique Logo inspired by the hanbok coat string (Traditional Korean Clothes).

The Exhibit covers the nations representative cultural products such as hansik (traditional Korean Food), Crafts, Hanbok, and cultural content.

With the ever-increasing popularity of Hallyu, K-Ribbon selection is the key to find new business opportunities!


Director OH Choong Suk from Korean Cultural Center, who is instrumental to the success of the event, delivered his opening remarks as he welcomed everybody to enjoy and appreciate K-ribbon Exhibit Promotion Performance.


Starting up the show was Gayageum player Jung Min Ji who played Gayageum Sanjo with 12 string bringing the audience back to the past as she gracefully touches the strings giving an astonishing sound of Korean traditional music to the whole Shangri-la East atrium.

Adding some spice to the traditional music performance, Jung Min Ji played popular songs ‘Kiss the Rain by Yiruma’, ‘Para Sakin by Sitti’, and ‘You Raise Me Up’ by Josh Groban using Gayageum. Leaving everyone at awe, the outstanding performance ended with the famous Descendants of the Sun theme song ‘Always by Yoon Mi Rae.’


As the Korean traditional percussion instrument ‘nanta’ started its rhythmic sound, four talented musicians from Serotonin Performing Arts Company conquered the stage and displayed their mastery in playing the instrument. Also, a cute moment took place when performers asked the audience to clap in their given beat producing synchronized harmony between the audience’s claps and the nanta. ‘Happy hormones‘ which is the literal meaning of their name Serotonin is exactly what they activated during their world class performance.


After the heart-thumping Nanta performance from the Serotonin, K-pop group OFFROAD serenaded the whole Shangri-La East Atrium with their songs ‘Bebop,’ and ‘Head Banging’ making crowd go wild. The fans, with their high spirit son, sing along with the group.


Striking the audience in their breathtaking performance, OFFROAD joined the host for their High Touch Fan Meeting – promoting their upcoming mini concert this coming October 27 Thursday in Teatro Promenade. OFFROAD sent the crowd’s hearts aflutter, while showing their individual skills. And also answering some typical question that every K-pop group asked every time they go in the Philippines.


The program finished off with the most anticipated “High Touch” that all the fans are waiting for.  Fans starts to enter the stage bursting with emotion as if the they are going to feint in front of OFFROAD. A dream came true to all the fans to meet their favorite artist.

Korea, with its vibrant culture and unique products has surely made an impact in the Philippines. So this coming November 2 to November 8 Korean Cultural Center together with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will officially open its “K-Ribbon Selection Exhibit” to promote Korean culture and products aside from Korean music and Korean Drama. The Opening Ceremony will start at 5pm on November 2.

A K-food Open Kitchen will  start at 10am to 10pm on November 6 until 8. A Royal Heritage Crafts Exhibition will also be held simultaneously on the same venue. It is a must see event for all Korean culture enthusiasts to truly see the beauty of Korean culture and products. DON’T MISS THIS ONE OF A KIND EVENT!

Make sure to visit K-Ribbon Selection Exhibit” on November 2 to 8 at the Shangri-La Mall Grand Atrium!


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