Learn to Ski: Winter Skiing in Yongpyong Ski Resort

Last year, we traveled to Korea during Winter season to see how beautiful the country is when filled with fluffy snow. So, we availed the Winter Tour package to Korea on the travel agency that we’ve used to get our tour packages and skiing in Yongpyong Ski Resort was part of our itinerary.

Yongpyong Ski Resort is where international competitions are held and which is also considered as one of the most popular ski resort in Korea. Winter in Korea will make you tremble with cold but the experience of the cold breeze, thick snow and winter activities is incomparable and unforgettable.

As we reached the Yongpyong Ski Resort, I was amazed of how beautiful the land is covered with thick and white snow plus the busy people who are concentrating and enjoy skiing. Imagine the 250 centimeters scale resort filled with snow? Amazing isn’t it? How grateful we are that God created those beautiful sceneries for us to enjoy and appreciate.


Moving on, before we start to ski, we have to borrow equipment and proper ski clothes in order for us to proceed and start skiing. Yay! First, we have to wear the ski clothes before we wear the shoes. Make sure that you know and get your size accurately because the boots should properly fit you in order to avoid blisters in your feet. Do not forget to wear ski socks also to protect your feet. After wearing the boots, adjust and buckle them up to your skiing tension then flex it forward and backward. Below is a photo on how I wear the boots which took me almost 30 minutes. Literally, 30 minutes. It’s not easy because your safety also depends on how you buckle and wear your boots.


Next, wear your goggles to protect your eyes from snow blindness. I was shocked knowing that snow can cause blindness so I didn’t remove the goggles until I finished skiing. Also, don’t forget to wear a hat, scarf and ski gloves because you won’t be able to handle the cold. Promise.  It may be hassle at first but when you’re in the snow and skiing already, you’ll forget everything and you’ll be filled with happiness. I swear!

So everything is ready, all checked and now I’m ready to ski!


Skiing is not easy at first, but don’t worry there are instructors in the site that can teach you the basics of skiing. Of course, you have to pay for the lessons but swear – it’s worth it as far as I saw those people availed skiing lessons.

The most important thing to remember in skiing is: Do not be afraid to stand up when you fall and fail. There’s always time to stand up and prove that you can still do it if you are just willing to dedicate yourself in skiing.

Anyways, here’s the 5 things that I will teach you to enjoy skiing.

  1. How to walk in snow with those boots on. Once you’ve learned them, woah it feels like you’re a pro already. To walk in the snow, you must hold the poles and squeeze the skis on your other hand to balance while walking. When going up the slope, you just have to kick in the tip of the boots unto the snow and start walking; same as while going down the slope, you just have to kick the heels of the boots first before walking.
  2. How to insert the boots in the ski. Find a place where there is snow and the surface is flat. Place your skis parallel on the floor. Your boots should not have any snow under it so you must need your pole to tap your boots then scrape your boots unto the ski. You must insert the tip of the boots first then followed by your heel and when you hear the “click”, it means your boots are locked already and you’re good to go.
  3. How to slide on the snow. To slide on the snow, stand as much as you can bend your knees a little and look straight to wear you are going. Do not look down because it might lose your balance. Use your poles to slide in the snow. Just relax and don’t panic when you’re already sliding. You can use your pole when you want to stop from sliding. Just be careful.
  4. How to stand up when you fall. If you fall from skiing, do not worry. You may find it difficult but when you already know how to get up, you’ll be used to it. Whatever position you are after falling, always position yourself on one side. Then use your uphill arm or your pole to push yourself up and stay first in a crouched position before standing up straight in order for you not to lose balance again.
  5. How to take the boots off in the ski. You will find this easy unlike inserting the boots in the ski. Just stand up straight, hold your pole and use it to push down the level that is located on your heel. Then just repeat it on the other side. Just always remember watch out your balance while removing it because you can still fall while doing this.


And that’s the 5 basic things that I learned during my skiing experience in Yongpyong Ski Resort last year. Hope this 5 simple tips can make your ski experience worth it and unforgettable. If you want an exciting and challenging trip during the winter, I recommend you to try and experience Skiing in Korea and promise you’ll never forget that experience!

Written by Krew Member Nikhie Villacorta


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