Whether you’re taking your exams, trying to lose weight or as simple as finding inspiration for your day-to-day work, these songs might help brighten up your day. Just like it did to mine.

1.       “Green Window” by Akdong Musician

Akdong Musician is known for their pure lyrics and unique beats. “Green Window” is one of my favorite songs from AKMU’s latest EP entitled, “Spring”. This song talks about how a “rainbow” is always present just outside your “window”. That your life begins when you go out your boundaries, turn your ears off from what your critiques might say and believe in yourself. Fly away~

“I won’t give up! No matter what anyone says, I won’t be worried

Don’t take what others say so seriously,

The place you need to go is that bright place outside the window

It’s only when you come out from your comfort zone,

That your world can be changed”

2.        “Stand Up” by J-Min

This soundtrack from the drama, “To The Beautiful You” became one of my favorites immediately after its release last August 15, 2012. I felt the song talking to me saying,

“Even if life is hard, don’t quit until the end.

You sink down and let out a sigh, but

One more time, one more try”.

When this song plays, I always remember the scene where Jae Hee (Sulli) was getting back from her fall.

3.       “Fly” by Jessica

Honestly, I felt Jessica’s story in this song. With its honest and encouraging lyrics, I fell in love with it right away. The bridge before the rap is actually my favorite part, which goes:

“I won’t cry now

I won’t give up

I Won’t Lose, I Won’t Lose”

Every time this part comes, I sing with Jessica. For me, it’s like mumbling a mantra, telling myself, “I won’t lose, I won’t lose”.

4.       “For Once” by T-Max

From one of my favorite dramas, “God of Study”, this song always plays in those scenes where the students have a hard time studying. I remember playing this in my head when I took the college entrance exams! Sometimes I just want to feel what it is to be in a music video- forgive me.

“Shout hard for once, shout hard toward the world

I’ll shed away my timid personality for once

And embrace the dreams I always envisioned,

But to do that all, I will live a different life for once.”

“I will live a different life for once”, don’t take this phrase in the wrong way. It doesn’t mean you should change yourself for someone, rather change yourself for the better. To live outside your comfort zone and finally see what you’re good at. Admit it, we often times want to swim on the safe shore. This time, try and take a dive!

5.       “Climax” by IKON

“No limit gon touch the sky”

That short phrase made a lot of people cry. Ikon or more known as “Team B”, back when this song was released on “Mix and Match”, a reality program from YG Entertainment, inspired a number of people through “Climax”. As the title goes, the song tells us the “climax”, which is their performance, of the member’s lives.  It was a “make it or break it” moment and a lot of people cried while Team B was singing this. It talked a lot about their hardship: not being able to meet their families because of training, not being able to see friends and a lot more. It’s good to listen to this song when you feel like the world’s going against you. When you feel that you’re in the competing for your life. Remind yourself that you are not alone and your breakthrough is coming.

6.       “Just Right” by GOT7

For the ladies, (and gentleman), Got 7 tells you,

“No matter how hard I try to find

And look at you again and again

That unpretty spot you keep talking about

I can’t see it at all”

I admit, we sometimes fall in the temptation of being insecure. Sometimes we feel that our height is too short, were too heavy or were just not “perfect”. Well, let me tell you, as cliché as it is, “no one’s perfect”. Bad news? Well, here’s the good news, “You are perfect just the way you are”. So, be proud of who you are, in a good way.

7.       “Smile” by Mighty Mouth

This is probably the oldest song on the list. Released back in 2009, this song will make you jump in excitement. This song tells us that a simple act can change the world- and that includes your smile.

“Forget those pain and sadness as well

Now smile with me, smile, smile, try smile after forgetting it all

Wipe those tears (and move towards the sky)

With a bright hope (and let’s move on to tomorrow)”

When you’re on a bad day; you forgot you had an assignment, your weight is not going down for two weeks straight and you just missed the LRT, sometimes a simple smile can brighten up our day. So in the same way, smile and share the joy to others. You’ll never know who’s day you’re going to change!

8.       “Go Away” by 2NE1

With this upbeat-EDM dance track, I have to confess, this is my “random-dancing” song. When I’m too stressed with college, or when I’m “irritated” at someone, sorry, I just play this song and dance my heart out! It lightens me up!

“Don’t hang around just go away

You won’t see me I’m not gonna stay

You thought that I’d end up missing you

Just who do you think you are”

Now, sing it to the “bad vibes”- go away!

9.       “Be The Light” by Block B

“Be the light inside my heart,

Shine on it and melt me from being frozen

So that I’ll be dazzling again”

What I can sum up with this song is that to always find what makes you happy. Sometimes, when we run into the news, it can sadden us. There is always that “negativity” in this world. But, remember that you have a “light”- you have hope. Find what inspires you- may it be singing, dancing or writing a blog! The reason why this world is “dark” is because it’s for you to shine brighter. Stars are best seen in the dark, anyway.

10.   “One Dream” by BoA.

Lastly, my favorite since I was in high school, “One Dream”. This song gained popularity when it became the theme song for SBS’s “KPOP Star”. It was released back in 2012 under BoA’s fifteenth album entitled, “Only One”. The opening rap says,

“Lift up your head, open up all possibilities.

They keep telling me that I can’t but, I will never stop.”

We all have dreams and it takes a lot of courage to pursue them. Sometimes, people can mock us, laugh at our efforts and even tell us we’re living in our own fantasies. I’m telling now, that regardless of whatever struggles you might be facing, don’t give up. Don’t give in to them. In the end, we’re the only ones who can prove them wrong.

I hope you found inspiration with this songs. Do tell us if we missed out on your favorites by commenting below.

Written by Krew Member Max Chua


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