Never feel so guilty for taking a breather from your busy work schedule by watching a K-POP SHOW over the weekend. Yes! You read it right! Despite the numerous amount of pending tasks that I need to finish for work, I say I didn’t regret rushing to SM Skydome last November 27 to watch Monsta X’s First Asian Meeting here in the Philippines! Even now, I can’t seem to move on as my teethrich smile still lingers on my face and gods help me, my heart still flutters with overwhelming feels every time I hear Monsta X!

To be honest, I think I just converted myself into a MONBEBE over the weekend. Well I didn’t expect this to happen because I’m really keen on choosing who to stan and what fandom should I join to. It changed my perspective that these handsome and ooh so sexy young lads could make me swoon off the floor with their electrifying dance moves and their hip hop and R&B songs! Swear! I’m not even kidding that it took me every ounce not to roll over on the floor during Monsta X’s fan meeting because my fangirl feels can’t contain the excitement anymore.

Even before, I was already keeping an eye on this 7-member rookie boy group from Starship Entertainment. I never paid too much attention back then but my twitter friends are really enthusiastic to talk about them so I know bits of fun facts about Monsta X. Being the winners of MNET’S KPOP SURVIVAL SHOW: “NO MERCY” and debuted with a song “Trespass” last 2015, members Shownu, Minhyuk, I.M., Jooheon, Kihyun, Wonho and Hyungwon have been proving their worthy talent in the industry that made their group skyrocket to fame. And they are still keeping their spot on top by not just releasing good music but also by having their MONBEBE fans (MON for Monsta X and BEBE as the Korean linggo for “baby”) on their side to support them fully.

The fan meeting was scheduled last November 27, Sunday at the SM North EDSA Skydome. Monbebes flocked the area as early as 10 in the morning in full gear fan girl outfit: fandom shirt, idol fan, oppa’s banner and fandom light stick on each hand.

Different fan unions gathered around the area to sell their merch and I was even tempted to buy one even if I don’t know who my bias is~LOL!

After killing time, I finally got my white strap for the fan meeting and went straight inside the Skydome. An outburst of screams greeted me as I entered the venue. Fans were singing their latest hit song Stuck and All In upon waiting for the show to start and they even cheered MONSTA X continuously to show their eagerness and excitement to meet the group.

The moment arrived when the lights finally dimmed. I was practically screaming when MONSTA X showed up on stage as they opened the fan meeting with an energetic performance and synchronized dance moves of Trespass and Steal Your Heart. After the opening, the atmosphere changed into a dreamy-like stage set-up with microphone stands covered in leaves and flowers as MONSTA X serenaded PH MONBEBES with Ex Girl and Honestly before moving forward to their introductions.

Considering the event as a fan meeting, MONSTA X did not just only performed their latest hits but they also played interactive games with their fans! How lucky! Yes! They even asked us to put down our cell phones and cameras and stop recording for a minute because they really want to look at us eye to eye and get well together.  (SCREECHES ULTIMATUM KILIG!!!!)

Dasuri Choi hosted the “Truth or Lie” game where each member were to ask questions that dwell more into their personality and they only have to answer through Yes or No. As part of the game, the production team provided a Lie Detector to see if the members are consistent with their answers.

The questions are easy to answer but kind of tricky for the members. Like for Jooheon, he was asked if he was threatened by other members for Aegyo role. With too much confidence, Jooheon answered Yes and the Lie Detector did not fail him as his answer is correct. Dasuri Choi probed him more by asking if who Jooheon thinks has the best Aegyo role in their group. Wanna know his answer? Play the video below~

After the mischievous Truth and Lie game, Dasuri was joined by Kring Elezano as they hosted together the next game which is called “Be Quiet”. Through draw lots of ticket numbers, Monsta X members picked their 7 lucky fans who will be their partner all throughout the game. Fans should be able to guess the word only by the body language that the members will enact in front of them. The fan who will get the most number of guessed words will the winner and will get a special prize from Monsta X.

By the end of the game, KiHyun’s partner named Stephie was declared as the winner! As for the special prize . . . guess what, she got a backhug from each member! Shocks so luckyyyyyyy!!!!

After the interactive games, MONSTA X showed their adorable and quirky side by singing and dancing into Me Gustas Tu, Dumb Dumb and Cheer Up while wearing their cutesy animal onesies!

The boys brought in again their electrifying performances through their latest hit songs: ALL IN, STUCK, HERO, FIGHTER AND RUSH. I was practically jumping and dancing to their songs during this time because I have to admit, their music have this effect of making you energized just by listening to them.

We’re close to wrapping up but it didn’t stop the PH MONBEBES to surprise the birthday boys KiHyun and MinHyuk with their own cakes! The whole dome sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to these two and they were so touched how PH MONBEBES are so sincere and loyal to MONSTA X.

Thankful enough to be here and to meet the PH MONBEBES, they promised us that they will come back in Manila soon and they will bring in good new music once again. And since we asked for more, MONSTA X serenaded us once again with the song White Love that left us all in awestruck. (HUHUHU KAJIMA OPPA!)

It was a relief that I took this breather that I definitely need. It was my first fan meeting and to top it all, it was really a one of a kind experience for me. I know that these boys will continue to wow us with their all kill performances. Big thanks to PULP and Ms. Happee Sy for the amazing show and for the opportunity to meet them so close! Probably, I’ll list this as my most intimate KPOP event that I attended throughout my whole life! HA~!

MONSTA X has gathered a large fanbase all around the world and it will be enough to keep their place in the KPOP industry. I believe that the future is bright for them and together with the incessant flow of success they’ll be as big as any of the legendary KPOP groups out there. They made their promise that they’ll come back here in the Philippines, I will also make a promise that I’ll see them again in their next visit here as a certified MONBEBE fangirl! Hihihihi~

Just so you know, Shownu stole my heart and I think he’s challenging all my ultimate biases on my list!

Written by Krew Member Alexine Jimenez


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