Stressed? Munch on these K-snacks


I must admit. I am very much of a stress eater. I love to hear the crunchy sound of chips while I am “thinking” about a project or simply studying. Actually, I even munched on some while writing this article!

Stress eating is not a sin. Sometimes it’s even better than teeth grinding or nail biting–although calories are involved. Don’t abuse this freedom to eat though, you’ll later get consequences. However, when the stress is at 200%, heart rate is at a hundred and your eyes are showing Zs — you better get these Korean snacks for munching.


  1. Sweets

When I lack sleep, I eat sugar to gain back the energy that I need. My favorite sweet  snack is “My Gumi ( 마이구미)” which is a grape-flavored snack. It’s shaped like a grape and tastes like our local grape juice TANG.

My other favorite is “My Ju (마이쭈)”. If Philippines has Frutella, Hong Kong has Hi-Chew, then Korea has My Ju. It’s funny how the last two rhyme. It has a number of flavors; apple, grape, strawberry and the like. The one in the picture is strawberry. It’s actually softer than your usual chewy candies.


  1. Cookies and Sticks.

When it’s raining hard and cold, all I want is my hot cocoa and cookies! I munch on these cookies when I want to feel at home, although I’m at home. For some reason, cookies bring back that kid in me, more than candy. My favorite from the picture above is “Tonk (통크)”. It’s a soft cereal stick filled with nutty chocolate on the inside.


Another is, “Pepero (빼빼로)”, though I wanted it to be on a different category, its best if I just include it here. I really loved the idea that Pepero finally added more flavors! From Blueberry yogurt, double dip and double chocolate! Wow, who would miss out on eating this snack!


  1. Choco Pie

Can I just take this moment and say thank you to the person who created “Choco Pie (초코파이)”? I can’t imagine my life without this! I’m sure most people have already tried this snack and each bite will definitely take away ten percent of your stress! I love the “marshmallow-covered-with-chocolate” idea, it’s like sweet heaven in one bite! Actually, is it just me or it kind of reminds me of s’mores?


  1. Chips

Because I love saving the best for the last, therefore I present you…CHIPS! When snacks no. 1 to 3 didn’t help and when the “stress” just keeps on going, get snack no. 4 at the Korean marts near you ASAP!

My favorite is “Kkokkal Corn (꼬갈콘)” and “Swing Chip (스윙칩)”. Kkokkal Corn is actually like our local Korneto but thinner and lighter in flavor. They have different flavors such as original, spicy, honey butter and the new shrimp mayo (the one in the picture). The best is probably the spicy flavor- it’s not too hot and there’s a little bit of sweetness in it.

Also, the potato chips of Korea, Swing Chip! This is the first K-chip that I tried and immediately, I fell in love with it. I love the sour cream flavor and spicy ridges. Again, this chip is thinner than our local potato chips. Swing Chip can be compared to Lays but, this one’s not too salty and greasy like the latter.

When you’re having a hard time and just want to munch on some snacks, you might want to try one of these. Korean snacks are light and fun to eat – not to mention how attractive their packaging are! Just a friendly reminder though, eat with moderation.

Written by Krew Member Max Chua


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