Beyond Borders, Peaceful Voyage; ASEAN-ROK Collaborative Painting

ASEAN-Korea artists and 80 volunteers with a goal of showcasing the friendship between the ASEAN and Korea gathered together to paint a 35 x 27.5-meter mural in the heart of Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

This project titled, ‘Beyond Borders: The Graffiti Art Project’, is one of the featured street art in Bonifacio Global City’s BGC Arts Center Festival 2017.

The partnership between Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines, National Commission for Culture and Arts and Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc. lead to the creation of this mural titled ‘Beyond Borders, Peaceful Voyage.’  


To keep it traditional yet pop, a Korean Chaekgado, one of the traditional paintings during the Joseon dynasty, is the main feature of the painting. Inside are symbols and popular sites of ASEAN countries who participated in this project. These objects symbolize the friendship, diplomacy and cultural exchange across borders, united through a form of art. Aside from that, it’s also in time for the recent ASEAN conference held in the Philippines.

‘Beyond Borders, Peaceful Voyage.’  

Champions of Passion: Soulful Feats of Art

Five other street art works were featured on the three-day visual and cultural experience brought by the BGC Arts Center. Alongside are murals from local artists which are inspired by their own stories. These include the feel of longing, special meeting places, technology, dreams and normal life. Aside from these murals, stage plays were also featured from November 24-26 at the Maybank Arts Center.

Hop On, Hop Off Bus Tour

Free tours going to the mural sites were offered by the center for all art enthusiasts during the three-day event! Also, a ‘treasure hunt’ style map needs to be completed and snapshots of the six new paintings must be posted to get the special ‘art’ souvenir.


Were you able to join this event? If not, it’s not yet too late to see the murals up close. Don’t forget to share with us your photos!

The Beyond Borders: The Graffiti Art Project’ is located at 26th Street corner 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.


Written by Krew Member Mikay Javier


IPONING 101: The K-Pop Stan’s Guide to Saving Up


“I-announce niyo na yung ticket prices, please, para makapag-ipon na ko!”

“Ang lapit naman ng ticket selling! ‘Di pa ko nakaka-ipon! T.T”

“Ang mahal naman! Wala pa ‘kong pera!!!”

Do these sound familiar? You must have cried something similar at least once in your life as a fan, and I could totally relate!

Being a K-Pop stan is costly. This is something I learned the hard way when I entered the fandom a little over a year ago with a decent account balance, only to feel as though I’ve gone bankrupt a few months later with more artist merchandise than money in my possession.

True enough, it’s all fun and exciting until you realize that you pretty much have nothing left to spend for more important things and – well, let’s all be honest here – more K-Pop. So what’s the right thing for a fan to do? Iponing, of course!

Saving up has since become more than just a habit to me; it’s a lifestyle, as it should be for you. After all, how else would you fund that gorgeous comeback album or that much-coveted concert ticket? If you’ve got better ideas, let me know. But for now, here are some tips on mindful saving and spending for K-Pop fans:

Don’t wait. Just start.
There’s no better time to start saving up than NOW. Even though it has not been announced that your favorite group is coming to the country or that they will be releasing a new album soon, it would be smart of you to grow your fandom fund as early as now, so when the time comes, you wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to afford joining a group order or being part of #TeamBahay – slash – #TeamLabas.

Set a goal
All of us have something we want to save up for, and for fans, it’s most likely a concert, a comeback album, or a dream trip to the mecca of K-Pop and K-Dramas, South Korea.

Now, think about what yours is and focus on that goal. Make a rough estimate of the price that comes with it, then use it as your target. It may seem tough to achieve at first, but not impossible. You’ll feel much more motivated to save up if you have a definite goal in mind.

Decide on where to keep your savings
So is it the old school glass jar or cutesy piggy bank for you? Whatever you choose, know that deciding on where to keep your savings is crucial. Make sure it’s accessible and convenient yet secured.

Personally, I prefer keeping my savings in the bank. I have an account that I maintain to fund my wants and wants only, which includes my K-Pop splurges. This prevents me from touching the amount I have in my actual savings account, which I consider strictly off-limits.

Compromise, not sacrifice.
They say a bit of sacrifice goes a long way. But don’t you think “sacrifice” is too dramatic a word? If anything, it makes the whole idea of saving up more daunting! So I say compromise – not sacrifice.

How? Well, there are “little” things you spend on daily that you can get through more cost-efficient means. Start keeping track of your expenses, and check which items you can cut back on or, better yet, ultimately stop paying for.

For instance, instead of buying coffee at your favorite café, why not just make your own brew at home? Ever considered bringing packed (and healthier) meals to school or work? How about bringing your own bottle of water or snacks to curb those sudden cravings?

While the small stuff you spend on may not be that noticeable in your everyday spending pattern, such expenses add up in the long run. Think about it, if you get your caffeine fix for P120 every weekday for six months, that amounts to P15,480, which is more than enough to cover an SVIP ticket to your favorite group’s concert, or, maybe, even a roundrip ticket to Korea!

Control is a word I find synonymous to discipline, and saving money requires a lot of it.

Before you buy anything – and I mean anything – hold a mental debate whether or not you need it. If you hesitate even just a bit before saying yes, then, perhaps, it’s more of a want than a need, and you’re better off not buying it at the time being.

There are a lot of purchases I made in the past that I totally regret now. So save yourself the guilt, and just give up on that item you know wouldn’t come in handy in the near future.

Put your skills and free time to good use
Earning some extra on the side helps A LOT. It doesn’t matter how old you are. If you’ve got skills you know you can use to earn money, make good use of them.

For instance, if you have a proclivity for making fan art, then why not sell some unofficial merch? A friend of mine, who has a good hand in graphic design, produced bags, coin purses, and banners  – all printed with a design she made – to sell in time for a boy group’s then-upcoming concert. She did it out of fun, so she was really taken by surprise when the items sold out quicker than expected. She even had to make another batch to meet the demand!

What’s great about this is that you get to make money while doing something you enjoy (hone your skills even!), and that in itself is already gratifying.

Learn to let go
When I started my K-Pop collection, I thought I will never part with any of the items I’ve got. Albums, posters, magazines – name it, I probably have it. Or at some point, I did, because I’ve sold some of them now.

Yes. I hear you. How could I?

To be honest, it took me a while before I decided to put some of the merch I had on sale. I had a hard time acquiring them, they cost a lot, and they reminded me of the good ol’ times when I was head over heels in love with the artists they feature. But the thing is, they just take up space. I touched most of them only once, and that was when I took them out of their packaging. Some even remained unopened!

It then occured to me that, perhaps, they’re better off with other fans, who would actually use them and not just stash them, away and out of sight. So I took pictures of the items, posted them on Twitter and various K-Pop buy-and-sell groups on Facebook, and waited for interested buyers.

While I didn’t get the same amount I bought the items for, I got part of my money back, made some fans happy, and cleared a bit of space for future (hopefully useful) purchases.

Take care of yourself.
You might find this a strange tip to include on this list, but hear me out: No matter how tight things can get, you have to take care of yourself first and foremost.

If you think skipping meals or stressing yourself by working overtime regularly is the answer to your money woes, you’re wrong. You’re only making things worse for yourself, and the last thing you’d want to spend on are hospital fees and medication. So no matter how cliché the saying “health is wealth” is, believe in it.

Find ways to make saving up fun
Saving up isn’t exactly the most exciting phrase out there, so why not spice up your game with money challenges that will make saving money more fun for you? From saving an amount in increments to saving a particular Peso bill, there are several challenges that financial advisors highly recommend and swear by. Feel free to look them up online, choose what you think is the most doable for you, and jump right into it!

So that’s pretty much it! I know that tips are easier said than done, but trust me when I say that your hard work will pay off, and once you achieve your goal, it would be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have.

Written by Krew member Andy Flores

Park Hyung Sik First Love in Manila Fan Meeting

Oppa alert!

Last November 11, 2017 (Saturday) at the Kia Theatre, the idol-turned-actor Park Hyung Sik, held his first ever solo fan meeting in the Philippines. Needless to say, his Filipino fans were thrilled when the official announcement was made by Pulp Live World in September.

Before venturing into acting, Hyung Sik made his debut in 2010 as the main vocalist of the nine-member K-pop boy group ‘ZE:A’, also known as ‘Children of Empire’. Presently, Hyung Sik is more popular on K-dramas as a promising actor.

The fans filled Kia Theater full of screams and awwws. It was indeed the most memorable night Hyung Sik’s fans ever had. The 2-hour long fan meeting, which was divided into segments made them know more of who Park Hyung Shik really is.


Serenading the crowd with his alluring yet soothing voice, Hyung Sik welcomed his fans with the song ‘Because Of You’, one of the official soundtracks of ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ in which he starred as the lead actor portraying CEO Ahn Min Hyuk.

After briefly introducing himself to the fans, we got to know more about Hyung Sik as he was asked some questions about his personal life in the first interview segment. Hosting the event was Ms. Kring Elenzano-Kim accompanied by a translator. The LED screen was showing pictures of Hyung Sik’s daily life.



The first photo shown was Hyung Sik in his elementary school days with his friends. He said the people in the picture are his elementary school friends, but they are still friends until now.


Next photo was a much older Hyung Sik saluting with his right hand, to which he was asked “What can you say the most rebellious thing you’ve done when you were young?” Hyung Sik said that he has a brother who is 2 years older than him and that his brother was the rebellious one and he wasn’t.

With the third photo, Ms. Kring asked him “What was your dream when you were little?” Hyung Sik said he wanted to become a lawyer or policeman until now but he doesn’t know anything about law. However, he is already contented with his career right now.


Next question was “How was the young Park Hyung Sik like?” Hyung Sik said that he was a makulit kid and was often scolded by his mother.


Next question was “If you had a chance to go back in time, what age do you wanna go to?” Hyung Sik said he wanted to go back to November 9, 2017 so he could meet his Filipino fans again.

In his free time, Hyung Sik said he likes to play games and also because he’s good at it. He also likes going to hot spas, travelling, hanging out with friends, and taking selfies. He said that he likes taking pictures everywhere he goes so he has memories of it. He also said that he took a lot of pictures here in the Philippines and he will upload it on his Instagram account.  What’s more is he enjoys doing water activities like fishing, flyboarding, and more.



Next photo was Hyung Sik wearing his costume in the drama ‘Hwarang’.  He said that his role was heavy because his character was a king that’s why he studied hard for this role.


He also gave us a sneak peek of his gaming room. He described it like a PC bang or a computer room because of its interior design that looks like a ‘gamer’s lodge’.


The second segment of the fan meeting was introducing Park Hyung Sik to the Filipino culture. He was given a blue Barong Tagalog (Philippines’ national costume for male) to wear. It was actually a gift from his fans who contributed in buying the elegant piece of clothing. He said it was comfortable to wear.


He got to try a Filipino dish called sisig and a local beverage called sago’t gulaman. He then explained that in Korea there’s ‘chimaek’ or chicken and maekju (beer). So in the Philippines, the equivalent of ‘chimaek’ must be sisig.


The Philippines is known for tropical fruits like banana, mango, and papaya but Hyung Sik got to try guyabano and kamias. He said that the guyabano tasted like he ate a lemon, but it was delicious with a sweet and sour taste. Despite the screams when he was about to try the kamias, Hyung Sik took one whole piece of it with his fork and ate it. He was making faces, going around in circles, and on his knees because of the super sour fruit.



He also tried playing tirador or slingshot, which was used as a weapon in the earlier days. He used it to give souvenir balls with his signature written on it. Truly, the fans who received the signed balls were so lucky.


He got to learn Filipino phrases and expressions too, like “Para sa tabi lang!”, “Nakakaloka! Ang init!”, “Ang pogi ko diba?”, “Pwede ba kitang ligawan?”, and “Mamahalin kita maging sino ka man”. His pickup and pronunciation was very impressive. The fans were screaming all throughout this segment, especially when he said the last two phrases.


Moving on to the third segment, six lucky fans were pre-selected through an online contest held by Pulp Live World. These fans sent in their videos acting out as Go Ara and Park Bo Young, two of Hyung Sik’s leading ladies in his dramas. The prize was to reenact scenes from ‘Hwarang: The Poet Warrior’ and ‘Strong WomanDo Bong Soon’ live on stage with Park Hyung Sik himself! The fans’ names were Jannica Marie Cabrera, Kyla Noreen Lescano, Medjugorge Uy for ‘Hwarang’, and Marlo Grace Acosta, Anelrose Li, and Joana Marie Alzor for ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’.

Fans went crazy screaming all over seeing their co-fan holding their idol’s hand, and also being held by him. The dialogue was in Hangul yet they memorized their lines and delivered it as best as they can. Two winners were chosen among them with the help of the live audience. The winners deserved their victory as Park Hyung Sik explained that Joana Marie Azor delivered the lines with great pronunciation and Medjugorge Uy came prepared with his costume on ‘Hwarang’. They received scented candles with Hyung Sik’s pictures on it.

Once again we were serenaded with the song ‘Two People’, one of the official soundtracks of ‘The Heirs’ in which he starred as Jo Myung Soo.

Afterwards, it’s time for fan questions! Fans were given a chance to ask questions about Park Hyung Sik for them to even know more about him. Here are the questions:

  1. If you had more time here in the Philippines, where will you go and what will you do?

I really love the Philippines that’s why when I knew I was going to have a fan meeting here, I wanted to go scuba diving but unfortunately, I only have limited time. Next time, for sure, I’ll do it.

  1. Whenever you doubted yourself or felt like giving up, what is the one thought that kept you going and working towards where you are today?

Whenever I go through hard times, I sing. One of the songs I sing is Park Young Shin’s ‘Give’.

  1. Among all the characters that you portrayed, who do you find the most challenging?

All the characters are really challenging for me, but if I will pick one, maybe ‘Hwarang’ because it is a real story. Except for ‘Hwarang’, my other roles are all fictional.

  1. What do you think your life would be if you are not a celebrity?

To be honest, I really love what I am doing (singing and acting) right now. I’m really happy because of the support I am receiving especially from my Filipino fans. What do you think I should be? A pro gamer? Or maybe a scuba diving teacher? Fisherman?

  1. Among the characters you played, what role do you want to be In real life, and why?

Her question is really interesting. The roles I’ve played are of rich characters. In ‘Hwarang’, I’m a king. In ‘Do Bong Soon’, I’m a CEO. Personally, I want to be Ahn Min Hyuk in ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’.

After that, fans prepared a little something for him. Fans dedicated  videos conveying their love and support for Hyung Sik. He responded to the videos with “Mahal kita. Even though I am still lacking, thank you very much for your support. I will work harder for you all. Let’s go together, okay? Thank you so much.”

There was also a birthday cake to celebrate in advance his 27th birthday on November 16th. The fans all sang him a birthday song. He said that “My birthday is still on November 16 so I did not expect that there will be a surprise. But thank you so much for celebrating my birthday with me. I am so happy. Mahal kita!”


As much as the fans prepared for the projects for him, Hyung Sik also read aloud his letter for all his Filipino fans. He said he is thankful to his fans for their love and for waiting for him even though they live in far places. He’s happy to have finally visited the Philippines again. He did not expect that his dramas ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ and ‘Hwarang’ will be famous here in the Philippines. He thanks his fans for their support and he hopes they will like his next project too. Next time, he plans to visit again to go scuba diving and wandering around the city.


“I won’t forget your laugh and smiles. Please continue to support me as always. Mahal kita and thank you!”


The fan meeting ended with Park Hyung Sik singing “I’ll Be Here”, one of the OST from ‘Hwarang’, a historical drama where he portrayed Sam Maek Jong, a king-turned-warrior.


Less than a week has passed after the fan meeting ended, but we can’t wait for you to return, Park Hyung Sik! We’ll be patiently waiting for you!

– Your fans whom you called your Do Bong Soon

This video sums up the highlights of what happened during the fan meeting:

Video credit: Cris Oriarte (crysel101)

Written by Krew Member Nish Salvatierra and KCC intern Raven Esperanza

Photos by Krew Member Chiarra Mogol

De La Salle Lipa Rides the Korean W​ave

The Korean Cultural Center (KCC) in the Philippines has always hosted culture caravans from various schools and organizations in Metro Manila, but this time, KCC went farther! For the first time, Korean Cultural Center visited Batangas for its culture caravan.

As of date, the biggest K-Culture Caravan took place at Sentrum, De La Salle Lipa, Batangas last October 19, 2017, with over 2,000 students participating in the whole day K-affair!

If you’re not familiar with Korean Culture Caravans, it is an event hosted in cooperation with schools to bring love and passion for Korean history and culture. Activities may vary from schools depending on the request, but the motivation remains the same – to cultivate Korean activities and make sure that faculty and students alike are given a chance to express, rediscover, and embrace the quintessence of graceful Korean culture and beauty.

The whole event was divided in five parts: 1) Film Screening featuring introduction to Korean culture, 2) Lecture on the Basics of the Korean Language, 3) Lecture on Mooninhwa (Korean Traditional Art), 4) Performances from DLSL Salindayaw Dance Troupe, Venisse Siy, and PHP, 5) Raffle Draw of special Korean goods. These events were repeated for the two batches of students who came and enjoyed the show.

The film screening taught students the Korean basic words – how they can say and write it. After this, teacher Lee Chunghee reviewed the words shown in the film as well as gave tips on how to study Hangul (Korean Alphabet), concepts, values, and customs. She even encouraged the students to visit to know more about the lesson she introduced.

Subsequently, teacher Yoon Donghyun demonstrated the traditional Korean art of Mooninhwa and discussed the simple aesthetic themes incorporating poetry, calligraphy, and illustrations with dramatic simplicity. Mooninhwa shows vigor vividness and the feeling of a brush.

Later on, after a short break, three performances were revealed to the audiences. The performances showed how the cutting-edge music of Korea changes from traditional to modern. It really is a glimpse of experience beyond K-pop and K-dramas.

The last part of the event might be the most exciting as fans and those who are new to the K-culture got the chance to receive special prizes such as Essential Korean Grammar, Etiquette Guide to Korea, Pyeongchang 2018 Notepad, to name a few.

KCC booth was also present at the venue and had its own raffle promo where major prices such as Twice Ceci Poster (with the signature of all members!), The Heirs OST Album, and Song Joongki Poster were given away. All of the activities wouldn’t be complete without the photo booth at the event as well as the Hanbok experience booth where various students and faculty lined up to dress up and take photos on the set.

Interested to have an incredible experience like this? Email KCC at or call at 555-1711. Your school might be the next stop for our extraordinary caravan!

Written by Krew Member Jean Singian

Every performance is a show-stopper at this year’s BEYOND BORDERS: ASEAN-KOREA Dance Exchange!

From K-pop, K-cuisine, and K-brands, Filipinos have always encountered and experienced diverse aspects of Korean culture. To celebrate the milestones of the 50th anniversary of Southeast Nations and the ASEAN-Korea Cultural Exchange Year, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) in partnership with the Korean Cultural Center (KCC) in the Philippines organized “Beyond Borders: ASEAN-Korea Dance Exchange” which took place at Star Theater, CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard last October 20, 2017.

The culmination dance showcase started with the Philippine anthem, Korean anthem, and the ASEAN anthem. It was attended by diplomats from Cambodia, Indonesia, Iran, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Oman, Korea and the Philippines. The said culmination was also made possible with the unwavering support of Ballet Manila through Ballet Manila CEO and Artistic Director Lisa Macuja-Elizalde.


From Left: Korean Ambassador KIM Jae Shin, Ballet Manila through Ballet Manila CEO and Artistic Director Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, Wife of Korean Ambassador Madame LEE Jong Min and Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines Director LEE Jincheol

Ms. Adelina Suemith, OIC-Executive Director of NCCA shared on her introduction that the rich and vibrant culture of Korea can be best manifested through dance as it encompasses physical boundaries. Despite many differences, similarity happens during dance as it plays a radical role to show beyond traditional forms. This event was hosted in order to break new grounds for mutual understanding and respect between different cultures, magnifying the world with new perspectives and as the ambassador of Korea, Mr. Kim Jae-Shin aptly said, “It is not much of what we can do but who we will become in the future of the world.” He also mentioned that ASEAN is one of Korea’s key partners with its economic operations, people to people exchange, and cultural exchange.

Moving forward to the highlights of the show, the entire program showcased ballet which originated in the 15th century, specifically in Italy. It has developed in a fine art form which was visible in the fourteen (14) performances of graceful expressions, symmetry, fast movements as well as pure movement and physical expression. The night was the most spectacular manifestation of classical to neoclassical to contemporary dance, the fast-shifting movements of the performances added to the suspense and charm of the show. Take a look at the photos and performance recap below!

12 (2)

8 (1)

  1. Sotto Voce – Choreography by Augustus “Bam” Damian III and music by Pachelbel’s Canon D in Major
  • Performed by Abigail Oliveiro (Singapore), Heewon Cho (Korea), Nanami Hasegawa (Japan), Violet Hong (Malaysia), Jihyeon Jang (Korea), and Resti Octaviani (Indonesia)
  • It showed how countries make connections, one by one, and how they harmonize each other through caring and helping each other.
  1. Rum Klong Yao (Thailand) – Music and choreography by Ministry of Culture of Thailand, Fine Arts Department
  • Performed by Narissa Porsawat and Nattachai Junlaworn
  • There’s no rush in love can best describe this performance.
  1. Morions (Philippines)– Choreography by Gerardo Francisco and music by Jessie Lucas
  • Performed by John De Dios, Rudy De Dious, Anselmo Dictado, Gerardo Francisco, Elpidio Magat, Romeo Peralta, Glenn Ragel, and Alvin Santos
  • This dance was astonishing with its highlight on how warriors leap, fly, and are just basically everywhere. The engaging warrior music and the fluidity of their moves were unstoppable.
  1. Pi Khroy KA Rom Roborsh Khnom (Behind my Dance – Cambodia ) – Choreography by Nam Narim and music by Ros Sokunthea
  • Performed by Nam Narim and Chanlyka Leav
  • This featured a lot of striking poses, from slow to fast, then gaining momentum again.
  1. Sayao Sa Pamlang (Philippines) – Choreography by Agnes Locsin and music by Bob Aves
  • Performed by Marinette Franco, Alvin Dictado, Rafael Perez, Rodney Catubay, John Carl Concepcion, Joshua Enciso, and Raymond Salcedo
  • This emphasized the use of bamboos and how folks from the early era believed that this dance helps drive away evil.
  1. Eclectic Shift (Malaysia) – Choreography by Mohd Yunus Ismail and Suhaili Micheline and music by Mat Mos
  • Performed by Chong Hoei Tzin and Mohd Shafiq Bin
  • This is a traditional Malaysian dance that depicts a sense of relationships, conflict and resolutions, companionship and competition between performers.
  1. Kinabuhing Mananagat (Philippines) – Choreography by Rudy De Dios and music by Visayan Folk Songs
  • Performed by Pia Dames, Rudy de Dios, John de Dios, Elpidio Magat, Glenn Ragel, and Alvin Santos
  • This performance depicted the life of fisher folks in the Visayas area accompanied by the fun music. Together with this, it also emphasized how Waray women are when they are in love – strong and fearless.
  1. Arachnida (Philippines) – Choreography by Agnes Locsin and music by Fagher
  • Performed by Joan Emery Sia and Romeo Peralta
  • It is a fascinating illustration of how spiders mate. Complicated stunts were made to look easy and one can see how the performers were one in their movements.
  1. Lui (Adventure Mission – Thailand ) – Choreography by Nattachai Junlaworn and music by Taylor Davis
  • Performed by Narissa Porsawat and Nattachai Junlaworn
  • An excellent performance mirroring the hardship of going through a difficult mission and successfully overcoming it.
  1. White Swan Adagio (Singapore and Philippines) – Choreography by Lev Ivanov and Marius Petipa and music by Peter Tchaikovsky
  • Performed by Abigail Oliverio and Mark Sumayo
  • The Swan Lake has been present for more than 130 years and is without question one of the greatest Romantic ballets in the ballet repertoire.
  1. Reve (Philippines) – Choreography by Ernest Mandap and music by Metallica as performed by Apocalyptica entitled “Nothing Else Matters”
  • Performed by Rudy De Dios and Gerardo Francisco
  • It is a journey of two men as they reach their dreams (Reve is the French word for dreams) together, no one is left behind.
  1. Muro Ami (Philippines) – Choreography by Gerardo Francisco and Music by Hanz Zimmer
  • Performed by Elyssabeth Apilado, Shaira Comeros, Kayla Coseteng, Marinette Franco, Monique Valera, Jefferson Balute, Rodney Catubay, John Carl Concepcion, Alvin Dictado, Joshua Enciso, Rafael Perez, and Raymond Salcedo.
  • Muro Ami is also one of the oldest but still relevant issues of the absolute portrayal of child labor in the high seas as they are being used in the illegal fishing system.
  1. Peung Ryu (Taste of the Arts – South Korea) – Choreography by Park So Jung and Ryu Seouk Hun and music by Ryu In Sang
  • Performed by Park So Jung and Ryu Seouk Hun
  • This performance shattered expectations and brings South Korea to stage accompanied by infused traditional music.
  1. Full Cast danced to Tinikling
  • Each representative of each country danced to Tinikling together with the Filipinos. The beat, tapping, and sliding showed how participants became one in their goal to promote the partnership between the countries.

35 (2)

32 (1)

The event ended with the creative director and Lisa Macuja-Elizalde waving and dancing together with the whole ASEAN-Korea Dance Exchange Crew. Indeed, the night was filled with spectacular performances and there are no doubt partnerships between participating countries will only grow stronger!




Written by Krew Member Jean Singian

Diamond Edge: SEVENTEEN Stuns, Dazzles Manila

The first time I wrote a blog post here about SEVENTEEN, I struggled because I barely knew them. It was a little over a year ago, and they came to the Philippines for their two-day Shining Diamonds fan meeting. My main concern back then was getting the members’ names and the song titles right. Now, having just attended Diamond Edge in Manila over the weekend, I’m struggling to even start this entry, because I already love them too much!

About a thousand thoughts are running in my head as I write this: How am I supposed to put my love and pride for the thirteen talented boys into words? How should I tell you about my experience, which, in all honesty, still feels like a dream? Did Diamond Edge in Manila actually happen??? I wish I had answers, but all I have are fragmented memories of the concert and fancams that are as unstable as my fangirl mental state right now.


The Manila leg of SEVENTEEN’s Diamond Edge world tour is an exceptionally special one. Not only did Carats – fans of the group – celebrate the anniversary of the announcement of the fandom’s official colors (rose quartz and serenity, in case you’re wondering), SEVENTEEN also concluded their first world tour in the city.

A three-month-long series of concerts that took the group to a total of 14 cities in 12 countries across three continents, Diamond Edge finally came to an end, with thousands of Carats witnessing it in Manila last 6 October at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.

Clad in bright-colored suits that matched their strikingly stellar visuals, SEVENTEEN – complete on the Philippine stage for the first time – kicked off the show with a remixed version of “Pretty U”, followed by “Beautiful” and “Adore U.” Their youthful vibe pulsed throughout the venue, putting the audience on their toes in excitement.

Receiving a warm welcome from their Filipino Carats, SEVENTEEN, who are affectionately called SVT or “sebong“, took turns to introduce themselves, and each member was met with a frenzy of eager screams and applause.

I could still remember their aegyo-filled introductions in last year’s Shining Diamonds tour, with Mingyu’s “Hello! Ako si Mingyu!” making a mark on me. This concert, however, it was DK’s crisp and clear à la announcer “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Diamond Edge! I’m DK!” that stole the scene for me. That guy is just so… extra!

It wasn’t too long until SEVENTEEN went back on full-performance mode, bouncing on the stage to another medley, including the crowd favorite “Aju Nice” (sans their iconic suspenders) – a funky tune that got everyone dancing with them.

In a true SVT fashion, the group – now sporting school uniforms in a faux classroom setting – barely gave Carats a moment to chill, as they pumped the arena with adrenaline through kinetic performances of “Mansae” and “Boom Boom”.

SEVENTEEN, who are known for their variety skills, once again proved their novel antics at the concert. Performance Team leader Hoshi and maknae Dino got playful and impersonated each other. Dino also mimicked his idol Michael Jackson, showing off some slick dance moves popularized by the King of Pop.

The Hiphop Team also treated the audience to an impromptu performance of their recent track “Trauma,” a soulful and laid-back rap song that came off slightly comical at the concert after the members jokingly imitated Wonwoo’s gestures in the music video.

The unit stages, were, of course, show-stopping.

Hoshi, Dino, Jun, and The8 of the Performance Team showed their fun and quirky side through “Swimming Fool”, set the stage on fire (literally) with “OMG”, then electrified the audience with the heart-thumping “Highlight.”

The Hiphop Subunit, composed of S.Coups, Mingyu, Vernon, and Wonwoo drove the audience wild with “Check-In”, but not before bringing the house (or should I say arena?) down with “언행일치” (“Un Haeng Il Chi”). They also displayed maturity in their “If I” number, which turned out to be surprisingly sexy in all its simplicity (I kinda blame their red outfits for the unexpected attack).

Speaking of sexy, let me just say that Jun and The8’s “My I” stage was beyond words hot! Dancing with a ribbon linking their wrists, they personified A-R-T onstage through their fluid movements and their innocent yet sensual expressions. I have to admit that it’s one of the best live K-Pop performances I have ever seen, and, ironically, it’s done by SEVENTEEN’s China-line!

I’m vocal team-biased, so you could just guess how long I had been looking forward to their stages. The boys, as expected, did not disappoint. “Habit” and “We Gonna Make It Shine” were sweet and smooth like honey, but it was “Don’t Listen In Secret” that snatched my heart.

The superb vocals of Joshua, Jeonghan, and Woozi, coupled with the high notes that Seungkwan and DK flawlessly held, made it one of my favorite performances of the night.

Time passed quicker than we thought, and before we knew it, we were down to the final stages of the tour.

SEVENTEEN’s performance of their latest title track “Don’t Wanna Cry” was nothing short of breathtaking to watch. It was beautiful in every sense of the word. On-point vocals, raw emotions, faultless choreography… it is arguably the group’s finest live stage to date.

SEVENTEEN gave Diamond Edge a light and refreshing finish with “Healing.” As the boys sang their final song for the night, Carats threw pink and blue paper planes carrying heartfelt messages to the members towards the stage, a repeat of their fan project at last year’s Shining Diamonds fan meeting.

Wrapping up the show, all thirteen members gathered at the center of the stage to give their thanks to everyone who came and continue to support them.

Vernon called the Manila crowd “amazing”; The8 promised fans “we will meet again”; and S.Coups, who was obviously emotional at that point, fought back his tears as he sincerely expressed gratitude to everyone who made their first world tour possible, requesting the staff to “take care of our Carats.” He then said to their fans, “If you promise to stand by us, we promise to stand by your side.” (I’m not crying. Nope. Not at all!)

After taking a few more selcas with the Carats’ rose quartz and serenity ocean in the background, SEVENTEEN gave their final bows and waved the audience goodbye for now.


When I first saw SEVENTEEN, they were impressionable rookies in the K-Pop scene no more than 21 years old. Now, exuding undeniable charisma, pure confidence, and high-octane energy, they ruled the stage like seasoned idols, performing hit after hit in full coordination with outstanding vocals and incredibly synchronized choreography – no less.

They sure still have a long way to trudge in the extremely competitive industry that is Korean pop music, but with their indisputable passion, the fresh and unique tunes they keep churning, and their love for their fans, it’s safe to say that they’ll be sticking around for a long time, and Carats will most definitely be there to support them every step of the way.

Till we meet again, SEVENTEEN.









Written by Krew member Andy Flores

Korean Film Festival 2017: Movie Review

6 cities.
5 films.
4 days.

This year’s Korean Film Festival in Manila, held from September 7-10 at SM Megamall Cinema 6, had the theme “Boldness of Youth,” and the movie line-up definitely did not disappoint! Each movie had a special kind of nostalgia that would entertain people of all ages.

Before the KFF hits its next location, here are a few reviews. (Warning: minor spoilers ahead!)

TWENTY: Coming-of-Age Comedy at its Best

Kang Haneul, Lee Junho, Kim Woobin– three amazing heartthrobs in one quirky comedy? Yes please! The movie presents the innocence of teenage boys coming into adulthood in such a witty way that it’s almost impossible not to laugh at least once. Sadly, it could come across as a superficial plot centered around the “boys will be boys” concept, but the lasting friendship of three best friends makes up for it. It’s definitely a must-see for those just reaching that magical age, or those who’d love to reminisce over being 20 again.

KING OF JOKGU: Do What You Like, Love What You Do

Remember the days when life was as simple as playing patintero or luksong baka with friends? You can remember these simpler times through this heart-warming movie. Retelling the tale of a young guy wanting to rekindle everyone’s interest in playing jokgu, a Korean sport that shares elements of both football and volleyball, the movie will definitely make you smile and want to play around like a kid again. Granted, the movie ended with a couple of unexpected twists and the final jokgu battle was pretty lengthy, but overall it was a movie filled with child-like determination.

HOW TO STEAL A DOG: Perfect for Families and Dog Lovers

This movie will definitely make you go ‘aww’ for two reasons– one because of the curious innocence of the kids, and the other because of the amount of adorable dogs you’ll be exposed to! Being inspired by films like Disney and Pixar, it’s no wonder director Kim Seong-ho created this movie with a bit of whimsy. They did a great job of portraying real-life situations through the eyes of a child while not losing the gravity of reality. A must-watch for the whole family.

A VERY ORDINARY COUPLE: Relive The Best (And The Worst) of Love

Everyone knows love isn’t a steady path. Whether you have never been in love, currently in a relationship, or currently in your hugot phase: this movie would definitely catch your eye. Lee Minki and Kim Minhee’s acting skills will definitely draw you into the misadventures of a real-life working couple, and the variety of side characters made the movie less self-contained than the title lets on. The fact that they added a few statistics tidbits to enforce the fact that they were both numbers people is a cute touch as well.

MY BRILLIANT LIFE: The Ultimate Tear-Jerker

Better bring a box of tissues when watching this one! Song Hye-Kyo and Kang Dong-Won did an incredible job as the caring parents of their on-screen son Ahreum, played by the very talented Jo Sung-Mok. There is an obvious “love for family” theme in the movie that is brought about in little scenes, making the theme less overwhelming than what most family films would do. A perfect mix of quirky, witty, and touching scenarios, it’s definitely a heartwarming film that will leave you with a greater love and appreciation for life than before.

Overall, all the films are filled with an overwhelming sense of nostalgia, and they’re surely not ones you’d want to miss! Catch the Korean Film Festival at Davao (September 14 to 17), Iloilo (September 21 to 24), Cebu (September 28 to October 1), Pampanga (October 5 to 8) and Cavite (October 12 to 15).


Written by Krew Member Anne Patricia Rubinas