Park Hyung Sik First Love in Manila Fan Meeting

Oppa alert!

Last November 11, 2017 (Saturday) at the Kia Theatre, the idol-turned-actor Park Hyung Sik, held his first ever solo fan meeting in the Philippines. Needless to say, his Filipino fans were thrilled when the official announcement was made by Pulp Live World in September.

Before venturing into acting, Hyung Sik made his debut in 2010 as the main vocalist of the nine-member K-pop boy group ‘ZE:A’, also known as ‘Children of Empire’. Presently, Hyung Sik is more popular on K-dramas as a promising actor.

The fans filled Kia Theater full of screams and awwws. It was indeed the most memorable night Hyung Sik’s fans ever had. The 2-hour long fan meeting, which was divided into segments made them know more of who Park Hyung Shik really is.


Serenading the crowd with his alluring yet soothing voice, Hyung Sik welcomed his fans with the song ‘Because Of You’, one of the official soundtracks of ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ in which he starred as the lead actor portraying CEO Ahn Min Hyuk.

After briefly introducing himself to the fans, we got to know more about Hyung Sik as he was asked some questions about his personal life in the first interview segment. Hosting the event was Ms. Kring Elenzano-Kim accompanied by a translator. The LED screen was showing pictures of Hyung Sik’s daily life.



The first photo shown was Hyung Sik in his elementary school days with his friends. He said the people in the picture are his elementary school friends, but they are still friends until now.


Next photo was a much older Hyung Sik saluting with his right hand, to which he was asked “What can you say the most rebellious thing you’ve done when you were young?” Hyung Sik said that he has a brother who is 2 years older than him and that his brother was the rebellious one and he wasn’t.

With the third photo, Ms. Kring asked him “What was your dream when you were little?” Hyung Sik said he wanted to become a lawyer or policeman until now but he doesn’t know anything about law. However, he is already contented with his career right now.


Next question was “How was the young Park Hyung Sik like?” Hyung Sik said that he was a makulit kid and was often scolded by his mother.


Next question was “If you had a chance to go back in time, what age do you wanna go to?” Hyung Sik said he wanted to go back to November 9, 2017 so he could meet his Filipino fans again.

In his free time, Hyung Sik said he likes to play games and also because he’s good at it. He also likes going to hot spas, travelling, hanging out with friends, and taking selfies. He said that he likes taking pictures everywhere he goes so he has memories of it. He also said that he took a lot of pictures here in the Philippines and he will upload it on his Instagram account.  What’s more is he enjoys doing water activities like fishing, flyboarding, and more.



Next photo was Hyung Sik wearing his costume in the drama ‘Hwarang’.  He said that his role was heavy because his character was a king that’s why he studied hard for this role.


He also gave us a sneak peek of his gaming room. He described it like a PC bang or a computer room because of its interior design that looks like a ‘gamer’s lodge’.


The second segment of the fan meeting was introducing Park Hyung Sik to the Filipino culture. He was given a blue Barong Tagalog (Philippines’ national costume for male) to wear. It was actually a gift from his fans who contributed in buying the elegant piece of clothing. He said it was comfortable to wear.


He got to try a Filipino dish called sisig and a local beverage called sago’t gulaman. He then explained that in Korea there’s ‘chimaek’ or chicken and maekju (beer). So in the Philippines, the equivalent of ‘chimaek’ must be sisig.


The Philippines is known for tropical fruits like banana, mango, and papaya but Hyung Sik got to try guyabano and kamias. He said that the guyabano tasted like he ate a lemon, but it was delicious with a sweet and sour taste. Despite the screams when he was about to try the kamias, Hyung Sik took one whole piece of it with his fork and ate it. He was making faces, going around in circles, and on his knees because of the super sour fruit.



He also tried playing tirador or slingshot, which was used as a weapon in the earlier days. He used it to give souvenir balls with his signature written on it. Truly, the fans who received the signed balls were so lucky.


He got to learn Filipino phrases and expressions too, like “Para sa tabi lang!”, “Nakakaloka! Ang init!”, “Ang pogi ko diba?”, “Pwede ba kitang ligawan?”, and “Mamahalin kita maging sino ka man”. His pickup and pronunciation was very impressive. The fans were screaming all throughout this segment, especially when he said the last two phrases.


Moving on to the third segment, six lucky fans were pre-selected through an online contest held by Pulp Live World. These fans sent in their videos acting out as Go Ara and Park Bo Young, two of Hyung Sik’s leading ladies in his dramas. The prize was to reenact scenes from ‘Hwarang: The Poet Warrior’ and ‘Strong WomanDo Bong Soon’ live on stage with Park Hyung Sik himself! The fans’ names were Jannica Marie Cabrera, Kyla Noreen Lescano, Medjugorge Uy for ‘Hwarang’, and Marlo Grace Acosta, Anelrose Li, and Joana Marie Alzor for ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’.

Fans went crazy screaming all over seeing their co-fan holding their idol’s hand, and also being held by him. The dialogue was in Hangul yet they memorized their lines and delivered it as best as they can. Two winners were chosen among them with the help of the live audience. The winners deserved their victory as Park Hyung Sik explained that Joana Marie Azor delivered the lines with great pronunciation and Medjugorge Uy came prepared with his costume on ‘Hwarang’. They received scented candles with Hyung Sik’s pictures on it.

Once again we were serenaded with the song ‘Two People’, one of the official soundtracks of ‘The Heirs’ in which he starred as Jo Myung Soo.

Afterwards, it’s time for fan questions! Fans were given a chance to ask questions about Park Hyung Sik for them to even know more about him. Here are the questions:

  1. If you had more time here in the Philippines, where will you go and what will you do?

I really love the Philippines that’s why when I knew I was going to have a fan meeting here, I wanted to go scuba diving but unfortunately, I only have limited time. Next time, for sure, I’ll do it.

  1. Whenever you doubted yourself or felt like giving up, what is the one thought that kept you going and working towards where you are today?

Whenever I go through hard times, I sing. One of the songs I sing is Park Young Shin’s ‘Give’.

  1. Among all the characters that you portrayed, who do you find the most challenging?

All the characters are really challenging for me, but if I will pick one, maybe ‘Hwarang’ because it is a real story. Except for ‘Hwarang’, my other roles are all fictional.

  1. What do you think your life would be if you are not a celebrity?

To be honest, I really love what I am doing (singing and acting) right now. I’m really happy because of the support I am receiving especially from my Filipino fans. What do you think I should be? A pro gamer? Or maybe a scuba diving teacher? Fisherman?

  1. Among the characters you played, what role do you want to be In real life, and why?

Her question is really interesting. The roles I’ve played are of rich characters. In ‘Hwarang’, I’m a king. In ‘Do Bong Soon’, I’m a CEO. Personally, I want to be Ahn Min Hyuk in ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’.

After that, fans prepared a little something for him. Fans dedicated  videos conveying their love and support for Hyung Sik. He responded to the videos with “Mahal kita. Even though I am still lacking, thank you very much for your support. I will work harder for you all. Let’s go together, okay? Thank you so much.”

There was also a birthday cake to celebrate in advance his 27th birthday on November 16th. The fans all sang him a birthday song. He said that “My birthday is still on November 16 so I did not expect that there will be a surprise. But thank you so much for celebrating my birthday with me. I am so happy. Mahal kita!”


As much as the fans prepared for the projects for him, Hyung Sik also read aloud his letter for all his Filipino fans. He said he is thankful to his fans for their love and for waiting for him even though they live in far places. He’s happy to have finally visited the Philippines again. He did not expect that his dramas ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ and ‘Hwarang’ will be famous here in the Philippines. He thanks his fans for their support and he hopes they will like his next project too. Next time, he plans to visit again to go scuba diving and wandering around the city.


“I won’t forget your laugh and smiles. Please continue to support me as always. Mahal kita and thank you!”


The fan meeting ended with Park Hyung Sik singing “I’ll Be Here”, one of the OST from ‘Hwarang’, a historical drama where he portrayed Sam Maek Jong, a king-turned-warrior.


Less than a week has passed after the fan meeting ended, but we can’t wait for you to return, Park Hyung Sik! We’ll be patiently waiting for you!

– Your fans whom you called your Do Bong Soon

This video sums up the highlights of what happened during the fan meeting:

Video credit: Cris Oriarte (crysel101)

Written by Krew Member Nish Salvatierra and KCC intern Raven Esperanza

Photos by Krew Member Chiarra Mogol


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