Happy Hallyu Day 2: All Things Korean Sequel

“Event not only for K-pop but for K-drama, Culture and everything in between”


Philippine K-pop Convention, Inc. (PKCI) in partnership with Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange (KOFICE) and Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines (KCC) once again gathered not only K-Pop fans but as well as K-drama, Korean cosmetics and Korean culture fans in the Metro for Happy Hallyu Day 2 last Sunday, September 9, 2018 at Skydome, SM North EDSA.



Various fan clubs and merchandise shops such as CNA Philippines, and the leading Skincare brand in Korea, Leaders Philippines were present in the event. Talented and passionate cover groups also set the stage on fire as they take part in the Open Stage Contest in the afternoon.




Looking for new album releases? Official fandom light sticks? From official postcards and photo cards to fan-made shirts, banners, and phone accessories, they have it all here! How awesome is it not having to pay for shipping fees and browse goodies physically instead of online, right?





Not only K-Pop merchandisers were present in the event but also cosmetics and skincare retailers and fashion jewelry and accessories. From the brand name itself, Leaders Philippines—the leading Skincare brand in Korea—and Fashion accessories, Korean Cosmetics and K-Pop items Store, CNA Philippines together with various affiliated fan clubs and merchandise retailers took part in the Garage Sale. They offered official and fan-made merchandises and cosmetics imported from Korea.



KOSMOS: The First K-Pop Boy Group Festival 2018 Grand Champion, Chaos, opened the program by performing their winning piece Chained Up by VIXX.


2018 Pinoy K-Pop Star Vocal Category Grand Winner, Ms. Venisse Siy, serenaded the whole venue with her powerful voice by singing Ailee’s I Will Show You and Sohyang’s Wind Song.



Editor-in-Chief of the country’s only K-Pop Mag, Sparkling Magazine’s Ms. Belle Yambao enumerated a helpful list of itinerary when going to South Korea.


Here is a list of the places in South Korea you certainly shouldn’t miss according to her:

  1. Make a Good World Café – EXO Chanyeol’s dad’s café located near subway line 2/9 Dangsan Station Exit 13
  2. SMTown @ Coex Artium – Located in Gangnam, Seoul
  3. Gamcheon Village, Busan, South Korea – Made famous after being the filming location in one of the episodes of popular Korean entertainment show, Running Man
  4. Haneul Park – Previously garbage landfill now a remarkable ecological park in Seoul
  5. Seoul Forest – Considered as third largest park in Seoul
  6. We Are Young Mural – Screened in three of the recent Korean dramas While You Were Sleeping, Manhole, and My Golden Life

Tip: You can search for a group of locals online who offers free walking tours for tourists.

She also listed useful apps when travelling to Korea:


  • Naver Maps
  • Google Translate
  • Subway Korea
  • KakaoTalk


Ms. Belle Yambao awarded a Certificate of Appreciation onstage with PKCI President Ms. Jessica, KCC representative Ms. Jieun Song, with the host.


Beauty, Travel, and Lifestyle blogger, “Pinay Eonni” Ms. Raych Ramos, also coached the audience with basic essentials and tips on how to achieve the ideal Korean “glass skin”. She also suggested several brands to use, beauty insider tips and entertained questions while onstage.


Here are the basic Korean skincare steps according to her:

  • Cleansing (removing makeup and cleansing your face)
  • Toner (to hydrate skin)
  • Serum/Essence (targets the skin concerns and repairs the skin)
  • Moisturize and use Sunscreen (to protect the skin)


Hyping up the audience with fun exchange of interactions, raffles and games are played.


A game similar to the old classic pinoy game on TV, “Pera o Bayong” wherein the participants are given questions and answer choices which they should correctly choose by standing on the respective answers was the first game played by competitive participants.


Another set of games called “Copy Paste” wherein two groups consisting of seven members each will be shown a photo on the screen which he or she shall successfully portray. The group with the loudest cheers and nearest to the reference wins a point.



Three sets of raffle winners are drawn in between segments. The raffle and game winners were given posters, and products from Leaders Philippines and CNA.



A lot of aspiring and deeply in love with both performing and K-Pop music has swept the floor with graceful and breath-taking performances. A total of 17 groups and individuals participated in the contest which started around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Judges present were KCC Krew Alumna Ms. Lei, Ms. Cami De Leon, and 2018 Pinoy K-Pop Star Vocal Grand Champion in Ms. Venisse Nicole Siy.




Winning groups PlayDizz (Grand Champion), Fifth Shadow (1st Place), and Coven (2nd Place) are given a chance to perform a special stage in the upcoming Annual K-Pop Convention to be hosted by PKCI.

List of Participants in the Open Stage Contest


  • Mystic Ideal
  • Coven
  • Princess Ann Lyn
  • Astronote
  • Neo Clear
  • Edward Heredero
  • 7For7
  • Playdizz
  • Hershe
  • Fifth Shadow
  • Spinel
  • 2Basco
  • Paradise
  • Wanna Man
  • Nibiru

List of affiliated fan clubs present in the event

  • Girls Generation PH
  • EXO PH
  • Twice PH
  • Astro United PH
  • Girl’s Day PH
  • B1A4 PH
  • Monsta X PH
  • Beyond Infinity
  • Day6 PH
  • Seventeen PH
  • BTS PH
  • GFriend PH

Written by KREW Member Yara De Guzman

Photos by KREW Member Dawn Naval


Minzy Pumps Up the Crowd at UAAP Season 81 Opening and SM North EDSA Annex M&G

By 3 am, one fangirl already started to line up for the lower box standing area of MOA arena, anticipating the long line waiting for Gong Minzy. Soon, more fangirls came and strangers suddenly turned into close friends sparked by simple questions like, “Fan kayo ni Minzy? Gusto niyo din ang 2NE1 (Are you a fan of Minzy? Do you also like 2ne1?)”.






 That dedication and connection speak of the bond and longing all fangirls have for Minzy who united them through music. To make sure that she gets all the welcome she deserves, Global Minzy prepared banners, free tickets and special gifts to fans. Founder @minzyismz started with the goal of sharing the love he has for Minzy across the world. Aside from that, it was a way to represent and promote her as an individual and a part of 2NE1. To quote from the interview, “She’s still that girl from 2NE1 and she’s always a maknae for 2NE1.” Blackjack fansites and other local fansites also had their different preparations and were there to support her in her event.

It took four (4) years before Minzy was able to sing and dance on stage and once again her return was planned and prepared by PULP Live World. By the time Minzy graced the stage of MOA Arena for the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Season 81 opening, she literally lit the stage on FIRE. Indeed, she’s a SUPERWOMAN. She made history just by being there since she’s the first K-pop act to perform in the history of UAAP since 1938.




Her first song was her debut song NINANO followed by 2NE1 songs: the Unplugged version of Come Back Home, Can’t Nobody (Remix), and I Am The Best (Remix).

She slayed the stage with her commanding dance moves and her powerhouse voice. The arena was filled with the pink ocean, making the moment more beautiful and touching for everyone. She performed alongside Kapamilya star James Reid and local band Sponge Cola with the oath-taking led by NBA superstar, Stephen Curry.


As if the performance wasn’t enough, she made a surprise announcement inviting her fans to go to a guerilla event at SM North EDSA Annex. The notice immediately garnered the same reaction from fans and that is to do whatever it takes to arrive on time and support her. Some fans booked through Grab and some ran to catch the jeepney going to EDSA and ride the MRT.

She performed Superwoman just before meeting the fans. She had a short but sweet and memorable Meet and Greet and though the venue was small, she made every fan thankful for a few seconds of interaction and photo opportunity. She smiled and talk to everyone. She even hugged some even though it was one of the things that were not allowed at the event. In short, she was just too cheerful and keen on showing her love for each and every one who showed up.







Fans can’t help but remember her pre-debut days when she said, “I will become a prettier star. I will become a cooler star. I will stand at the top, no matter what. Until then, please watch over me.”






She continues to fulfill her dreams and people will always support whatever path she takes.  Back then, it was so difficult to imagine Minzy without 2NE1. However, looking at her perform her solo songs and being fiercer than before made it all worth it. Finally, her wonderful voice and songs get the attention it deserves.


She promises to come back to Manila in her latest Instagram post, “Thank you for all the love! See you again soon Manila!” And POS and Blackjacks will always be waiting for her to come back and shine once more.


If you missed the two events, kindly watch this short but awesome video!


Written by Krew Member: Jean Clyde Singian
Photographers: Maryphil Almocera and Regine Monsanto
Video Editor: Anna Marie Millado

Mega Seoul 4 Decades Exhibit Opening

Seoul has gone through tremendous change in cultural, economic and architectural development from late 1960’s to early 2010. This is the highlight of the Korean Cultural Center’s (KCC) newest exhibit titled, ‘Mega Seoul 4 Decades.’


Artist Talk:

62 photographs of Seoul City, from the perspective of 12 Korean photographers, are currently displayed in KCC’s Exhibit Hall until November 30, 2018. The event started with an Artist’s Talk with the guest speakers from Korea. Mr. Lee Gap Chul, Lee Eunjong and Keum Hyewon, three of the 12 photographers of the exhibit, shared their techniques and stories behind their photos displayed in the exhibit area. Also to give you a quick walk on Korea’s 40-year path, the photos showcased how poverty and shameful past urged Koreans to come to Seoul to seek for greener pastures. Later on, this goal deeply rooted to help them re-developed the capital as one of the most competitive cities in the world.


Gap Chul Lee started the forum and shared his experiences during the early years of Seoul. He talked about his personal thoughts and perspective on how Seoul has evolved from the  strict military checkpoints in front of universities during late 1960’s and democratic time to his experience during the time he transferred from his hometown and lived with his friend in Seoul.

“I call my photos as the ‘Land of Others’ as it talks about the land that I must fit in. Everything was so strange when I moved to my friend’s house.” He talked about how alienated he felt after moving to Seoul. He finds it progressive but difficult to adjust at the same time.


Photographers including Lee Eunjong and Keum Hyewon also talked about their works and shared their experiences and insights about Seoul and its progress.  Keum Hyewon used to take shots of ‘Seoul Physiognomy’ which gives a feel of ‘in-progress’ and ‘under construction’ shots. She said it was a good perspective to show everyone how things behind the scene happen, that is why most of her featured photos were unfinished or unpolished items.

As for Lee Eunjong, she gave a quick discussion on how natural progress of things would help in popping out the colors of the items and showed how taxidermy of items would help preserve animals origin and still keep it look vibrant and alive through photography.

The Exhibit:

Last August 10, everyone’s invited for the exhibit opening of the Mega Seoul 4 Decades. 12 photographers including Koo Bohnchang, Kwon Sunkwan, Keum Hyewon, Kim Kichan, Park Chanmin, Bang Byungsang, Anhn Sekwon, Lee Gapchul, Lee Eunjong, Joo Myung Duck, Han Chungshik and Hong Soontai’s work from different years during the 4 decade were collected together and displayed both in colored and black and white forms.




Opening Day:


During the opening event, Ms. Kang Hye Ji of The Museum of Photography in Seoul shared her opening remarks and wished that cultural exchange and long-term cooperations of Philippines and Korea would grow further through narrative art or photography. She was also the one who served as the curator for the attendees.


Director Lee Jincheol also welcomed everyone and shared his warmest greetings to all photography enthusiasts to keep art in Manila and also gain knowledge from Korea’s artistic values through the help of the photos displayed in the event.


The event ended with a photo opportunity with the photographers and invited guests. Everyone has been given a chance to meet and personally discuss the works of the photographers present at the event itself.

Once again, the exhibit will be running until November 30, 2018, and admission is FREE! For more information, you may contact (02) 555-1711 or email info@koreanculture.ph

Written by KREW member Mikay Javier

“The Pirates” Director Considers Filming Sequel in the Philippines

Cheers and laughter filled the cinema as the 2018 Korean Film Festival unreeled on August 29 with the historical-comedy epic “The Pirates.”

Hallyu fans and moviegoers were treated to a thrilling sea adventure which took place during the genesis of the Korea’s Joseon Dynasty, a steer away from the now sensational era of oppas and eonnis.

KFF Guests photo DSC_0174_zpstedwqrvm.jpg
“The Pirates” director Lee Seok-hoon (second from right) with FDCP chair Liza Diño, KCC director Lee Jincheol, and SM building administration manager Allan Alba on the opening night of the 2018 Korean Film Festival in the Philippines.

But that’s not all! The opening night became more special with the presence of Korean screenwriter and director Lee Seok-hoon who bared more exciting news.

In a short talk, the 22nd Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards Best Director revealed that his team is working on a sequel of the blockbuster movie.He said that “some” of the scenes may be shot in the Philippines if discussions on it go well. The country’s “beautiful nature and skilled people in the film industry,” according to Lee, are the factors that made the Philippines a possible shooting location.

“The Pirates” was Lee’s first foray into the historical movie genre, but being a master-hand at comedy, he was able to take advantage of “the endless opportunities to put imagination in creating such films.” Lee said: “Its humorous, action and adventure elements made the audience sympathize with the film, regardless of its background.”


Film Development Council of the Philippines chairperson Liza Diño, who was one of the main speakers on the opening night, lauded the Korean Cultural Center’s move to bring the Korean cinema to the Philippines and share the Korean culture to Filipinos.

Diño also announced that the Philippines will be the country of focus at the 23rd Busan International Film Festival.

The festival’s special program on the “Centennial Anniversary of the Philippine Cinema – Cinema as a response to the nation” will highlight a retrospective of 10 classic Filipino films in Busan, South Korea from October 4 to 13.

This is in celebration of the Philippine film industry’s 100th anniversary in 2019. Diño added, it is “a platform for the Philippine cinema to be seen by the world, by a global audience, so that they can see how beautiful and rich our cinema is.”

The 2018 Korean Film Festival continues in selected SM cinemas in Baguio on September 5, 8 – 9; Davao on September 12, 15 – 16; Iloilo on September 19, 22 – 23; and Cebu on September 26, 29 – 30. All films are with English subtitles. Admission to the screenings is FREE on a first-come, first served basis.

Written by KREW Member June Olivar

Time Travel Made Possible: The 2018 Korean Film Festival Opening Night

Have you ever wondered if you could travel through time? Well, this year’s Korean Film Festival makes this possible, as it allows the moviegoers to travel back to specific times in the history of Korea through the five films showcased at this year’s festival.

The 2018 Korean Film Festival (KFF), with the theme Time Travel, is hosted by the Korean Cultural Center (KCC) and is a flagship project between the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Republic of the Philippines and KCC. Now on its eighth year, the Korean Film Festival has been a means to showcase and promote Korean culture and history through movies.

The Opening Night began with performances of some Pinoy Kpop Star winners. Performance Category Grand Winner Mix’in showcased their prowess in dancing as they danced to the OST of Nameless Gangster, while Vocal Category 2nd Place John Paul Manuel serenaded the attendees with the song Self Portrait from the movie Dongju.

View this post on Instagram

At the opening of 2018 Korean Film Festival at @smmegamall! Watch Korean Films for FREE from September 1 to 2 at SM Megamall! The festival will run until September 30 and will be stopping by the cities of Baguio on September 8 to 9, Davao on September 15 to 16, Iloilo on September 22 to 23 and Cebu on September 29 to 30. Other films included in the festival are ‘Assassination,’ ‘Warriors of the Dawn,’ ‘Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet,’ and ‘Nameless Gangster: Rules of Time.’ All films are with English subtitles. Admission is free on a first-come, first served basis. For more information email info@koreanculture.ph or contact the Korean Cultural Center at (02) 555-1711. #koreancultureph #2018KFF

A post shared by Korean Cultural Center (@kccphil) on

KCC Director Lee Jincheol was first to welcome the attendees of the Opening Night, wherein he mentioned that the five films to be shown highlight the legacies and cultures of Korea, and that the KFF will be the avenue for the uniting of cultures. He also likened films to candies, that despite having different preferences, films are still enjoyed by all. He has stated his hope that the KFF will inspire the current generation and the next to create their own culture.

Ms. Liza Diño, chair of the Film Development Council of the Philippines, has also graced the event, noting that the KFF is one of the highly anticipated foreign film festivals here in the country and that this event allows for the bridging of cultures and understanding of duty and identity.

SM’s Building Admin Manager Alan Alba has also welcomed the attendees of the event. Mr. Alba highlighted that SM Malls is a supporter of foreign film festivals, and he also commended KFF as it allows for the showing of the pride of the film industry of Korea.

One of the main highlights of this event was the attendance of the director of the movie The Pirates to be shown for the advance screening, Lee Seok-hoon. Lee is a Korean film director and screenwriter. Among his works include For “Peace of All Mankind” and “Super Glue.” He was made more successful with the movie “The Pirates” which was released in 2014, wherein the movie had 8.6 million viewers.

After the short program, attendees were able to attend the advance screening of “The Pirates.” The movie also was moving seamlessly through the genres of comedy and adventure, and a tinge of romance could also be seen in the movie.

Right after the movie was shown, the Director’s Talk event had begun wherein attendees could ask questions to Film Director Lee. Among the questions asked were how Lee had moved from comedy, his usual genre, to the genre of The Pirates, and if there was a sequel to the movie. Lee answered that a co-screenwriter gave the scenario to him, and from this, he was able to make a film, and included the giant creature – the whale – as the events of the film happened mostly in the seas. He also mentioned that a scenario for a sequel has been written, but there is no sure timeline with regards to making it into a film.

After the event, surely all attendees had gone home bringing their newfound or strengthened appreciation for Korean culture and history. Personally, after seeing The Pirates – a truly exceptional film – I know that the other movies in the line-up are as brilliant, and I can’t wait to see the other films lined up during this year’s KFF!

The 2018 Korean Film Festival includes the following blockbuster movies:

The Pirates

Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time

Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet


Warriors of the Dawn

To make this more exciting, this year’s festival will be held in five cities across the country!

Admission is free on a first-come, first served basis. Also, do not worry as all films will have English subtitles. For more information, you may contact send an email to info@koreanculture.ph or contact the Korean Cultural Center at (02) 555-1711.

Mark your calendars and don’t miss this opportunity to know more about the rich history and culture of Korea!


Hanbok Paper Doll Workshop

Tickling your creative side is the latest workshop of Korean Cultural Center! If you have tried making paper planes before for your past time, make it a little more lit by creating Hanbok paper dolls! Hanbok is Korea’s traditional attire and is the type of clothing during the Joseon period. Nowadays, they wear it during important occasions like festivals and ceremonies.


  1. Prepare your materials


  • A. Square Papers (About 150mm x 150mm) It is highly suggested that you use a decorative paper for the upper part of the Hanbok (jeogori) and plain ones for the skirt and pants (chima and paji). (For female Hanbok: 1 Plain and 1 with design / For Male Hanbok: 1 Plain and 2 with design)
  • B. Glue
  • C. Scissors
  • (No need for strings)

2. Steps


A sample of the finished product has been showed to hype up the excitement of the attendees. Everyone’s free to choose whatever color and design they prefer to use. Surprisingly, it is pretty easy to make. It will take less than 10 mins to create both paper dolls once you memorize the steps.

Here’s a tutorial so you can even try it at home! Don’t forget to share with us your photos and videos while doing it!

3. Keep Practicing!



Usually, each set of a pre-cut square paper for origami comes with about 10-20 sheets so it’s nice to give a try on mix and match of colors. You can also find other Hanbok paper doll design online so you can even create a Hanbok for the royals!

4. Snap a photo of your output! 


For some design inspiration,  here’s a sample of my very own Hanbok Paper Doll which I made during the workshop! Don’t forget to share your Hanbok paper dolls with us and with your friends!


Written by KREW member Mikay Javier

Brimming talents featured at the 2018 Pinoy K-pop Star

Not even an orange nor a red storm signal warning from NDRRMC could stop K-pop fans from supporting their favorite performers and contestants as they poured inside the venue of this year’s Pinoy Kpop Star competition held at Samsung Hall, SM Aura last July 22, 2018.

Despite the chilly weather, the audience warmed up the event by filling every corner of the hall with loud cheers, supporting all the contestants and performers. Dance Choreographer and Artist Coach, Vincent Igno, hosted the event which started around five in the afternoon.


Several guests were present in the event including Korea Ambassador Han Dong-man, who started his Opening Remarks with few Filipino phrases in which he delivered in an almost fluent Filipino accent. He talked about the 20 years of diplomatic relationship between South Korea and the Philippines and how he witnessed the Korean Wave become widely accepted in the country, mentioning few worldwide favorite groups and personalities lately such as EXO, BTS, Momoland, and PSY.


Performances (4)

Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano was also present and gave her Honorary Speech, which talks about the friendly relationship between South Korea and the Philippines, the increasing number of Korean nationals in the country, as well as the massive interest of Filipinos towards Korean culture.


Special Guest and Hanbok Traveler Kwon Mi Ru was also spotted at the event, offering free on-the-spot chibi portraits of the attendees.


Kpop Dance Diva, Dasuri Choi; PULP Live World Vice President, Happee Sy-Go; PKCI Vice President, Jesmah Mananquil; Territory lead for Asia Pacific and Canada GMA International, Virna Canete; and KCC Director, Mr. Lee Jincheol were also present in the event as panel of judges.


Performances (8)

Showcasing the talent which made them win last year, 2017 Pinoy Kpop Star Performance Category Grand Champion Volo Pro Veritas opened the stage for Performance Category competition as they performed their winning choreography of Blood, Sweat, Tears by BTS.


Trained under a Korean Entertainment Company, ShowBT Philippines’ first boy group SB19 delivered a special performance featuring two of their original songs Tilaluha and LG (Love Goes) from their yet to be released album. Much like in Kpop, fans of SB19 showed their support by singing fanchants and raising banners while the group performs on stage.


Event host, Vincent Igno, also claimed the spotlight for a while as he danced to Rainism by Rain and Lip n Hip by Hyuna.

Performances (332)


2015 Pinoy Kpop Star Second Place winner in Vocal Category, Val John, also performed an original song titled Giliw and a dance performance with Lethal Dose and Marmalade.


Out of hundreds who sent their audition videos online, only ten groups and individuals on each category are lucky enough to compete against each other in the Grand Finals and only one from Performance Category and one from Vocal Category will be representing the Philippines in the online semi-finals of the 2018 K-POP World Festival in Changwon, South Korea.

Winners (102)

Winners (106)

Winners (32)

MIX’IN’s dance performance on WJSN’s Dreams Come True, and Venisse Nicole’s vocal performance on Wind Song by Sohyang has led them into bagging the Grand Prize of 20,000 PHP and will be representing the Philippines in the online semi-finals of the 2018 K-POP World Festival.

Winners (1)

Winners (36)

Winners in Performance Category were (K)-Idle (2nd Place), Kaiju X (1st Place), and Mix’in (Grand Winner); and John Paul Manuel (2nd Place), Sandra Dela Cruz (1st Place), and Venisse Nicole-Siy (Grand Winner) for Vocal Category.

Winners (41)

Other participants

Performances (227)

Performance Category 

Acethetic who danced to Cactus by A.C.E., followed by Nonagon to What is love by Twice, CLASS B to Red Flavor by Red Velvet, KAIJU X to Jealousy by Monsta X, (K)-IDLE danced to Latata by G-Idle, GREAT to Bboom Bboom by Momoland, Fatal to Fake Love by BTS, ALPHA with the song Get In by Pristin V, MIX’IN to Dreams Come True by WJSN, and Magnitude 7.2 with Latata by G-Idle. 

Performances (173)

Vocal Category

Christelle Tolisora sang Shine by Pentagon; Dennis Mangubat, Talk Love by K. Will); G.Na, Bad Boy by Red Velvet; John Paul Manuel, My Apology Letter by Kim Yeonwoo; Karyl Legrama, My Star by Lee Hi; Melosky, I Miss You by Mamamoo; Merry Mia Sinaguinan, Shut Up by Unnies;  Racianne Castro Elorde, Midnight by Suzy; Sandra Dela Cruz, Breathe version by SoHyang; and Venisse Nicole Siy, Wind Song by Sohyang.


KCC Director Lee Jincheol delivered his Congratulatory Speech to all the contestants, performers as well as the audience and the staff in the whole event. Reminiscing back to 2011 when Korean Wave all started, he said he’s delighted to see fans gather in such events to promote Kpop in the country.


“Not perfect but very passionate and dedicated” — KCC Director, Lee Jincheol

Congratulations, everyone!

Written by KREW member Yara De Guzman