Cooking Hansik: Korean Cooking Classes in KCC



Eating Korean food in Manila is now easier with the presence of many Korean restaurants around Manila.

As a true Korean food enthusiast, cooking Korean food is a dream for me. More than just eating their delicious food, I am very interested  to learn how Koreans prepare their food.

I started attending KCC’s Hansik or Korean cooking class back in January 2014 and because I want to learn almost every dish offered, I enrolled in every class.  I didn’t want to miss a single dish. Learning Korean cuisine with a Korean teacher to guide us was a totally new experience. I learned that Koreans’ way of cooking is much healthier, and they have over a hundred varieties of Kimchi!

KCC offers cooking classes in an affordable price. For only 400php per session, you can already learn to cook two authentic Korean dishes. The course fee is inclusive of all the ingredients and materials needed in cooking the featured dish. Plus you get to take home what you cooked to share with your family or friends.

mimi chiljeolpan

(Chil칠 “seven”  –jeol절 “section” and ─pan 판 “plate” or  platter of seven delicacies)

Attending almost all of the cooking sessions, I learned to cook a lot of Korean dishes but the most special dish for me was the first one that Chef Mimi (KCC’s cooking instructor) taught us: Chiljeolpan or Seven delicacies.

The food is separated by color and ingredients. Various seasoned vegetables, meats, mushrooms, and seafood items are wrapped in jeon 전 (Korean style pancakes) but this pancake is made from wheat flour which is called miljeonbyeong 밀전병. It is a version of the traditional Korean food Gu-Jeol-Pan gu (구, “nine” ), jeol (절, “section”), and pan (판, “plate”).

This is my favorite Korean food because it doesn’t have strong seasoning. It captures Korean culture because what was once served during the Joseon royalty can now be enjoyed by anyone in the world. This dish is beauty, art, and nutrition rolled into one.

Not only that did I learn cooking healthy Korean foods but the pleasant experience also expanded my knowledge in Korean culture. I also got to learn more cooking styles and skills. Best of all, I get to meet friends who share the same interest in Hansik and K-Pop.


Hansik or Korean Cooking Class

Class Schedule: Every Tuesdays within the class term

Time:    10am to 12:30pm AM session / 2:30pm to 5pm PM session

Course fee: Php 400* / session (Inclusive of ingredients)


Written by Krew Member Regine Monsanto


One thought on “Cooking Hansik: Korean Cooking Classes in KCC

  1. Melissa S.

    Not only in Manila, even here in Pampanga. You would see Korean restaurants anywhere you go. I’m a fan of Korean and Japanese foods so it’s actually a good thing for me. My fave kfood so far is samgyupsal, I can’t get enough those super thin-cut grilled meat and korean ice cream is just the best!


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