Peppero Day: The story of 11:11


Koreans’ love for aesthetics is the original reason why Peppero day was born. Giving your friends and family members Peppero (a thick long biscuit dipped in chocolate, which later evolved with new flavors) means you wish them to become skinnier and taller in the future. 

In fact, there is a belief that to reach the maximum effectiveness for height and thinness, one must eat 11 packets of Peppero exactly on November 11, 11:11AM and 11:11PM at 11 seconds. Don’t you find it weird that Filipinos also believe that when they wish during 11:11, their dreams will come true?


Throughout the years, as the selection of flavors for Peppero widened, this tradition during November 11 also turned into one of Korea’s famous and well-celebrated day where one can show affection to family members and friends.

The exact origin of this day is unknown but the story is traced to a news story where two middle school female students in Yeongnam exchanged Peppero wishing they would become tall and thin. However, since there is no physical evidence to support the claim, some still believe that it is celebrated during the 11th of November because of Peppero’s shape.

Make sure not to miss the chance to show more affection to your friends and family members (most especially those who are fans of Korean culture) this  year! And of course, don’t forget to tell them the story behind Peppero day. =)

Are you up for the Peppero game?



***Trivia: The entire length of all Peppero sticks ever sold can circle the circumference of the Earth for 250 times. (Manila Korea Times)

*photos from and Koreaboo

Written by Krew Member Mikay Javier


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