Who’s “The Krew”?


You’ve been reading their blogs, liking their videos, saving their candid-pictures of you in a KCC-hosted event — but, have you ever wondered who they really are?

You may or may not have heard of them, but what I can say is that they’re not just your average “supporter”. They are gifted, passionate and dedicated individuals who desire nothing more than to introduce Korea and Korean culture to the Filipinos. Who are they? They’re called: The Krew.

I’m sure you probably clicked “About ‘The Krew’” when you first visited the blog or rather accidentally clicked it while trying to save Song Joong Ki’s picture. Kidding. Just in case you haven’t, here’s what it says:

“The Krew consists of talented and passionate individuals who have great interest in sharing and promoting Korean culture in the Philippines. Initially dubbed as “KCC Supporters,” The Krew has been helping the Korean Cultural Center (KCC) in the Philippines with its activities as official volunteers.”


Honestly, I never heard about “The Krew” until recently.

I was planning to apply for the Korean Cultural Center’s Internship program but, it required me to be present from Monday to Friday. How can I be there when I am still studying? Good thing though, KCC sent me an email saying I should apply for “The Krew” instead. So, from there, I knew about it.

The Krew has three teams: Events, Media and Blog.

Events team handles the various activities held by the Korean Cultural Center. Media team creates materials to help promote Korea in the Philippines. Lastly the Blog team, well you’re reading it, aims to showcase Korea or anything related to Korean culture through writing.


But regardless on whichever team you want to be with — you can still participate in all teams.

I am definitely inspired by the Krew sunbaenims (seniors) who give their all to KCC.

To the bloggers, who research, cover several Korean-related events and write their stories; to the media team, who develops concepts and spend hours carrying heavy cameras just to produce great videos and photos; and to the events team, who probably spent a number of sleepless nights for planning and would always stand for hours in events and exhibits, just to share their love for Korea — indeed, The Krew is not just your ordinary volunteer workers, rather an important part of KCC’s family.


So, next time someone asks me who we are, I’ll tell them we’re “The Krew”.

Written by Krew Member Max Chua

Do you love Korea? Do you want to help KCC in promoting Korea to Filipinos? Then we want you! Join the 2017 KCC Supporters “The Krew” Batch 5!

Click on the link for more details:



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