Ever heard of The Krew? If you’re an avid follower of the Korean Cultural Center, you’ve probably heard of this term a lot of times.

A Krew member means being a volunteer for the Korean Cultural Center, but it means so MUCH MORE. The 2nd term for 2016 just ended and the recruitment for Krew Batch 5 is ongoing. So, for those of you who love Korea and is absolutely thrilled about the idea of being a promoter of its culture and tradition, being part of the KREW maybe the right thing for you.

Not yet convinced? Check out how my life changed after I became part of the Krew.

  1. You’ll meet a lot of people who can become your CLOSE FRIENDS


Introvert? Extrovert? Ambivert? It doesn’t matter. Once you are part of the Krew, you’ll be surprised at how many friends you’ll gain in every event. Though there will a be a lot of work, there will always be an opportunity to get to know many people.

I promise you, no matter how anti-social you think you are, things will be just fine once you let things go its natural course.

Shout Out to Dawn, who talked to me first because I was like a frightened cat during the orientation!

  1. It’s SUPER HARD to give flyers to people


I was tasked to give out flyers… I mean, how hard can it be? But boy, I was wrong about my assumption. Every flyer I successfully give out is an accomplishment. Now, I try to be nice to those who give out flyers and receive it willingly, unless I know it will just be a waste of paper If I receive it.

Giving out flyers will make you NICE.

  1. Wishing for the bus to come late at night after an event is like waiting for forever


You probably felt this before. You stayed late in your school or work, but your ride home just won’t arrive. Every Krew member knows this feeling. But, hey, even if the bus will make you wait for a really really LONG TIME. It’s a chance for you and your co-volunteers to chit-chat about the latest happenings in your life. Riding a cab with friends is also not a far-fetched option.

  1. Or if you don’t want to wait for the bus, you can always eat out before going home


There are many Korean restaurants nearby, but for a sweets-lover like me, Hobing Korean Dessert Café is my jam! Not only do you get to enjoy Korean food, you also get good company if you manage to invite other volunteers to stay and eat out.

  1. You’ll get to try out Korean dishes, for FREE!


Yes, yes, and yes!!! I guess everyone’s excited if there’s a free item, especially if it concerns food. There will be events featuring Korean dishes and you get a chance to observe how the chefs cook it or at times, you even get the chance to chop the vegetables and meat. You’ll really have an awesome time and maybe find the inner chef in you. It might just convince you to take Hansik lessons at KCC!

  1. You can watch CONCERTS, for FREE!


Say what?! Yes, you heard it right! But before you get pumped up, you need to be chosen as a writer/photographer for that event. So, if you have what it takes to write and take excellent pictures during events, this is a strong possibility! Sometimes you’ll also have the chance to watch groups even if you’re not a writer or photographer, just like the recent PHIL-KOR Cultural Exchange where I got to meet The King backstage!

  1. In good times and bad times, KCC is your family!


The relationship doesn’t end after events; it goes beyond that. You’ll have a special bond with your co-volunteers and even KCC coordinators.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my friends at KCC who have been supportive (eek, cheesy) of my recent condition. Thank you for all your messages and for making me realize how truly blessed I am to be part of The Krew!

I hope you at least got slightly convinced of the things I shared. There are more things you can experience at KCC and I won’t share them all because it eliminates the fun out of things.

Watch out for the application announcement and I hope I get to meet you in the next term!

Written by Krew member Jean Singian


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