The road to stardom: K STAR ROAD


Mom: Max, who’s that?

*someone in black sando was walking to his car.

Me:  Who?

Mom: That guy! *pointing to the guy in black

*guy turns around


Going to Korea wouldn’t be complete without going to at least one Entertainment company – well, for a K-Pop fan. Whether it’s SM Entertainment, JYP, FNC or any other.

But, where do you start? How will you meet Jackson Wang, hand your gift to Amber or even just say “Hi” to [Insert name of your bias]? Oettoke?!

Don’t fret, Gangnam-gu’s got you covered with K-Star road.


Just to give you a bit of a background, K-Star road was introduced last March 2015. It’s a special project of Gangnam-gu, aiming to reach people, particularly K-Pop fans of all ages. They also collaborated with Ducobi, a local artist, for the Gangnamdol, which you will pass by once you arrive there.

To go to K-Star road, follow this: Whichever station you’re coming from, transfer to the Wangsimni: Bundang Line (KORAIL) going to Apgujeong Rodeo, Exit2. Go up the stairs and tada, K-Star road.


I was just plaIMG_4695nning to go to JYP and I didn’t really know about K-Star road, until I arrive there. I thought going to entertainment companies was hard but, you’ll be surprised on how detailed they laid out the location of each entertainment company. No wonder there are a lot of sasaengs, kidding. But, in this way, it helps you roam around Gangnam-gu without any hassle of asking people.


So, we, I was with my mom, followed the map, which was posted everywhere, and finally we arrived at JYP. It felt surreal because I honestly accepted the fact that I won’t be able to go there but, turns out I did. All I wanted was a picture with the JYP logo then we could go home. I was so excited that I was almost hit by a car! The guard there was saying, “saram saram”. Whoops, my bad. Anyway, we waited a couple of minutes and was fortunate enough to see JYP, who looked exactly like his album cover in “Who’s Your Mama” and Day 6 Jae and Dowoon.


Unfortunately, because we had to go back to our hotel, we weren’t able to go to all of the entertainment companies in Gangnam-gu.

Walking in K-Star road, even when you’re a little lost, is a great-fun-amazing experience. Just imagine your favorite idols walking in those streets, buying some snacks from the convenient store you just came into and, who knows, bumping into them!

K-star road, is a definitely a road worth taking.

Written by Krew Member Max Chua


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