Famous places to visit in Gapyeong


Gapyeong is one of the places that tourist shouldn’t miss when visiting Korea. It is a small town located in Gyeonggi-do which is also a perfect romantic place to visit for couples.

For commuters and tourist who wants to visit Gapyeong, you can go there either by taking a train, bus or joining a group tour. This April of 2016, my family and I decided to visit two of the most famous places in Gapyeong because my mom is a fan of the famous tv drama “Winter Sonata”, while my sister and I love “My love from another star” drama. So we want to see and experience the place like we’re filming a real tv drama. lol

Anyway for those who are wondering if you can travel all the places in Gapyeong in one day. Well, the answer is definitely Yes! We were able to visit the two places in just one day. So here’s the two famous places to visit in Gapyeong:

  1. Namiseom or Nami Island is a half moon-shaped island where the grave of the late General Nami is laid. It is located along the direction of Chuncheon where people have no other option either to ride a ferry or zipline. Zip line is a little expensive than riding a boat but if you want to experience an adventure and if you don’t want to take the ferry why not try to ride a zip line to the Island. I also want to try it but I still can’t face my fear of heights so we rode the ferry and it was also fun because you can meet a lot of tourists and you get to see the sceneries around the island. But before you ride the ferry, you have to buy a ticket which costs 10,000 won for adults  while 8,000 won for the discounted rate – if I’m not mistaken.dscf2114dscf2117

As we landed in Nami, we were amazed of how it was build and taken care of. The trees are lined along the whole area and it is perfect for camping. If you are with your “special someone”, this is the right time to create sweet memories together. You can rent a bike and roam the whole island but if you are going here with your family like me, well appreciate every moment and take a lot of family pictures as remembrance! You can also have your picnic here and spent hours walking around the island, see the squirrels, wish on the paper and hang it along with the other papers and most of all visit the places in the island where the scenes in “Winter Sonata” was filmed.






(The bridge where the actors had their first kiss)

The best time to visit Nami Island is during the season of Summer and Autumn but we went there during April so most of the trees doesn’t have leaves yet and the whole place is covered with dried leaves. Still, we find it beautiful so we took advantage of the mood and place and took some Instagram-worthy  pictures.



  1. Petite France is also one of the famous place in Gapyeong because it is also known as a French cultural village with a concept of “Little Prince.” It is located along the direction on Naminara Island. For the drama lovers like me, this place was featured in the TV drama ‘Beethoven Virus’, ‘Secret Garden’ and the international renowned drama ‘My love from the Star’. Being there is like taking you to France with colorful French style buildings and surroundings. There are a lot of things to do here like eating in the restaurants inside where French foods are served, picture-taking, and exploring the museums or displays inside and also better watch and enjoy the marionette experience with enticing musical background and cute puppets.



(Here’s what you can see before entering Petite France)




(and what caught my attention are these things that are displayed outside that makes me want to buy the goose but I think they’re not for sale.)

And that ends our one-day trip to Gapyeong last April. Korea is one of the country that I always want to visit and explore. I’ve become more in love of this beautiful culture-rich country. The next time that I will visit here, I’ll make sure that it will be in the Autumn Season together with my “special someone” and will try to ride the zipline to Nami Island and make sure to experience everything that Korea has to offer. Hope you enjoy reading my experience in Gapyeong!

Written by Krew Member Nikhie Villacorta


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