MONSTA X in MANILA 2016: Press Conference

The Korean Cultural Center met your hero and fighter Monsta X in a press conference shortly held last November 27, 2016 at the Sky Dome, SM North EDSA –few hours before the seven-member hip hop boy group celebrated its first ever Asia fan meeting with their Filipino Monbebes, made possible by PULP Live World!


Monsta X members Shownu, Hyungwon, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Wonho, Jooheon, and I.M. were in all black and all smiles as they casually answered the questions from the media. Hosted by Dasuri Choi, the press conference was kicked off by the boys’ powerful greeting. Monsta X said that they wanted to create a great impact through their unique group greeting that was led by their leader Shownu, and their greeting went as: “2! 3! Wooh! Monsta X! Annyeong haseyo! Monsta X-imnida!”  (2! 3! Wooh! Monsta X! Hello! We are Monsta X!)


According to one of their vocals Kihyun, this was their first visit to the Philippines and they expected it to be memorable as they would be spending time and having fun with their Filipino Monbebes also for the very first time. Monsta X wanted to show their love for their fans through words of affection and by speaking the language of their international fans. Vocal and visual Wonho delightfully shared that he learned the Filipino expressions “Mahal namin kayo!” (I love you all!) and “Salamat!” (Thank you!) for their Filipino Monbebes.


Formed by Starship Entertainment through the Mnet talent-survival TV show ‘No Mercy’, Monsta X celebrated their first-year anniversary last May 14 of this year. According to them their sold-out first solo concert, ‘X-CLAN ORIGINS,’ last July in Seoul, South Korea was their most valuable experience so far since their debut, and they had considered this as the highlight of their 2016. Because of this, they planned to hold more concerts and to participate in more Kpop activities for next year. Another vocal and visual Minhyuk also mentioned his thoughts to try out a more active or a cute concept for their future projects, but the other members disagreed with the plan of doing a cute concept.


Earlier this year, Monsta X showcased a more powerful concept for their Billboard’s World Albums Chart-topping third mini album ‘The Clan Part 1: LOST’ with the electrifying title track ‘All In’. Amassing a large fan base worldwide, Monsta X continued their dominance at the World Albums Chart at the third spot for their fourth mini album ‘The Clan 2.5 Part 2: GUILTY’ last October – with ‘Fighter’ as the album’s fearless title track.

The Monsta X members would like to recommend their most recent album’s fifth track titled, ‘하얀소녀’ (White Love) to their fans because they personally liked the song, and also because it was a special song that was composed by their very own rapper Jooheon. They were also certain that Monbebes would love the song as well.


Monsta X ended their press conference with heartfelt thanks and appreciation to their Filipino fans who patiently waited for them since their debut. They mentioned that it was currently winter in South Korea and they really felt the difference of the temperatures between their country and the Philippines upon their arrival last November 26. However, they acknowledged that it was really the warmth of the Filipino Monbebes’ welcome and greetings that made them felt at home. They announced that they could not wait any longer to finally have fun with their Filipino fans at the fan meeting!

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Written by Krew Member Mary Joy Padilla. Follow her personal blog:

Photography by Krew Member Mikay Javier


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