Han-Ho’s Eternal Light exhibit illuminates KCC


Korean Cultural Center (KCC) in the Philippines opened its first Korean media art exhibition for 2017 ‘Eternal Light’ last February 9 at KCC Exhibit Hall, Taguig City.

The exhibition features the works of Han Ho, a Korean contemporary artist and performer who integrates light in his artworks. According to him, “[Light] is the messenger that delivers hope to human beings.” Many have called him the successor to Nam June Paik, a Korean-American contemporary artist and considered to be the founder of video art.

Before the opening ceremony, an Artist’s Talk was held where Han Ho shared some of his experiences and inspirations as an artist. After which he also had a live performance art where he produced a series of light reflections from different people. According to him, the performance  symbolizes the humanity’s connection to the universe.

KCC director OH Choong-Suk delivers his opening remarks during the exhibit opening ceremony.

In ‘Eternal Light’, Han Ho explores the nature of human emotions and desires, inner conflict, and hope. Using a Korean traditional paper or hanji, Han Ho combines light in his traditional paintings to create a new form of art. He also employs projected light in his art installations and uses different materials to choreograph patterns of reflected light.

The works of Han Ho are unfolded in two directions that do not conflict one another because he continues to pursue a return to the source. This source is the ‘Moon’, which is expressed in Oriental poetry as an extremely important being and the center of universe. Han Ho regards it as the source of inspiration, not as a blind source. Therefore, the Moon exists in his works in order to provide people with the path to the sky.

Han Ho interacted with the audience through a Q&A session during his art seminar.

An emerging artist from Korea, Han Ho has been using light as his medium for years.  In 2015, Han Ho was invited to be Korea’s representative in the 56th Venice Biennale’s special exhibition, “Personal Structures.” He also participated in the exhibition of Palais de Tokyo in Paris, International Paper Art Biennale in Bulgaria, International Art Photo Festival Pingyao in China, and Empty area of Alien Aquazoo-Löbbecke Museum Ballhaus, Duesseldorf in Germany.



Exhibit facade

The ‘Eternal Light’ exhibition will run until April 28, 2017 at the Korean Cultural Center Exhibition Hall. Admission is free. For more information, please contact (02) 555-1711 or email curator@koreanculture.ph

Written by Krew Member Miao Canlas


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